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  1. Hello Erich Z, I received your funds for the Sim driver head thru paypal but have no shipping info. I emailed the account posted thru Paypal but haven't heard from you as yet. Clubhead is boxed and ready to ship but need your shipping info. Pm me here or [email protected] with that info please.....goldie
  2. Hi All, I have 2 clubs in excellent condition. M4 tour 16.5 was alleged "tour" but no + stamp at 17* and hotmelted, has Diamana BF 80 tipped an additional .5 " over standard tipping as far as I can tell. Played half a season but still in great shape. 42.5" long at D5 and has .5 extension in shaft. Second up is a Sim 9* head with 2 rounds on her and some range time, 44.75" long with RDX. RDX shaft itself is 43.5", 70 grams 6.0 No scratch's on face from dirty balls, crown is perfect. Head weight is 199 grams, Sim headcover included. Paypal addy is [email protected] First one
  3. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these.....thanks.....goldie
  4. Hi all, The specs on the plastic sheet on tour heads have a face angle spec. How does that work, positive is open or closed or visa versa? Thanks....goldie
  5. Paypal sent for New Pulled Ventus Blue 7S 70 Gram Stiff Flex w/ Lamkin Crossline Grip 40.25”- $40.... goldie
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