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  1. T100 is still the AP2 successor. T200 is still the AP3 successor. T300 is still the AP1 successor. T200 will have some TMB qualities and semblances. it’s an awesome lineup!
  2. The backs are definitely polymer and not metal
  3. The PGA sold the PGA Merchandise Show to Reed Exhibitions years ago. I don’t believe the PGA HQ move to Frisco TX will have anything to do with the show.
  4. It is the same shaft as he's used for many years to get the face balanced.
  5. Yes, TSi1 and TSi4 will be released in late February.
  6. This is a line extension of the Phantom X and will have four new options in two heads. The 5 with a double bend face balanced shaft, the 5.5 pictured from eBay with the stant neck are the first two. The next is a new model, the 11 with a double bend face balanced and an 11.5 with a low bend for toe flow. The 11 head is similar to the H20 holiday release and is a great looking putter with more grey than the black of the H20. The head covers should remain the same as the prior Phantom line had. These are really good looking and have super feel! Expect full info coming in the next couple of days on Titleist and Cameron's websites.
  7. The PGA Merchandise Show has been cancelled this year and small events will be held digitally.
  8. I have both shafts and prefer the Ventus. It is more stable and stout than the GP. Flight is similar but GP feels looser and dispersion is wider.
  9. Hawkeye

    Vokey SM8

    Raw will be a custom order option and not through Wedge Works! To my knowledge there will not be an upcharge for Raw SM8!
  10. I’m headed to San Diego and Carlsbad and have some time to get two rounds in. What are some of the best course conditions in this area and what should I look to play?
  11. I have a 3 in the 510 and a 4 in the 500. Toe shots or higher than sweet spot do feel clunky. However these are forgiving and still go when miss them. A well struck shot feels incredible. I couldn’t be happier with these clubs.
  12. First your head professional has to have nearly complete control of this hire. Anything less is micromanaging and unfair to that person. Secondly, the PGA of America has regional career consultants and they will meet with the club and post the job for free.
  13. Titleist reps clearly and plainly stated how many T22 putters were allocated to each account. Anything different is not true and is the fault of the retailer blaming someone else.
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