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  1. Now that was quite entertaining!
  2. Anybody got an email they they “won” yet?
  3. I’d say there’s still a story there. Finishing classes while gearing up for a very lucrative playing career would still be a big deal. Any time spent on the degree is time he could’ve devoted towards preparation. That shows commitment. The money he made in his first year on tour dwarfs what he would’ve made in a decade as a science teacher (most viable immediate option with a BS in Physics).
  4. The degree or lack thereof is no consequence. It is just a piece of paper. I’ve framed my degrees, but I’m very well aware of their uselessness. They’re mainly tokens used by one person to show another how “intelligent” they are or to depict their personal propensity for frivolous debt. I digress, but I will admit that my curiosity has been piqued as to whether he went back and finished it up while on tour. If he did, I would imagine there would have been numerous puff pieces written about his determination and commitment to science such that he would take time away from his busy pro schedule to devote to his studies.
  5. He definitely has the game and nerve to do it. However Tiger has distorted our perceptions of what is realistic. We are quick to crown the young guns with early success. But Tiger’s trajectory is an anomaly. And Jack’s record is from a different era. I do not think that either of those dynamics will be recreated anytime soon. They made it seem achievable, however winning multiple majors is becoming more difficult every single year. The fields are only getting stronger.
  6. If we’re going to speculate, we might as well do so wildly. We’re all just guessing.
  7. Headline : Golfer Shows Human Emotion, Calamity Ensues. *clutches pearls and hides the children*
  8. Hot take: Rahm gets the slam and Collin never wins another. *Disclaimer* I have absolutely nothing to support this unfounded prediction.
  9. I was just about to post the same thing. Much more entertaining.
  10. He switched grips each day this week. Longer putts he went with a more standard grip, shorter putts he used the claw method. Seemed to work quite well.
  11. Banned for calling it the British Open!
  12. Dagger. Just pouring them in.
  13. Resistance is futile. Morikawa is dialed in.
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