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  1. During a conversation with friends about pros prepping for the US Open, it came to me that it would seem to be beneficial to a pro to hire a well respected local caddie to help them get familiar with the course during practice rounds. I’m not suggesting they take place of their regular caddie, but I’m thinking they could hire a local guy to walk the course with them during their practice rounds to share local knowledge - tee shots lines, angles into greens, subtle breaks on hole locations - the kind of stuff you can only learn after hundreds or thousands of rounds on a particular course and i
  2. Read an article on GolfDigest.com about cheating on the tour and in recreational golf. Made me think about myself. In general, I don’t play competitively - I don’t bet, I don’t post scores for a handicap, I don’t compete in tournaments, heck sometimes I don’t even keep my score, I just play for fun with friends and fresh air. That being said, because of that I generally don’t think anything of doing things that would be classified as cheating in any competitive situation - mulligans, moving the ball off a particularly tough lie in the rough/sand (not closer to the hole though), not dropping
  3. It's time for me to refresh my bag and I'm going to do the full set - driver through wedges - and have been looking for a high quality fitter. I'm in so. Cal and have more or less settled on either The Club Fix in Anaheim or Cool Clubs in Irvine. Wanted to get opinions on which one is going to be more worth the money? Also, The Club Fix charges $275 for a full bag fitting while Cool Clubs charges $525. Anyone know why the large price difference?
  4. I get that durability would be a potential issue, but since these guys don't pay for equipment and could theoretically replace a driver that broke in the course of play during a round, that seems to be the least of the issues. if someone broke a driver face and their drives instantly lost distance, most would account it to having to use their backup driver. Plus, since COR isn't a face thickness test you couldn't test an already broken drivers face thickness and determine whether or not it was conforming. The issue of being labeled a cheater is an interesting thought, but what is the risk
  5. Obviously I know that driver models are tested for COR compliance, but are the individual actual drivers the tour players used tested as well? I've seen places recently advertising driver face shaving in order to increase COR and I was wondering if there is any safeguard to prevent a tour player from taking a conforming driver off the tour van, send it off to one of these places, and come back the next week using a now illegal high COR driver. If there is, has anyone ever been busted? Maybe something like this would be more likely on a mini tour where there is more to gain and less to lose.
  6. Is anyone else having issues with the iPing putting app on the iPhone 5? I'm having a bunch of trouble getting the putts to register in the software. It'll register and measure 3-4 putts then it won't measure/register the next 3-4 and then it'll start picking up the putting strikes again. The app was working fine on my iPhone 4 before I upgraded this week. Anyone else have this experience? Anyone know how to fix it?
  7. These look quite similar to the current AMPs just with a slimmer sole. If that's the case then I'm likely all in on these, as that is the one part of the current AMPs I don't love.
  8. [list] [*][color=#B22222]Explain WHY you want to review Nunchuk shafts for GolfWRX.[/color] [/list] I have been testing new driver/fairway shafts for months now and have been having zero luck finding something that works consistently. I'm a high swing speed guy and every shaft I have tried tends to spin the ball too much so I am very interested in their lower-spin claims and their claim that the lack of "droop/kick" will lead to more consistent club/ball contact. In addition, my swing needs a heavy shaft so their weight is appealing to me.[list] [*][color=#B22222]Do you
  9. Hell, it happens from hole to hole, even to the best. Did you see TW's round today? Don't over think it
  10. Fastback 1.5 pics [attachment=1328375:photo 1(1).JPG] [attachment=1328377:photo 2(1).JPG] [attachment=1328381:photo 4(2).JPG] [attachment=1328379:photo 3(2).JPG] [attachment=1328383:photo 5(1).JPG] [attachment=1328387:photo 5.JPG]
  11. Ping Isopur Pics [attachment=1328363:photo(11).JPG] [attachment=1328365:photo 1.JPG] [attachment=1328369:photo 2.JPG] [attachment=1328371:photo 3(1).JPG] [attachment=1328373:photo 4(1).JPG]
  12. Thanks for looking everyone. This is my first sale so I think I'm following all the rules, but please let me know if I did something wrong. I'm selling off my toe-balanced putters as I've been working on my stroke and I'm going to move to a face-balanced putter. All prices are negotiable, I am open to reasonable offers, no lowballs please. 1) Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 35: heavy - This was originally a 34" that I had extended to a 35" so it's got the 15g weights in it instead of the 10g that usually come on the 35". This has been my gamer for the last couple of years so it s
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