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  1. Count me in as one of those still gaming the 2016 M2. Long as anything else out there today and quite forgiving also.
  2. Don't laugh at me, they're ancient for WRX standards but I'm currently playing a set of MP53 irons, a "used" set I picked up that were nearly brand new/unused just about 2 years ago. I'm curious where the 223 or 225 might stack up forgiveness wise to the MP53s?
  3. I just put in an order for the 50.07, 54.12 and 58.08 in copper. I have Mizuno irons in stock length and always played wedges in stock length as well. I adjust my grip up and down the club so much depending on shot that it's never really been an issue for me. The only strange thing to me, which I just noticed on the Mizuno site, apparently all 3 of these will come in at the exact same length, 35.25". I don't think it will bother me at all, just seems surprising that there's no change across the lofts. Guess I'm dipping my toes in the "one length" sets
  4. Couple options I'm also looking at... More or less forgiving than the MP53s? Titleist T100? Srixon ZX7? Taylormade P7MC? P760? Minzuno option is JPX 921 Tour? Anything else from them?
  5. Currently gaming Mizuno MP53 irons 4-pw, standard length, lie, 1° weak lofts through the set, with x100 shafts. I'm pretty happy with them and my irons are usually one of the strongest parts of my game. But they've been in the bag quite a long time and I'm starting to get the itch to look at a change. I don't really have any major complaints. I love the look and feel/sound. But I don't play as much as when I put them in the bag so I wouldn't mind a little extra forgiveness on my lower quality strikes. I'd like to keep a similar address look and size. I'm not really after more distance ([email protected]°=155-160), but I understand I'll probably gain distance with a lot of the options as the MP53 were more on the traditional loft side to start compared to a lot of newer stuff. What are my best options? The Srixon ZX7 look really nice from pictures I've seen. Would they be more or would I need to go to the ZX5 to add forgiveness over the MP53? I'm definitely open to (maybe even prefer) used options from the last couple years also.
  6. What is battery life like on this? I play 36 holes some weekends and am concerned I may not get through that with the Active2. I'm comparing and deciding between the Active2 golf edition and the Garmin Venu. I'm wanting more "smartwatch and fitness tracker that also does golf", and less just dedicated golf watch, so these 2 are attractive. The battery life on the Venu has me leaning that way somewhat, but I can't decide.
  7. Wondering if anyone has compared the Ping Anser and new Ping G LS Tec? I currently play a 10.5 Anser with Motore Speeder Tour Spec 6.2. I feel like it has suited me pretty well and I'm a bit hesitant to change something that has been working. But...after 2 years with it, I also have an itch to try something new. I haven't been able to hit my Anser on a launch monitor, but I would say I have a low, piercing ball flight that I really enjoy. Ideal numbers would probably say I should launch a bit higher, but I play in a lot of wind so wouldn't want it to go up much at all. When I hit it well, it just goes and goes and then rolls forever too. If I had to guess, I'd say I probably average somewhere around 285 total, give or take. Hitting a few other drivers on a flightscope monitor at Golf Galaxy this weekend, I averaged a 110.1mph swing speed. I don't feel like I lose a terrible amount of distance on poor shots, but something perhaps a bit more forgiving in that area would be nice. I'd be most interested in something that helped me stay a bit straighter. I know no club is going to cure my swing flaws that get me hitting it right or left depending on the day, but I'd be interested if it could be brought back in even a little bit. Does anyone have experience with both and opinions on if the G LS Tec could be a good fit for my needs? Appreciate any feedback!
  8. Sorry for the delay in response. The 05 flex is Oban's equivalent to an X.
  9. Few Ping items to move. **Edit - Forgot to mention, not looking for any trades at this point. 1. Oban Kiyoshi Purple driver shaft with Ping adapter. 65g - 05 flex Has Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip in good condition $160 shipped SOLD 2. Ping i20 Driver - All the info is on the order tag. This driver is in PERFECT condition. You can't hardly find a new driver off the rack at Golf Galaxy/Smith with less imperfections than this. Used for a couple range sessions and on course for a couple rounds. $190 shipped SOLD 3. Ping i15 Driver - Fujikura Rombax 7Z08 S flex, 9.5° and plays at 45.5" Has a Golf Pride NDMC Red grip that may or may not need replaced depending on how fresh you like your grips. The face on this definitely has some ball and sand marks and the sole isn't perfectly clean, but it is in very good condition for the amount of use it's seen. Top line/crown are clean. Last picture shows a little scuff that's on the shaft, but it's just paint/cosmetic, not gouged into the shaft structure. Let's say $120 shipped
  10. Would you consider splitting the shaft and head? If so, I'd be interested in the shaft.
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