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  1. Selling a mint Diamana DF 60S with Titleist tip. Shaft is 44 inches and plays 45 in a Titleist driver. $220 shipped and no trades unless it’s a Tensei 1K 60X. Thanks
  2. Anyone had the chance to try the 50TX? It’s 64 grams so not too lightweight and I’m wondering how it would compare to my Ventus Blue 6X. If anyone’s tried it, let me know what you think/thought of it. Thanks
  3. Looking for one that plays at least 45. Thanks
  4. Yes, still for sale. For some reason I’m not getting notified of PMs on my iPhone. And as for stiffness, I go between stiff and xstiff and can say that this one is definitely true to flex. Cheers
  5. Selling a mint Diamana DF 60S with Titleist tip. Shaft is 44 inches and plays 45 in a Titleist driver. Awesome shaft, I just need an X. $240 and no trades unless it’s an X or 1K 60X
  6. Selling my Tensei 1k 50TX with Titleist tip. Shaft measures 44.5 grip to tip and has barely been used. It’s a bomber but a little too light for me. $old shipped.
  7. Selling a mint Tensei 1K driver shaft with Titleist Tip. It is 44.5 inches and will play 45.5 in a Titleist driver. Price is firm and no trades please. $old
  8. Selling a Diamana ZF60 driver shaft with Titleist tip. Shaft is stiff and measures 44.5 from grip to tip. $old shipped. Price is firm. Only trade interest would be a driver shaft with Titleist tip of similar value. Ventus blue, new AD DI, etc.
  9. Looking to sell my Diamana ZF60 stiff with Callaway tip. It’s in great shape and measures 44.5 inches long. I bought it to swap adapters and use it in my Titleist driver but never got around to it with COVID. No extra tipping and no trades please. $old shipped. Thanks
  10. Makes sense. Probably not a huge market for them. Thanks
  11. Anyone know if these are available through Titleist. They aren’t in the catalog of shaft upgrades but maybe they’re too new? Thanks
  12. Agreed. Short season here in Ottawa too. Fall came quickly here it seems.
  13. Selling my Titleist TS3 driver head only. Loft is 9.5 and it comes with headcover. Head is in great shape. Not looking for any trades unless you have a Diamana ZF with titleist tip. $old firm. Shipped.
  14. I’ll be bagging a TSi3 the minute I can. Love it.
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