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  1. 4 straight top 15 finishes, including 3 top 5s. His game is trending in the right direction. Golf is more exciting when Jordan is competing. I hope he wins, and I'm just glad he's playing well.
  2. I’m curious why Taylormade doesn’t release the Juno with the tour look? It’s been a while since I saw there’s a special shape from Taylormade that’s tour only. There’s a long running thread in this forum about Taylormade tour putters.
  3. Yup. That was straight-up entertaining. I really enjoyed it. Man, imagine condition is favorable tomorrow.
  4. How big is the overall size? My main concern of these mallets is whether the size is too big.
  5. I owned a 34/340 mil-spec in the past. It is a tad thinner than the more modern Anser/Newport. It looks like yours is more upright (with u painted).
  6. Just got this. It feels light. Anyone knows its history? Is it solid copper?
  7. Nice gear. I'm curious what did you replace TS3 51" with?
  8. Yeah. There was some IT issue with viewing TCC on mobile device. If you are on Safari on mobile device, you can request desktop view and then you are able to go into TCC.
  9. I hope I don't hijack the thread. My daughter is 8 yo. We have been working on her short games in the last 6 months mainly I hope she'd score better and eliminate big blow ups. My attitude towards her full swing has been "if it ain't broken, then don't fix it". For example, she recently had tendency to push her tee shots 30 yards offline. Coach took a look and found her club face is open at address. So we were able to fix the problem. In summary, her full swings have always been serviceable. We played tournaments with girls of similar or younger ages. Many
  10. I prefer a proper warmup. In addition to have a better score, it is more out of injury prevention. I once played back 9 in a cold weather without warmup, I literally could not turn my body for the entire round. It was miserable. If you try to post a score, it might be worth to go somewhere else to warm up, then hit the course. The only alternative I can think of is to chip the balls with different clubs for a bit before the round. Not ideal, but it is better than starting out cold.
  11. I really like this one if the sight line on the flange.
  12. That’s a really $$$$ post. One potential issue you may have to deal with overall weight. Long neck + fang mallet = pretty heavy weight.
  13. From "and the putter went ping" book
  14. I might be making this up, but hasn't he used this putter in the past? I remember he changed putters a few times when he joined Taylormade, then he settled into Spider X.
  15. His putting has been pretty sub par lately. While putting is never his strength, it seems he couldn’t make anything this year.
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