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  1. I don’t remember she’s playing particularly well recently. Sponsor exemption is what it is. Hopefully, she’ll make the cut.
  2. Just watched the make it count (or we are the 164) video posted by the Euro Tour. Oh boy. I hope PGA of America social media team has some response. That was a well crafted story. Kudos to Euro Tour social media.
  3. Thank you! I suppose it’s not me, the rules are convoluted. LOL. Is Q Series referring to stage iii of Q school?
  4. Watched maybe the one hour of coverage of the final round back 9. Yes, you are right. Homa plays better in California. More wins, better finishes for tournaments in CA. The tournament was essentially over at no 17. Homa birdied it with a long and breaking putt. McNealy couldn’t chip it close to save par. Both are California-based players.
  5. Pardon my ignorance. I’m wondering when LPGA season ends? My understanding is at some point, the players who do not make into top 100 will need to play in the stage 2 of the Q school.
  6. Wow. Sorry to hear that. I actually watched the same TXG video and thought the aid is very appealing. Hopefully, you’ll get your order soon.
  7. That is a long time ago. I think the OG BB has been $800+ since 2013 (that’s when I got into Scotty). Then Brooks and 4 major happened. LOL.
  8. I saw your responses for reaching long par 5 in 2. I raised you a condor from 649-yard par 5. https://www.golfpass.com/travel-advisor/articles/lake-chabot-golf-course-condor-par-6
  9. Gorgeous putters. And I’m guessing we, the mortals, will not see these at the stores.
  10. When I first saw the thread, I'm like "what the heck is OP thinking?" How can you compare Kevin Na with Brooks & Rickie? Kevin Na has been sneaky consistent. Top 25 money earning every season in the last 5 seasons (I didn't bother to look further) while Brooks & Rickie vary wildly season-by-season. I see Kevin Na in the mode of Jim Furyk, Matt Kuchar, Webb & Steve Stricker. Excellent short game to be consistently cashing checks, don't have the long game to contend regularly, win once in a while when the courses fit their style, etc.
  11. I think we saw high degree of flipping for Champion's Choice is because it is the first time a Limited Edition is available via big box retail accounts. Usually, you need to be in the know in order to secure a Limited Edition, e.g. Holiday, My Girl, etc. Better access results in more folks got their hands on it, and more flipping. I think the distribution of Champion's Choice is chaotic. However, I totally see Scotty will make the more wildly available Limited Edition a recurring offering.
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