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  1. Assuming we are talking about time for 9 holes, twilight for me. I was usually thinking about work in the early morning and don't play well.
  2. Now, it feels like the beginning of the PGA Tour season.
  3. No brand is afraid of carbon steel. The issue is you put carbon steel putters out in retail, folks aren’t aware of the care needed to take care these putters, then come back to complain about brand.
  4. Imagine if Rory uses one of these and wins the Masters. We, collectively, gonna lose our sh*t.
  5. Correct. I believe Will found out his Odyssey's face is no longer flat, which contributed to his poor putting earlier last season. Hence, he switched to a Scotty. Edit: Blah. Just saw someone has already responded.
  6. Do we have date on the announcement of new 2022 lineup? Is there any announcement planned? We usually get a peek in the PGA Show. Not sure what’s gonna happen this year.
  7. My biggest issue with any LM outdoor is the poor quality range balls. The ball speed & carry distance reading are quite shorter than what I observe on the real course with her game balls. Above is the biggest reason preventing me from using LM outdoor consistently.
  8. Oh boy ~~~ My comments did not age well.
  9. Wow. Akshay finally broke through.
  10. I was just thinking about this when I was watching the Hawaii stops last 2 weeks. Cameron Smith sets the PGA Tour scoring record at Tournament of Champions, then he immediately missed the cut at the Sony Open. The caveat is the two courses play very differently, one is wide and long, the other is narrow and short. I think we can be consistent in things we can control, i.e. pre-shot routine, how to prepare, how to respond to double bogeys, etc. However, the outcome is often out of our control.
  11. Taylormade should rename it from Spider to King Crab because that’s what it reminds me of.
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