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  1. Not saying $900 is not a lot of money. For some reason, I thought Ping PLD is a lot more expensive and is only available to pros.
  2. Back door to a T38! Trending in the correct direction?
  3. Not sure if this is the appropriate thread to ask. Any recommendations for golf/golf course history?
  4. I got a feeling that there are more models that those pictured. Maybe Titleist doesn’t want the public to see yet (totally understandable).
  5. White Hot #1: https://valueguide.pga.com/library/891/putter/odyssey/white-hot-1/ White Hot #3: https://valueguide.pga.com/library/2044/putter/odyssey/white-hot-3/
  6. 2 pages into the thread, no mention of Jordan Spieth who is 6'1".
  7. Tiger's game is not trending in the correct direction. He was playing really well prior to his 2019 Masters win. Now, he is mediocre at best. If Bryson is indeed going to put that 48 inch driver in play, it would certainly be entertaining. In summary, Tiger probably will get a Top 25 finish at best. Bryson either will go low or MC entirely.
  8. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/lpga-tour-finances-podcast It is a 27 minute podcast. Some of the (financial) numbers are mind boggling.
  9. I was so confused about the broadcasting. Anyway, I couldn’t find the broadcast of the last few holes of the final round.
  10. I’m printing this out and put it in my wallet. I need to read this constantly when I caddie for my kid in tournaments.
  11. So much history/pictures for Byron Morgan, TP Mills, MannKrafted & Xenon.
  12. My personal take is that there is nothing inherently superior/inferior with any putting techniques, i.e. looking at the ball, looking at the hole, close eyes, etc. If so, anyone will be doing it. There are pros and cons with each technique, so things just even out. One thing, based on common sense, is the switching cost is high. I tried “looking at the hole” technique for a bit, but simply couldn’t put in the time to make it work. I’d imagine anyone (more so for pros) will need to put in awful amount of time to make the technique to work.
  13. Besides the camera angle, I think it is also possible that Newport 2 in Stainless Studio lineup has multiple head weights, i.e. 330g, 340g & 350g. It might be possible the chunkier version is heavier head weight.
  14. I picked up the game in late 2000s. Sergio was really good back then. I'm glad to see he picked up a win.
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