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  1. Yup, saw the email too. In fairness, they do play in some (relatively) better courses this season. Anyway, once the price goes up, it'll never come down. I don't want to turn this thread into an analysis of U.S. Kids tournaments in Northern California. If you live here, you already know what I'm talking about. If you aren't living here, you don't care anyway. I need to be a little bit more prudent with signing up U.S. Kids tournaments now. You are looking at $550 for a 6-tournament season. Including States and Regionals, things could get out of hands quickly.
  2. The Select line is refreshed in even years. So Special Select is due for a refresh/extension in 2022. We usually get a sneak peek at the PGA merchandise show in Jan. Then, usually we can order in spring.
  3. Jesus. Are they for real? Regardless whether the ruling is correct, that’s the hand you got dealt with. Move on.
  4. Most of my friends who play tennis/badminton/table tennis have an easier transition to golf. They won’t break 100 for a while, but they generally pick up golf faster.
  5. There are only 2 things you can count on in junior golf sub forum. Topic went off the tangent faster than DeChambeau's driver speed. "I know a kid who drives the ball [insert a ridiculous number] yards" Hehe ... Jokes aside, most of competitive junior golfers I know have a launch monitor at home.
  6. I think I'm 10 for 10 now. Just submitted my application for 2022 and would expect rejection letter in a month. At beginning, I used to tell my wife we should prepare a contingency plan in case we win the tickets. Now, I don't bother to tell my wife I entered us.
  7. A few more nuggets: As you can imagine, most of crowd were following the last 2 groups. Moderate to no crowd for other groups. I tried to follow the last group for a bit, and it was chaotic. On the other hand, it was very pleasant to watch other groups since there weren't many people. Rough is no joke. It was tiring just to walk over the rough. I can't imagine playing out of it. Feng Shanshan is very popular and has a global appeal. She literally would take time to sign autographs and had picture taken whenever. Even after she got into her car, a fan stopped her car in the
  8. Yes. I followed Yealimi for her last 3 holes. She was very calm and pleasant. And she was very focused on going on her business. I had no idea of her scores when I followed her. You could not tell she was having a bad day from her demeanor.
  9. I was there. It was very apparent something was up. Her caddie was talking to the security. Then, the caddie and the security left the scoring tent first. A cart came. I thought she's gonna get on the cart and rode off without signing any autographs. Then, Lexi appeared and made a straight line for the kids. She stayed until everyone who wanted her autograph got one. It was relatively quiet as most of us didn't know what to say. You can see tears in her eyes, yet she was still willing to sign the autographs for the kids. Classy act by Lexi.
  10. What’s the norm for having coach (or assistant coach) on the bag? I saw some players do, and most of players play alone. Not a big fan of having coach on the bag. The players need to play and learn.
  11. One more blown Sunday lead. This thread will easily go another 20 pages. Now, if Jordan Spieth wins a major this year, we should officially lock this thread for couple of years.
  12. Haha … OMG. Imagine Phil took the US Open in 2009. (He finished 2nd) 2009 would be quite a year.
  13. ~ 30. I’ve been rotating between a blade and a mallet in the last several years. And I’ve no idea why I need the other 28 putters.
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