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  1. Jesus. I don’t even bother to look up how expensive OG BB is going for. Kudos to those who have one.
  2. That is a long time ago. I think the OG BB has been $800+ since 2013 (that’s when I got into Scotty). Then Brooks and 4 major happened. LOL.
  3. I saw your responses for reaching long par 5 in 2. I raised you a condor from 649-yard par 5. https://www.golfpass.com/travel-advisor/articles/lake-chabot-golf-course-condor-par-6
  4. Gorgeous putters. And I’m guessing we, the mortals, will not see these at the stores.
  5. When I first saw the thread, I'm like "what the heck is OP thinking?" How can you compare Kevin Na with Brooks & Rickie? Kevin Na has been sneaky consistent. Top 25 money earning every season in the last 5 seasons (I didn't bother to look further) while Brooks & Rickie vary wildly season-by-season. I see Kevin Na in the mode of Jim Furyk, Matt Kuchar, Webb & Steve Stricker. Excellent short game to be consistently cashing checks, don't have the long game to contend regularly, win once in a while when the courses fit their style, etc.
  6. I think we saw high degree of flipping for Champion's Choice is because it is the first time a Limited Edition is available via big box retail accounts. Usually, you need to be in the know in order to secure a Limited Edition, e.g. Holiday, My Girl, etc. Better access results in more folks got their hands on it, and more flipping. I think the distribution of Champion's Choice is chaotic. However, I totally see Scotty will make the more wildly available Limited Edition a recurring offering.
  7. Went to the Hay over the Labor Day long weekend. A few notes that hopefully folks will find useful. Before visit Tee time is super limited. Book as advanced as you can. Check-in Check-in is at Pebble Beach Golf Academy, not at the Hay. So point your GPS to that place. The staff at the academy will remind you to park at an unpaved parking lot across Stevenson Dr. The academy’s parking lot is reserved for academy members. There are The Hay merchandise being sold at the academy. The driving range next to the academy is reserved for academy members and resort guests. It is not open to the public. The restrooms are inside the academy. There is no on-site restroom at the Hay at the moment. An on-site restaurant is scheduled to open in a few months. Right now, you can only get food and drinks from a cart. If you wanna get proper food, you need to go to the Pebble Beach Golf Links, which is about 10-minute walk. The Hay There is a giant practice putting area at The Hay. It is open to the public and free. There are 18 holes on the practice area. The setup more resembles mini golf than a proper putting green. It was a lot of fun. I’d suggest to budget an hour if you decide to play all 18 holes. Check in with starter 5 minutes before tee time. You can get a plastic divot tool for free. It has The Hay logo on it. Starter will remind you to watch out for the flying golf balls and yell fore as needed. This is the biggest complain I have about The Hay. It is a very small piece of property even by executive 9 hole standard. A lady was hit by a golf ball when I was there. She was okay, but it was pretty unsettling. The course is very short. Yardage is from 60 yards to 100 yards. Elevation and contours on the green make it interesting. You got nice views of the Pacific at many holes, but the course is not next to the water. It was crowded during the labor weekend. Foursome at every tee time. Pace of play is good. We finished in just over an hour. Summary The Hay feels like a great escape for family vacationers and hotel guests who are basically there. Kids play for free or heavily discounted. So every group was some kinda family (parents + kids) when I was there. I wouldn’t drive for couple of hours and pay $65 to play The Hay though. The biggest complain I have is you gotta watch for the stranded shots.
  8. I once played with a young dude (in his 20s) who plays a Wilson 8802 style. His worst putt was to lag a 40 footer to 4 feet.
  9. In my mind, it’s definitely US Open above everything else. Because I technically have a path forward to winning the US OPEN. Hahahaha. Now, if I can drop my handicap by 15-20 strokes, then I can at least apply.
  10. I feel you can pretty much make the same statement for every Tour player. Why hasn't he won more? Winning a tournament requires tremendous skills and LUCK. I was looking at Morikawa's putting performance after the Open Championship. He had no business winning the Open with his usual putting. In 2019, Woodland is no.16 in SG: tee to green. And his putter just got hot during the U.S. Open week.
  11. Oh man. You don’t see these old school CT often. Great sticks.
  12. I was there during the Labor Day long weekend. Most of groups are families. I think you need to look at it from a family golfing angle. Kids play for free. So 2 parents + 2 kids. You are looking at $130 for couple of hours of fun for the whole family. The practice green is lots of fun. It is more like a mini golf than a real putting green. If you have 4 dudes who look for serious golf, not recommend the Hay.
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