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  1. When I first joined, I literally thought everyone is driving 300+ yards and shoots a 75 on a bad day. I literally didn’t dare to say anything for months. 10 years later. It feels like everyone is driving 325+ yards now.
  2. Medson

    Toulon 2022?

    I read somewhere that there’s a limited edition for Phil coming. That’d be cool.
  3. TS1/TSi1 comes with interchangeable head weights. From the Internet, it seems the stock weight is 9g. What weight was the above 185g head using? I can’t find any head weight info on these drivers. So wanna see what/if any aftermarket weights I should get if I go down TS1/TSi1 path.
  4. Good to know about TS1/TSi1! What's the reason behind no SIM2/SIM? Too heavy? I saw Cobra drivers are also popular among juniors age 8-10. Just curious about your thought.
  5. One question about SIM2 (or maybe SIM too). Do folks take out weights or put in lighter weights to make the head weight a bit lighter?
  6. I like "golf with gen". Genevieve primarily focuses on vlog and talks through course management. "Luke kwon golf" is also good. Luke talks about all the ups and downs of being a tour player. I can't believe nobody has mentioned "golfholics". Just couple of chill California dudes play all these cool (mainly) California courses.
  7. Thank you. I am assuming Pano still can play in Symetra Tour events right even as an amateur? She just cannot take any price money.
  8. Can Pano and Xiaowen Yin turn pro at the conclusion of Stage II assuming both make the top 45? I don’t see they ever go to college and don’t know why they would keep their amateur status.
  9. It looks like both Pano and Xiaowen Yin will make the top 45 and will not be eligible to advance to Q Series due to age. I am assuming both will take Symetra Tour membership in 2022.
  10. At least he didn’t fake out after that amazing shot.
  11. @KBong, the Yins are not related. Ruoning is from Yunan (southwest China), Xiaowen is from Tianjin (northeast China).
  12. Stage II round 1 is ongoing. http://scoring.symetratour.com/public/QSLeaderboard.aspx I wish couple of players would have played better, but this is just round 1, and you wanna be in the running for the top 45.
  13. Thank you for the clarification. You mentioned that Yin was born December 8, 2004. Hence, even if she finishes top 25 in Symetra Tour next season, she is still not qualified for LPGA promotion because she won't be 18 by end of next Symetra Tour season?
  14. Someone mentioned that there’s unlikely any new 2022 release due to shortage in many parts of the world. I guess it’s real. I’ve been lucky to play a X5.5.
  15. I’m curious what Xiaowen Yin is trying to get out of Stage II? She’s too young to be qualified for Q Series. Just like Pano. If she ends up in the top 45, she’s qualified for the Symetra Tour next season?
  16. Medson

    High MOI putters

    I also chased high MOI mallets (or highest possible MOI mallets) years ago. In the end, it didn’t work out for me. My issue with the high MOI mallets is 2 fold. One. They are hard to release due to large head shape. Two. These mallets usually pretty large, making my aim a bit weird. I’m switching between blade and mid mallet nowadays.
  17. You are looking for heel shafted mallets, e.g. Scotty Newport 3, Odyssey #9. I think Ping’s is called Shea?
  18. US KIDS 51 inch set’s putter is 350g and 27 inch. That head weight is pretty standard for adult putters.
  19. I strongly believe to practice full swings, short game & putting equally. If we have 60 minutes, we'd dedicate 20 minutes on each. If we have 3 hours to practice, we'll do 1 hour each. We are comfortable with the schedule. The caveat is if we are working on anything in particular, we'd dedicate more time. But that's block practice and is different from the variable practice we usually do. Having said above, I do know there are kids who are simply better. I'm always whether they see more success because they prioritize one area of their game more (and it seems distance is the biggest differentiator).
  20. Pardon my ignorance. I literally thought U.S. Open already had a rota setup before all these anchor sites. U.S. Open comes to Pebble Beach roughly every 10 years. I guess it makes things official then.
  21. Okay guys. This thread is going to get very expensive for me. Now, all I can think of to get myself a PLD. I hate you guys.
  22. Gotta say that black Tour Spider is in remarkable shape after all these years. I know DJ switched putters sometimes, but that Tour Spider has been with him for years. And I'd expect it'd be a little bit more worn.
  23. @BLM210, the putter is definitely authentic. However, given the low quality of the pictures, it is a bit hard to tell whether the putter has been re-finished. From the back of the putter, I see a lot of milling marks that indicate this is original (no refinish). However, from the front, the milling of the face looks quite different from the original.
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