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  1. lots of views, no offers. Price dropped to $185 shipped UPS. One item today, no trades. Tour issue (you can see the serial number-hand stamped) wedgeworks prototype. Groves are still in great shape. Not much more to say, if you have any questions, let me know. Asking $200 (checked the auction site & they are asking way more, although thats not alway a good indicator), I think this is priced fairly. Shipped UPS.
  2. That Mizuno set looks awesome. I just wish the shafts were softer, I would be all over those! GLWS
  3. I've said this a few times....I was given a set of Nike VPC with KBS $ tapers and I did not want to like them (I am still lurking in the forums for irons-because I enjoy wasting money evidently). I will say, they feel incredible (I've play Mizuno, Titleist, Hogans, Wilson Staff, etc. and these feel and fly as good as any of those) and I have played some good golf with them. Not sure if its the heads, shafts or a combo of the two. Of course we all swing differently but I'd definitely give them a serious look. Interested to see what you end up choosing.
  4. ALL SOLD I would appreciate it if some of you could find it in your hearts to buy some of the things I bought, knowing full and well I didn't need them and would probably never use them. Buy high, sell low....story of my life. 1-Piretti Cottonwood 2, 34" blacked out, 365 g, Iomic Piretti grip and headcover included. This thing is really nice! $250 **SOLD** 2-TaylorMade M4 15* 3 wood, plays around 42.25", Evenflow 6.0 65g shaft, new golf pride suede wrap grip, headcover included. Club is in really good shape. $100 **SOLD** 3-Cleveland RTX 4 wedges-raw (54,
  5. Lamkin deep etched and Pure midsize. I have not gotten to try the new GP pro yet, they look good too.
  6. I appreciate the offer, it's tempting, but I'm trying to thin the herd and recoup some cash. Thanks again and have a great holiday.
  7. I have a few folks interested. If it falls through, I will let you know. Thanks.
  8. While Cameron's are good, I've had a few throughout the years, give the Piretti Cottonwood 2 a look. They are a little heavier and have a great look and feel.
  9. I found some engage wedges to go with the VPC irons. Jury is still out on them.
  10. All sold! Thanks. OK, help a recovering club ho...OK, still active club ho, recoup some money I spent on clubs I did not need! Shipped out UPS. No trades. First up is a super clean TS3 10.5* with a Hzrdus 6.0, headcover is included. This thing is basically new! *SOLD* Next is a set of 4-PW 718 AP2 with TT white AMT S300. These are really clean too, just don't need them. $540
  11. So, like I stated a few days ago, I bought a set to 718AP2s (because I have a problem). I wasn't even going to play them, I was just going to list them on the BST...well yesterday I had the opportunity to play and decided to give them them a go. Needless to say, I will be creating a BST ad later today. They are really nice clubs, just are not better (for me). They VPC really that good for me...now I'm trying to decide if I want to MM Proto them or paint the Volt colored swoosh or just leave them.
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