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  1. I'm 5'7" but I like most of my clubs -1/2", even my driver. Doesn't seem like much but it just feels so much better...to me. If I'm not mistaken Rickie Fowler plays his clubs 1/2" short.
  2. That's funny...I also have a set of J33 combo irons with rifle 5.5 lites, they are so good!
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone. The Bridgestone's are great irons but right now I have a set Nike Vapor Pro Combos with KBS $ taper shafts that are awesome. I try not to like them so much (because they are Nike-stupid reason) but they feel and preform great. It still goes to the point of the post though...they are about 6 years old and I'm pretty sure they still preform just as well as todays irons.
  4. I have 2 sets for sale, no trade interests. 1) Mizuno MP4/54 combo-the set (5-pw) is composed of MP54 5 iron & MP4 6-pw, with stiff Nippon NS Pro 1150GH tour stiff flex, almost new Pure grips have been installed. Standard L/L/L. $280 shipped. 2) Bridgestone J40cb 4-pw. True Temper Black Gold stiff shafts, Lamkin grips. Standard L/L/L. *SOLD*
  5. I have an old YES putter (like the one Fitzpatrick uses). I love it! Feels amazing and rolls the ball great!
  6. I had a set of BeCu eye 2 in high school. I wish I held on to them...I guess I was a Ho even way back then.
  7. I will try to make this as coherent as possible. I have recently gotten a really nice set of Bridgestone J40 cb irons - again, in good shape but wrong shafts (TT Black Gold stiff). I have always liked Bridgestone irons, they really do feel incredible. I am considering reshafting them vs selling and buying something newer (not sure they would bring in much $$$). I know there have been a lot of advancements in recent years in club tech (especially for the GI type clubs) but for the blade and CB clubs it seems older clubs are still just fine (I know, they move weighting around, maybe add some
  8. Those look great! I have a set of those...nowhere as good looking though. GLWS.
  9. Man, those are great irons! I just picked up a set for the J40's (I wish they had the C taper lights though). GLWS!
  10. I had a set of the cavity backs years ago, really good clubs. A few years back a buddy gave me a set of the Nike Vapor Pro Combo irons...I didn't want to like them but they are great irons! Have KBS $ Taper in them.
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