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  1. As long as it’s going in who cares what it is or looks like hey? Nice find. Elder Wand
  2. Yes it does. We built it heavier as well at 367 grams. Puts an amazing roll on the ball. I love it.
  3. Great purchases. The legacy is a beauty. Any feedback so far on it?
  4. This is true. I was talking about the experience an amateur can get that is as close to the way that the pros are fitting, not how much DJ gets paid.
  5. You can get that experience with @National Custom Works. If you prefer it they will build it.
  6. The new stick is in my hands. Even better than anticipated. We built it at 367grams and it turned out perfect. Paired with a white kbs ct tour 120shaft. So excited to get it out on the course tomorrow afternoon. Al is a great individual to work with and he blew away my expectations. @FairwayFred You have a gem involved with your group down in Florida. Will be a return client.
  7. I have a couple showing up this week. A NCW longneck with Mokume Gane face insert. And also a Nordberg lockneck from Norway. Can’t wait to carpet roll them for the first time.
  8. Looking for advice. I have a 3hy Sim Max and cannot for the life of me keep it from going left. Play a Tensei Wht 90tx in it. Will the sim udi or dhy be a little more fades bias. Just struggling what to do. Thanks for any opinions.
  9. She is on here way home , north of the 49th parallel.
  10. From what I know about the process they lay it all down and then it is tempered in an oven to meld the two metals together creating on cohesive surface.
  11. Yes Al was the owner before get joined forces with the National Custom Works boys.
  12. Thanks for clarifying Christian. Better to ask the builder.
  13. Ya I’ve never seen that view before. Insert looks onset? Compared to the face. That would draw my eye to it right away as well.
  14. Contact him for pricing. Depends on style. Will post more pics once it arrives.
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