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  1. Less forgiving. Smaller blade size and more of a players cavity back.
  2. The TCB’s are super solid. The compact blade length is one of the best things. I have yet to hit the MC’s so can’t really comment on that one. Let me know how it all turns out.
  3. I have had kbs ctaper S+ in the last three sets of irons. The ti x100s in my TCB’s are awesome so far. Little higher launching (for me) but very flat trajectory.
  4. They are super solid. Great forged, soft feel. That’s from the first bucket and we will see how they behave at the course tomorrow.
  5. Just received my set 4-w with ti x-100. First range session tonight. Out of the box they look amazing. Coming from my back up set of MC-501’s , they have a smaller offset but a great blade length.
  6. That’s amazing. I wasn’t aware that, a guy to do that remotely. I’m in Canada but that putter is beautiful.
  7. Beautiful putter. Where did you pick that one up?
  8. Probably not. I’m totally ok if a putter takes what I’m quoted plus or minus two weeks. I realize that some things take time but communicating with your clients is paramount. I don’t want anything to be rushed ever and I have builds by NCW, Cody James, Geom, Logon Olson, etc. They all have been true to their word on delivery’s.
  9. I have a 9305 LN in the works. Can’t wait to get it. Product looks great, Kevin and Brendan have answered every question that I have asked. The timelines that were given when I first prepaid for the putter were 4-6 weeks. I paid in full at the end of January and putter has yet to be started. That’s a little bit disappointing as you guys can imagine. Hopefully the product is better than the estimated timelines. Will update once the putter is in my hands.
  10. Here’s a in hand pic of the 4 iron and 8 iron. Have a 4-w set incoming from the USA. Can’t wait to get them in a week or so.
  11. How are they so far. I missed on a set in the BST , but with selling my backup set I need another set to pair when my blades aren’t agreeing.
  12. Price bump. Let’s get these sold boys. Need funds for some new future BST posts.
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