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  1. Why bother with that when any hardcore golfer owns a rangefinder?
  2. Why be afraid to make the correct ruling? Just say it's nothing personal and she's always welcome to ask before doing something.
  3. Get the rain glove for sure. I've played in heavy rain twice this year and have helicoptered the club out of my hands due to how slippery the wet grip was. Hopefully your rain isn't as heavy.
  4. Interesting you say that because when I first trained for a triathlon back in 2013, I actually felt horrible after every workout. I was burnt out, anxious, and couldn't concentrate on work or daily life. Then I looked at an Olympic runner's training regime and saw that he trained at ~50% race pace for over half of his workouts. So I did the same, and voilà I felt great, even after the tempo and sprint days. The light or recovery days it feels like you're barely trying and you're thinking "I could go harder." It was after that that I enjoyed exercise. With you there on cable news. It's like eating McDonald's everyday, you get a cheap thrill by either dunking on whoever is 'evil' or being perpetually outraged without acknowledging humanity and the complexity of this world.
  5. Hey, there's always golf simulators. I would guess courses will follow the desert golf course model, where only the teeing and landing areas have grass, and not much other grass in between. They also use grey water which I'm not sure if courses around the country are already doing. We have been seeing other changes within the last decade. It's much more profitable to build houses than build and maintain golf courses. I know a few courses that switched to range nets to build houses.
  6. You wrote 275 yards. Anyways, I checked most of the yardages of the Tour events this season and I'd estimate about 20% of them are over 7400 yards. Lots of 7200s and even a couple under 7000. He could still make a living, especially with the way he putts.
  7. Didn't Jim Furyk earn over 60 million dollars by doing this exact thing?
  8. Golf Pride. The Tour Velvet's durability is shameful, getting slick after 1 season or sooner. Their corded grips are better but the Tour Velvet really soured me on the brand. Meanwhile, Lamkin Crosslines stay tacky forever. They wear out in some spots, but they never get slick in my experience. My dad has Titleist irons with Crosslines from 1998 that are still tacky. I sure hope they never change the compound or formulation. Other than that, a long time ago in the 90s, I think TaylorMade and Callaway had clubfaces that were a degree or 2 closed, while Titleist's were slightly open. At the time I hit a natural draw that I didn't want to turn into a hook so I played Titleist for many years. I'm sure configurations have changed by now though.
  9. I'm a scrub fwiw, but I think hinging the wrist is a good thing. You're winding up or cupping the trail hand and then unwinding it through impact, like throwing a baseball. However, rolling or twisting your wrists out of neutral relative to your body turn is bad, because you have to manipulate it during a fast downswing replicate your address, which is nearly impossible to do consistently. If I'm way off base, someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. I like watching better players. It reminds me not to try too hard and just show your understanding of the game. If you understand the game well enough there's not much to be worried about, just executing one shot out of many.
  11. Last three rounds before a change I had 38, 46, and 40 putts. For me, the putter head was outracing the butt end, plus I had the fear. I was fine on the practice green but awful on the course. I added a forward press last round and it dropped to 33 putts, but could have easily been 29 or 30 if I didn't barely miss a series of 6-8 footers a few inches short and dead on line. For the longest time I was skeptical and thought forward presses open the blade, but in reality, it doesn't have to. Plus, many good putters throughout history have done it. Playing twice this weekend and I'll report back some new numbers.
  12. All those examples you posted involve the ball moving so obviously it's impossible to accommodate. Walking from shot to shot isn't necessarily integral to golf though. Are you going to tell someone they're not playing golf if they're using a cart? The Champions Tour allowed carts, are they not playing professional golf? You still have to hit the shots. In the end, he couldn't play well enough keep his card despite the cart so maybe it didn't matter. But I question, why are 40-50 year olds beating 25 year olds? Because they're more athletic or is it a matter of skill? I can almost guarantee that the issues he was going through are greater than any sort of fatigue anyone else is going through. Pain with every step he takes, traveling through airports, hotel transit, working out, practicing, doctor's visits, etc. If anything he likely had more fatigue than any other player had. I'm sorry for derailing the thread so early on. I wanted to share my change of heart on the subject, but it sort of erupted into a debate. My apologies.
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