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  1. Straight to a slight cut. On a bad day it'll pull. I'll give it a try. I'm very tall and also very thin, so I feel like my body can't support the speed I generate. I'll definitely give that a try, if you can't do it slow then surely you can't do it fast. Yes, if I do that my right elbow will fly and my head tends to raise on the backswing. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.
  2. I'm beyond frustrated. I can't figure out why I reroute at the top to a really steep plane. Been doing it for the last 5 years and tried a bunch of things to fix it but nothing has worked so far. Any ideas?
  3. "But I concentrate better in tournament rounds." /heavy s
  4. Is there a penalty for this? I used a spike style mark on the greens last round and it gets lodged into the ground pretty good. When trying to grab the edge of the mark I inadvertently pulled some grass up from the green. I guess the lie would theoretically be improved if there is less grass behind the ball.
  5. I had a friend who lent a new driver to another friend and he didn't just scuff the top, but outright dented the crown. I said, "how on earth did this happen? I'd seriously make him pay for that." He was new and didn't really know about etiquette nor did he care though. Also: "Who cares if he scuffs the top?" ”I would kill to hit some loft” "Kind of pissed that total beginners drive longer than me." Good observation, nobody cares after we're dead so we shouldn't care about anything. *shrugs*
  6. Using some really rough math, 6200 yards divided by 18 holes is 344 yards per hole average, though par 3's are shorter than par 5's are long. If you hit 250 every drive (assuming no rollout yardage), you'd have ~100-120 yards left to the pin for a par 4. I'm guessing you driver wedge most par 4s, is that true? Up to you, but if you do upgrade, practice your mid irons a bit more and plan accordingly.
  7. I saw this same video and tried his tips, but I still early extend a bit. Not as bad though. It could perhaps be due to overswinging.
  8. I'm pretty susceptable to earworm, and it seems like the whole pop music industry is shoving that garbage down our throats with Maroon 5, Charlie Puth, Gwen Stefani etc. Luckily most golfers don't listen to pop but still music can get a bit annoying. Do I want Metallica amping me up for a delicate downhill putt for par? I could try to block it out the best I can but it's still wasted energy and it makes my round, which I paid good money for, less enjoyable. Music can dictate your emotional state, and certain songs I just don't want to ever hear. One genre of music I like is actually Japan
  9. People who listen to music on the golf course don't go far enough when asking. They stop at "Hey, mind if I play some music?" Then you think, great now I'm the a-hole if I say no. The real way to ask is "Hey, mind if I play some music? I will not be the slightest bit disappointed or offended if you say no."
  10. Sometimes I have an extra ball, sometimes I don't. Really, it's the last thing on my mind. It's all target and execution. I've played full rounds with a ball in my pocket but never lost the gamer. If I find a light scape on ball 1, I'll probably favor the other ball. To each their own.
  11. Are you me? I'm pretty much the same way minus the teenager part. I did have depression in my 20s, but I don't think I have it now or at least is managed okay. I have a good amount of earnestness for gaming and listening to music, but definitely not for work. I feel like I'm dragging around a 30 pound weight mentally when I'm working. I've noticed recently that I have too much empathy for my surroundings and people affect my mood and how I speak or act too easily. I have to be aware of it or else it can be overwhelming. Don't worry about having the perfect conversation, many people can'
  12. I wear glasses and it's corrected 20/20. I'm left handed who plays golf right handed, and eye dominance is left eye.
  13. Sometimes I see tilt in the green or overall layout of the green, but the putt is pretty much straight. My last lesson with my pro before I moved overseas, he proved it by giving me a dead straight 4 foot putt to read and make which I saw as right edge and missed, but regretfully I never asked why I saw a break when there was none. Has anyone struggled with this problem or can someone give any advice? Thanks.
  14. That shaft was crap. Bought the same shaft on a 905R driver and used it at my college driving range on campus. The ball would shoot up and fall down too fast. Switched to a Diamana Whiteboard shaft and that solved the problem. Traded the old one in for credit toward a set of irons.
  15. Did you look up your date on the IRS website? Mine said May 15, and it was received a day or two later.
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