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  1. The Masters is prestigious, is THE course, and the tournament has great production value but it's still only one course. I think being able to win at a variety of different venues in difficult conditions should count for something.
  2. Is standing behind someone's line on the tee box really such a bad thing? I understand if you're on the line and uncomfortably close, but I don't see how it can bother anyone if you are sufficiently far away. If anything, people in front of me adjacent to the teeing ground would be more annoying imo. Also, standing behind the line helps with spotting the ball flight in heavily scattered UV light conditions from clouds and pollution. Have I been wrong on this all this time?
  3. Reporting back: So my last 3 rounds have been in the 90s, trending upward from several rounds in the 80s earlier this year. Ball striking has suffered quite a bit also, but that's another topic. I didn't keep stats at all in the past but today I kept putting stats on my scorecard. No practice at all leading up to today's round, and we got to the course just barely on our tee time no warm up and the practice putting green was closed. We dipped out of the school early where we work so maybe it couldn't be helped. But in general, I'm going start pressuring my ride to start taking me to practice every week and getting to courses early (I live overseas and have no car to drive to the range or course.) I feel a bit embarrassed to post this data but here it is for all to see. These distances are estimates, I walk off all my putts and I assume each step is 1 and a half feet, but I get the feeling the actual distance might be just slightly longer than my estimate. I'm a 16 and played with a 30 handicapper and 2 max handicappers, but it doesn't bother me as I play with lesser skilled players all the time. Today I tried to pay more attention to slope walking up from off the green and it seemed to help some. I also tried to observe the other chips and putts to get a feel for what the general slope would be. The greens were moderately tricky, there weren't that many flat putts at all, but they weren't nightmarish greens. Hole 1st putt distance, 2nd putt distance, etc. (separated by ....... in case of formatting issues) 1 9'.........1' 2 putt 2 18'........3" 2 putt 3 23'.......2.5' 2 putt 4 14'........4'......1' 3 putt 5 12'......5' 2 putt 6 6'.......1' 2 putt 7 5'.......1' 2 putt 8 12'.....2' 2 putt 9 8'.......1' 2 putt 10 14'.....2' 2 putt 11 4'.......1' 2 putt 12 4'.......1' 2 putt 13 9'.......1' 2 putt 14 14'....4' 2 putt 15 12'.....2' 2 putt 16 17'.....3'........1" 3 putt 17 4'.......2" 2 putt 18 11'.....3' 2 putt Holes 4 and 6 were dead pulls on the first putts. Putting uphill I felt like I rushed the strokes trying to hit it harder. Sometimes I get caught deciding between lengthening the stroke on uphill putts or making a firmer acceleration on it, and I tend to do the latter with mixed results. Holes 11 and 12 were dead blocks. I felt like these putts my core muscles were too collapsed and I couldn't stroke it properly. After this I stood a bit taller and tried to firm up my chest, back and stomach and it seemed to bring the putterhead back on line. Holes 16 and 17 the ball caught the lip and spun out. 38 putts is laughable and it feels bad to not have a single 1 putt all day, but this is just a starting point. If I can make productive observations and improve just a little every time out I can be in a good spot. Probably going to play again this weekend at a different course.
  4. That's true. I don't mind using my phone though, I'm not uber connected to it with a million apps and people begging for my attention every hour but I can see how it can be a problem for some people.
  5. This is great info! I got confused at the arrows at first but I remember from atmospheric sciences the closer the gradation lines are the more severe the slope.
  6. Thanks! I haven't been doing the first step and I feel it costs me. I only look from behind the ball and I feel like I get fooled a lot. I'll try and pay more attention on the walkup and let you know the results.
  7. Last few rounds I've been completely fooled by some of the breaks while putting. One 4 footer for birdie I swear the break looked like 1 degree or less, but it completely took and missed low, and the stroke didn't feel like a pull. Another putt from 15 feet I blew by because I didn't see how downhill it was. I generally play in pretty mountainous golf courses. Am I reading too much into relative slope between two points and not considering the overall slope of the green/land? That's my best guess, but if anyone has any tips on green reading I'm open to them. Several years ago my former pro gave me a straight 3 foot putt on the practice green to read and make but I saw a slight right to left break so I guess I've always been bad at reading slope.
  8. Sigh. I didn't mean for this to be a cultural debate. There is almost zero crime, police have nothing to do but give a talking-to for minor stuff. There is heavy social pressure not to step out of line or do things in places where they aren't meant to be done. Since I'm a foreigner, I can't debate this with neighbors or the cops. I'll lose every time. It's in my contract in plain English. Guess they don't want to pay the additional insurance for me. Thanks, I've been trying to keep a sense of humor about the game, won't ever get super good and yet I'm really encouraged by the progress made this year. All my courses at home were pretty wide open; it was a pretty dramatic switch to all tight courses. It forced me to be a completely different player, but I'm excited about it. If I move back to the States, I'm sure I'll get much better with practice.
  9. I have a mirror so that's a good idea. My swing was garbage to begin with so almost anything would have been an improvement. I'll try to get a video soon of the before and after. I live in Japan. My hometown in the US always had a lot of crime and seems to keep going downhill. Stayed with a friend for a couple weeks here and enjoyed it so I decided apply for jobs here and got one. Actually, I came here fully prepared to quit golf, but I guess fate had different ideas. Coworkers often beg me to play to fill out a full group, because I think they have to pay for the empty slots. None of this 'join up with random strangers' stuff in North America. Plus you get an incredible, delicious lunch after 9.
  10. If you're a good golfer who rarely goes to the range, how do you do it? Backstory: I live in a foreign land. My employer contractually prohibits me from owning a car. Ranges are really far away from train stations. My coworkers are too busy to drive me to a range, if I'm lucky I can get to the range once every 1-2 months. Yet, I get to play once or twice a month because they are golf addicts. I don't think I can even swing a club outside my apartment because people would probably call the cops on me. Last year was a disaster, I think I scored 100+ more often than not. Dispersion was way too high for tree lined courses with OB everywhere. This year I've been studying the golf swing a lot and started to get down to business. I had nothing to lose, I was losing 4-7 balls a round. Basically reworked my swing to 3 keys, left shoulder down on the backswing, tilt right shoulder down on the downswing to replicate address. Cup the right wrist at the top. Went out with zero practice again yesterday and had one of my best driving days ever, nothing OB and striped everything with good aim and alignment. Took 3 iron on tight holes though. Short game deserted me but the greens were small and tough. Overall, this year I can break 90 pretty consistently. (Thanks AMG) For putting, I putt on my soft laminated wooden floor through gates I set up with tees. Found the only way I could consistently get it through is putting with a dead still spine, which I could see clearly with everyone who played in the Olympics. I could possibly buy a mini mat and foam balls to get some chipping feels down. I used to be pretty good at it, but it's been disappointing lately. Lastly, I don't lift weights as much as I should, but the location is convenient and close by my work. I do it 1-2 times a week. Got any general suggestions what you would do in my case? Pete Cowen said, "Improving at golf is not that big a deal. I can guarantee dramatic improvement from 15 minutes a day, without even using a club." I honestly wonder how he would do this. I know I shouldn't expect too much and just enjoy getting out, but I'm honestly kind of excited that my swing is getting better than it has been for the last 25 years through understanding basic technique alone.
  11. Correct. Rule 13.1c. You can brush the sand or fix the damage on the green in your scenario even if the ball is off the green, but you cannot brush the sand nor fix damage that is off the green.
  12. When you determine the reference point and use tees to mark off the 1 or 2 club length distance from it, do you mark it on one side laterally or both sides laterally? How about the distance backward? Maybe only if it's a heavy slope and has the possibility of rolling to the other side of the reference point, or if it has a chance to roll backward? Or can you use a club remeasure from the reference point to see if the ball is in the area of relief after it rolled? I love the diagrams they give in the rulebook, but the question came up in my mind. Sorry for the barrage of questions, but lately I'm trying to learn the rules properly with an honest effort. Thanks.
  13. That's a good idea, I'll talk to them and see if they can. Thanks. It rained heavily that day and no amount of toweling off could keep them dry enough before a shot. I don't know if I can find rain gloves in my size. Usually I'm a large size glove, but I'm not sure what size number that translates to in Japan.
  14. Thanks for the quick reply! I've found standard crosslines at Golf 5 in Nara, but I have pretty large hands so it feels like a twig. I suppose I could ask my parents to ship me some as a last resort, but shipping is really expensive. I just bought some nice Mizuno irons that had Golf Pride Tour Wraps which are fine in sunny weather, but a nightmare in rainy weather. First time I used them in the rain and the 6 iron slipped out of my hands and almost flew into a lake. I had to resort to using a 5 wood all day because the iron grips were too slick and I shot 110, 25 strokes worse than my usual. Ouch.
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