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  1. The issue is, he should not have to do ANY modifications or fixing on a brand new club on a brand new release! Really getting disappointed in this new release. Too bad too because I think it will be a performer.
  2. Agreed. I'm SUPER irritated they are not fulfilling these in the order they were ordered.
  3. The end of the Velocore graphic to the end of the shaft untipped should be 4".
  4. Ahhh that probably helps too! I'm just getting irritated I see a lot of people ordering 1/20 or 1/21 getting theirs shipped out when I ordered mine the morning of 1/19 and still haven't gotten shipping notification. Oh well, guess I won't have it for my trip to AZ next Wednesday!
  5. So you already received your club (even though it was wrong) with a Ventus? What day did you order?
  6. I wonder how they decide which ones to build? Obviously not first in first out! I ordered mine the morning of 1/19 with a Ventus Black 7X, still no shipping on mine!
  7. SIM Max driver 10.5* with Tensei Pro White 60 TX shaft playing 44.5". Head is in excellent condition, no marks on the face or crown. Comes with two rear weights, one 15.5g and one 17.5g, and headcover. $340 shipped. SIM Ti 3 wood 15* with Tensei Pro Blue 80 TX shaft playing 43". Head is in excellent condition, no marks on the face or crown. Comes with headcover. $315 shipped.
  8. Anything with Velocore is the real deal. I’m pretty sure any Ventus “made for” shaft doesn’t have Velocore.
  9. I agree. I was assuming it would launch real low as well, but after a fitting on a GCQuad I ended up in a 8* head. I was getting 14* launch with 1900 spin with an 8* head and a Tensei AV White 65X. I haven’t been able to get on course yet, but if those numbers are real this thing will be a bomber.
  10. I'm going to AZ to play on the 17th so I was just hoping there was an outside chance I got it before I left.
  11. What the heck man!? I ordered the SAME setup on 1/19 and mine still shows preparing for shipment. (which it has said the whole time)
  12. You bet! I was extremely please with a 5 day delivery. I ordered the TSi3 driver at 44.5" and it came in right on at D3.
  13. No issues what so ever. I ordered a driver and fairway, both with Tensei White shafts last Monday and got them yesterday.
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