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  1. Sorry man, it was the one in Minnetonka MN. But, I think all locations have a decent amount of them.
  2. Absolutely. I bought one at 2nd Swing because they had a bunch on the rack to try. Tried a few until I just felt comfortable setting it down and putting. I’ve increased my putting percent so much, guys at my club are seriously asking me if the putter is illegal. Seriously…..
  3. That is awesome, glad to see prompt and excellent customer service!
  4. Not sure about the face construction, but the set I had started to rust on the back side of the club in the groove around APEX after one day in the rain. Too bad, because I thought they were one of the best looking and feeling clubs out this year.
  5. Excellent condition Evnroll ER11v putter with 40” midlock shaft as well as 34” short plumber neck shaft. Also included is a second set of weights to accommodate the shorter shaft. $475 shipped.
  6. Excellent condition Taylormade SIM 2 10.5* with factory built Ventus Black 7X at 44.5”, swing weight is at D3.5. $SOLD!!
  7. I could be wrong, but I believe the OP said he got the RPG Tour.....which is $500 on WP's web site.
  8. After weeks of reading and being intrigued, I stopped by 2nd swing to try one out. They have a TON of them in all types of configurations. They are a bit cheaper so I think they may be factory 2nds? Every putter on the rack there is priced the exact same amount, all of them $321. As I'm looking through all of the different colors, lie angles, lengths, top lines, ect. I noticed ONE of them in the bunch had a Stability Tour shaft in it! I picked it up, and sure enough it was the same price as the rest of them! AND it was my specs! SCORE! After using it last night for the first time my first thought is.....it is HUGE!!! I didn't even make it on to the first green and one of the guys I was playing against said "what in the he** is that thing in your hand"! LOL Going in cold, and just using it on course for the first time, I have to say it is pretty awesome. The ball just goes right to where you aim. I thought the feel was fine and the distance control with no practice time was outstanding. All in all, I think this monstrosity is going to be in my bag for a little while.
  9. Odyssey #9 black series had the T alignment.
  10. Anyone have first hand experience on the forgiveness between the Apex Pro's and the Mizuno HMB's?
  11. Not sure what shaft you were fit into, but 2nd Swing has multiple 9.5 condition sets. The 9.5 condition ones are mint, never been hit. I bought a set the other day and had them in 1 day.
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