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  1. We stayed right around the corner from Maxie’s, so that kind of became our go-to so nobody had to drive or Uber. Solid food, low key vibe and cold beer there. Went there a few times after dinner for a night cap. Ate one night at Kickback Jacks in Southern Pines. Went to the Pinehurst Brewing Co. Dugans Pub in the village was really good. We didn’t have any foodies, so a chicken sandwich or burger and fries, cold beer, and sports on tv was pretty much the only requirements for our palettes.
  2. Just got home from a great trip to Pinehurst area. 4 buddies from college. We rented a house close to the village and rented a car. Everything is so close, makes playing almost anywhere a 10min drive, tops... FYI, because of the US Amateur, #2 and #4 were closed to public play so we weren't able to play either: 8/4 - Everyone flew to RDU from their respective cities... Everyone landed within 20-30mins of each other (11:30am arrival give/take). 1:30pm tee time at Lonnie Poole. Fun course, fairly open and straight forward, 15-20min drive from RDU airport. We all enjoyed it. You can tell they get a ton of play, the greens were a tad slow and beat up from the amount of traffic but the course was a good starter for the trip. 8/5 - AM round at Forest Creek - South Course. Phenomenal. If you have a chance to play here, do it. The top one or two course on all four of our rankings post-trip. Beautiful layout and conditions, tough but fair, amazing facility. PM round at Pinehurst #8. Endured an afternoon downpour for about 45mins but all enjoyed. Played long due to the rain, but would recommend. 8/6 - AM round at CC of NC - Dogwood. In a word, terrific. Difficult green complexes made putting an adventure for us, but the course is awesome. Again, if in the area and can get on this course, do it. Half the group liked this course the best of the trip, the other half Forest Creek. We were planning on taking this afternoon off, but the weather was nice and everyone felt like playing some more, so we ended up playing a cheap emergency 18 at Whispering Pines because it was close enough to CCNC and approached the cost of a case of beer. Had a good time and played in about 2.5hrs, but didn't rival the conditions of any of the other courses we played on the trip. 8/7 - AM round at Pine Needles. Loved it. Such a cool place. Old school vibe with an awesome layout. Would play here again in a heartbeat and recommend it. PM round at MidPines. Again, we loved it. Similar to Pine Needles in many ways, but has it's own personality. Tough, but completely fair. Lunch in the clubhouse between rounds was great. 8/8 - AM round at Tobacco Road. The furthest away we drove, but worked out well because it's on the way back to the airport. We were a little hesitant before getting there because of the love/hate reviews one can often see... our group loved it. It is quirky and unique. Would play it again if going back and probably enjoy it even more. The app they tell you to download prior to play acts as a yardage book/gps during the round and comes in very handy. Post round we showered in their locker room (towels provided by the course, nice touch) and headed to RDU for flights home. Trip was awesome... once there we never had to drive more than 5-7 miles to get where we were going. Plenty of restaurants/bars were all less than a mile from where we stayed. The weather was hot, i guess, but for a bunch of midwesterners, nothing out of the ordinary. We all had a blast and hope to return some day.
  3. Which course was your favorite/least favorite? Did you have a caddie for each round? Sounds like a great trip. Favorite had to be the Old Course simply for the amount of times I have watched it being played on TV and the history. All four of the courses were unique and fun in their own way. Carnoustie was the most difficult but really fun IMO, Kingsbarns was the most scenic, and Muirfield was beautifully awesome but had the most penal, long rough for off target shots. I would play all four again if I had the chance, but I guess if you made me cut one from the 4 it would probably be Kingsbarns for me. My playing partner liked Kingsbarns the best of the four, so it is different for everyone. That's just my opinion and keep in mind I have only played them all one time in very tame (10-15mph wind/55-65 deg temp) conditions.
  4. Just got back from a 5 day trip in Scotland 8/17-22... played Kingsbarns, Carnoustie, Old Course, and Muirfield in that order. Stayed in St Andrews until the last day when we drove to Muirfield early AM and post-round drove back/stayed in Edinburgh for our return flight the next morning. We (my buddy and I) got on Muirfield by emailing the secretary a few months in advance and got on waiting list. She confirmed a few weeks prior to our trip. Moved around a couple other tee times to make it happen. Didn't have an Old Course tee time, missed out on the 48hr ballot, so waited in the line at Old Course Pavilion in the AM Monday... first person in line got there at midnight, I showed up at 5am and was 18th in line. The first 12 guys in line got guaranteed tee times, the rest of us were on waiting list. I ended up able to tee off at 10:10am as a single. Trip was off the charts. Can't recommend it enough.
  5. Here’s my 2cents: Have played 36 at SandHills, 5 trips to Dismal River, two trips to Prairie Club, one round at Wildhorse, and two nights/54 holes at Ballyneal. Last three summers we have done Dismal only. All the courses are terrific. None are easily accessible so plan your travel accordingly (Ballyneal is easiest/quickest to get to as far as commercial airline flight to Denver). There is a United flight to North Platte, but none of us have ever taken it. We have a group of 4 that drives over from Omaha and the other half flies into Denver and drives over from there. We all meet the night before in North Platte, NE and stay at a hotel there off the interstate before an early wake up and drive up to Mullen for around a 9am tee time the next day. Sand Hills is amazing…def a bucket list, if you can get on, do it. Enough said. Dismal River is awesome. Two courses, so much fun. One day a couple summers ago we literally played until the sun went down on the Doak (Red) Course without ever seeing another group. We finished 36 and looked around like “why not just keep going?”. The carts go about 30mph, they just fly out of necessity, the first tees are over a mile from clubhouse, so we drove back, played the Doak again and ended up playing about 56 holes that day. The food, cabins, and hospitality are top notch. I played Prairie Club (both courses) the year it opened and then again the following year so I have not been back in quite a few years. It was a nice set up, but for us it’s a real haul to get up there and just hasn’t made sense travel wise. The first year we played 36 at SH and then drove to PC that night, woke up and played 36 the next two days at PC, drove back to North Platte, then to Denver for flights. It was just too much car time. Valentine, NE is not an easy drive from anywhere. The food, cabins, and hospitality were great but from what I’ve seen the price has gone up quite a bit from the time I was there. Ballyneal is beautiful and the course is great, but it’s walking only. We hoofed 36 the first day, went into the clubhouse and cancelled our morning tee time for the next day, opting for just the afternoon. Some of the older gents with our group were toast after 36. The weather for us was chilly and windy in early Sept. I enjoyed, but prob wouldn’t opt to go back if given choice between the others. In my opinion, Wildhorse isn’t on the same level as the rest. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tremendous value and a great public course for the Gothenburg, Nebraska, but it’s not quite the same level as the rest of the clubs u mentioned. I’ve never stepped foot in Nova Scotia, so I’m no help for you there. All the best.
  6. Played it a few years ago (maybe 5yrs ago) and really enjoyed it. Very nice course, tough for me. If i remember correct, I believe i played it before the housing bubble and it was a private club and was crazy expensive for membership.
  7. Maybe i'm in the minority, but having played Badlands and BB quite a few times over the years, i have always found BB to be in much better shape. I normally only make it to LV in the summer time, so it's the slower season for all the courses, but i have always found BB to be a notch above Badlands as far as overall shape. They're completely different courses, but both fun in their own way. Like others have said: Badlands=Target golf, BB=more traditional layout.
  8. i love playing in the Biloxi area. Fallen Oak is an experience...the service there is off the charts. Played it 4 or 5 times...the course is tough. Grand Bear is my favorite course in the region. Very playable and changes quite a big depending on the tee boxes you choose. 2 summers ago i played Shell Landing early one morning and i loved it...went back last summer and played and it was in awful shape. Not sure if i just caught it at the wrong time, or if it has fallen on hard times...i would go back to Grand Bear and pay a little extra than play Shell again. It was really disappointing the day i played it.
  9. I've went to western Nebraska last 2 summers to play. Flew into Denver to meet college buddy who lives there and drove over (about 300 miles). The rest of the group (6 guys) drove from Lincoln/Omaha area and it's a similar distance. Sand Hills/Dismal/PC are really off the beaten path. We have played Bayside, Wildhorse, Sand Hills, Dismal River, and The Prairie Club over the last 2 years. The golf out there is terrific. The day we played 36 at Sand Hills the weather was perfect and the wind was down, so it sits in my mind as a perfect day of golf. They day i played Bayside it was so windy i had to lose a dozen balls in the long grass. Wildhorse is a very nice public course. Dismal River, Sand Hills, and Prairie Club are on a different level than Bayside/Wildhorse, no offense to them, but they just are. I haven't played many of the great courses around the world, but i can't imagine a place that is too much better than Sand Hills. I'd really love to get on at Ballyneal one of these years, but don't have a connection there.
  10. I hear you Zanna. Here's my thing...I wouldn't have cared if it had taken 2 weeks or 6 weeks to ship. I understand the nature of the beast. However, they took my money on day 1 (according to my credit card account). I simply wanted to know after 6 days that my order was legit, was being processed, backordered, something, anything. I don't need another pair of shoes right now, i wasn't in a time crunch. I pressed "pay" and in 6 days received nothing saying "order received" "payment confirmation" "order processing". I only had my paypal account telling me they had my money. Maybe i should have waited a couple weeks, i have never built any custom electronics, but 6 days was about my threshold for knowing where my hard earned money was sitting.
  11. [b][u]UPDATE:[/u][/b] Sent multiple emails to Shotly and got an informative response yesterday afternoon w/ tracking number. Wouldn't you know it, the shoes showed up at my office today as advertised. So, i can't sit here and bash the website for not delivering on the sale. I got what i ordered about a week or so after i placed the order. However, the communication process, order tracking information (there really was none until i started blasting emails), to me, is scary. I won't order from them again, but just to be informative and honest, at the end of the day i got what i ordered in a matter of about 7 or 8 days.
  12. So i get the random marketing emails from Shotly...didn't take the time to research the "company" in the forums...took the dive on a pair of shoes for $75 (incl ship). 6 days in and the website still says "processing". I sent an email to the only email address i could find on their website yesterday asking the status of my order and recieved the following respone: "Your order is being processed and may have shipped already I will update you with the tracking number once you receive it." Once i recieve the tracking number, i won't need the update but thanks for the email. I'll never see the shoes will I...
  13. Got back from the trip and am still recovering from the beating at the hands of the courses. Played 18 at Bayside in Ogallala, 36 at Dismal River, 36 at Prairie Club Pines, and 36 at Prairie Club Dunes. Beautiful area of the country to play golf. The courses did not disappoint. Really tough tracks. With wind, they are all quite a test. We had a group of 8, and I would have to say that the experience at Dismal was probably the groups favorite. The lodging, staff, food, and of course golf was all top notch at Dismal. I could post pictures of the trip, but i see a guy in an Iowa Hawkeye polo shirt in the above photo and have made a vow never to be seen in the same webspace as anyone wearing black/gold (Iowa State alumni here)! Can't wait to get back to western Nebraska. Hidden gem of golf in the USA.
  14. [quote name='aannddyy00' timestamp='1312387812' post='3447907'] Just got news that I'll be playing The Sand Hills friday. Pretty f'n stoked. My dad has played there once, and we are both members at Gothenburg living in Omaha. Pretty awesome weekend ahead. Mullen Friday, club championship saturday and sunday at Goth. [/quote] When i finished playing Sand Hills last summer, it was one of those nearly breathless moments where you wish the sun wouldn't go down and you could just keep playing until your cup overfloweth. What a special place. I'm playing Dismal River next week, so i'll be in the area and give it a nod as we pass by...
  15. #1 Sand Hills Golf Club - Mullen, NE #2 Whistling Straits - Kohler, WI #3 Blackwolf Run - Multiple Courses - Kohler, WI #4 Fallen Oak CC - Saucier, MS #5 The Prairie Club - Valentine, NE Honorable Mention: TPC Louisiana - Avondale, LA The Grand Bear - Saucier, MS The Oregon Golf Club - Portland area
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