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  1. The causes of Hunter's downfall are all over the map. A recurring theme that comes up is Foley. No one has nailed it yet. It's the prescribing of the D-Plane and it's swing geometry to Mahan's swing. A skilled hands golfer should never feel the need to vertically manipulate the club head for intended results. The damage is done and now has to unlearn it, and go back to his natural golf foundation that he built his initial golf career on. Hunter is not the only golfer that has had their swings de-skilled by the D-Plane.
  2. [quote name='Retired Ed' timestamp='1296401339' post='2936986'] Would be interested too [/quote] You could check out OptimalFlight, which is compatible with results from Flightscope and Trackman. Would that be it?
  3. Bending of lofts in the right direction will benefit from some launch data for each club. Regards, Todd All4Golf
  4. I'll be able to analyze it as is. A fitting opinion can be done when this data is done in comparison to another 3 wood (stronger loft) and some discussion on what you're trying to achieve with this club and current long distance clubs in the bag (>190 yds). Thank you! Todd All4Golf
  5. Want to do a quick 15-30 min study, help neededI am in need of some launch monitor data on 3 woods. Do you have any available for a detailed review? This can be gathered quickly with the equipment on hand. Most interested in 3 wood results with loft differences of 2* ex: Strong 12*/13 and 15/16* or send over whatever you have. This should take no more than 15-30 minutes to produce 3-5 shots per club. Send me a PM if interested!! Thanks, Todd All4Golf
  6. Someone made the comment that the OptimalFlight experience to driving a stick shift in the ball-flight realm for the first time. We live in a 3 dimensional world. In OptimalFlight, you have a 12 dimensional world at your finger tips without putting you through any mental gymnastics of theoretical physics. Some make the adjustment easily, others take more time. If you want to do it the hard way, try covering advanced theory of two PhD degrees plus 30+ years hands on high speed aerodynamics. That's a minimum of 6-9 years of college to cover BS/MS/PhD degrees. The cost of books for o
  7. Do a re-test of your LM #'s with the ball you play with. Repost your numbers here and PM me and you'll get an OptimalFlight analysis of both. It would be beneficial for the golfWRX community to see how much of a difference happens. Regards, Todd All4Golf
  8. Thanks for the additional information. Now the picture is more complete with OptimalFlight matching up well with TrackMan's numbers (for carry, ball flight apex, and landing angle). I was more interested in the horizontal launch angle but given the spin axis provided, a reasonable guess to what your actual horizontal angle was made. The carry results are pretty much in agreement and validated (green bell shaped curve). Here is a ball flight picture. By looking at the picture, it is easy to see that the FT5 looks to be the better of the two. Both results are in the Optimal Dist
  9. I have found most stat tracking to be overkill and tracks information which doe not reinforce your mindset to play the game at a high level. There are better ways to do it. The conventional approach means a lot of data is needed to measure progress. Regards, Todd All4Golf
  10. Two more numbers are needed... What is the Spin Axis and yards off line for carry (not total distance) As soon as I have it, a more complete comparison can be done. Regards, Todd All4Golf
  11. Excellent point. There is perhaps a complicated mathematical formula that can determine AoD if the correct launch angle variables are provided. Do any LM's (Vector, etc) have this functionality? An easier option to delving into complicated mathematical formulas is to complement your Vector, Zelocity, Trackman or Flightscope summaries with an OptimalFlight analysis. It'll provide the range of landing angles vs different levels of spin and what it takes to optimize launch conditions. These results have been cross-validated with Trackman results on numerous occasions. Regards, Todd All
  12. I agree absolutely. On course validation is always helpful - especially when playing back at your home course where distances and reference markers are familar to you. If you're doing a ball study (ex: comparing ProV1, TP Red, HX Tour), sleeve of each brand can be hit to get a sense of the differences and how it actually performs ( driver and iron full shot distances, how it lands on the green, chipping, etc.) Regards, Todd All4Golf
  13. Great post Joe! One thing that is often overlooked is hitting balls that you would use on the golf course. It can make a big difference. As a minimum, record 3-4 good similar individual shots (tossing out the low burners or mega slices or power hooks). You can get up to 10-15 shots (or more) but the data that matters the most are the ones similar to each other, which reflects your ability to reproduce a golf shot. Once you have a good set of hits, an additional 30 or 50 hits is not going to change the results that much. Do not try to over obsess about the #'s during the launch monito
  14. 5. Drew, aka Double Rods The person that I had in mind to fill your spot is 4hrs away and is not able to make arrangements on a short notice. This means there may be a last minute spot available. Glynn (BOPPER50) has been informed. Thanks, Todd
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