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  1. Adding trade interest for 13.5 titleist 3 woods with 80g shafts...pretty specific, sorry
  2. Hi all - some experiments that did not go as planned.....time to move on. Feel free to make offers, not looking for any trades. 1. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 9* Driver Right HZRDUS 6.5 Extra Stiff Flex, 45", original grip and headcover Bought on eBay, does not outperform current gamer, hoping to get in what I just paid for it. $SOLD shipped (US 48) - 2. Taylormade M3 9.5 w/ Tensei Blue X (tipped an inch). Plays a hair under 44” I traded for this on here....does not outperform my current gamer $225 shipped (US 48)
  3. I’d take a look at driving irons or putters for sure. Maybe a rangefinder. Low Spin Drivers possibly too.
  4. Honestly I’m not sure. They are cast and 3° is a bit upright… I’ve had wedges bent 1 to 2° that are cast without problem in the past. I would ask whoever you’re going to have bend them what they think.
  5. AP3 4-48* AMT Black Stiff All standard and stock Bought new at the start of this season from Carl’s Golfland Great shape, maybe 8 rounds on them $SOLD Ping Rapture 13* 3 wood Stock Stiff New Lamkin Cord grip $traded Open to offers and trades
  6. I started this thread over 9 years and ran across it while searching for a previous post the other day. I now have two kids (both boys) ages 6 and 8. My 8 year old was on a golf course around 3 years old and likes it to this day...though its not his favorite thing. He will go with us, but only if he gets to drive the cart or buy a lemonade from the "candy cart" as he call it. My 6 year old played since he could walk, practices on his own every day and plays in US Kids Golf tournaments. They both had the same exposure to golf, just one of them really gravitated towards it. I think if I had it
  7. I love Mystic Creek, but it’s in Milford, MI. It’s on the grounds of Camp Dearborn...but not actually in the city. I haven’t played in a few years...definitely adding that to the list of courses to hit this year.
  8. If I hit a lot of flop shots this happens to me. I must hit flop shots with more of an arms swing and when I go back to the full swing...it’s hosel adjacent pushes. I have to remind myself to rotate my chest and stay connected. Some practice “swings” with my arms crossed across my chest usually get me back toward the center of the face.
  9. Putter traded. Motivated to get this thread locked up, happy to accept some offers.
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