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  1. Anser for me! No matter what I switch out to I keep coming back to my JAS Anser from the the early 2000s.
  2. Had the same problem years ago. It took 6 months to get my headcover. They are the worst company to work with.
  3. Maybe I haven’t found it but I miss the participated in tab to see if there were new posts in discussions you have participated in
  4. Have you ever tried a 58* wedge? A little less loft can be helpful at times. I have played Ping wedges forever and love the 50*, 54* 58* combination. I have tired 60* wedges but always comeback to the 58* because distance control is better with it. Also if you struggle out of bunkers try the ES grind, it was designed to help people who struggle with bunker play.
  5. My favorite hybrids have all been fixed hosels. If it has a shaft you like, it has the weight you like and if it has the flight / distance you like go with the Mizuno. The Titleist are nice but it seems to me like the Mizuno checks more boxes than the Titleist does for you.
  6. Hey guys just a 3 things for sale today. All the clubs have been well taken care of, if you have any questions feel free to ask. Offers accepted but please no lowball offers ONLY trade interest would be SIM Driver 10.5* or Ping Blueprint irons (I would add money) First up is Ping G400 LST 10*. It is head only and no head cover or wrench. I really can't believe I am selling this but here it is, great driver!SOLD Next up is Ping i210 5-PW, UW, brown dot, Project X LZ 6.0. These were used for about half a season, in Michigan! They are in very good shape and show just a little wearSOLD
  7. Greg, thanks for all you do. The tournament pictures you take are one of the biggest reasons I keep coming back to this website. No questions to ask, just want to say THANK YOU!
  8. I have had all 3 versions of the Glide Wedges with Dynamic Gold S300. I don't notice much difference, they have all had a Swingweight around D4-D5
  9. @cadman88 i got mine last week and they were just as I ordered. Hope you get yours soon, I am sure yours will come in correct.
  10. I will agree with the get fit and practice comments. Both will help more than anything we can type. BUT....we are here to talk about equipment....it’s more fun! if you need bunker help look are the Glide 3.0 eye2 sole (ES grind). I have been playing the ping wedges forever and love them. is it soft where you play? That can affect the bounce / grind you will want. What SM7s were you playing? What didn’t you like about them for chipping around the green
  11. First round with my new Wilson Staff blades and first round with a forged blade since 2005, Shot 69 with 2 bogeys. The first iron swing of the day I stuck it to 4'. The irons were pure all day the bogeys were because I put myself in a bad spot off the tee.
  12. Funny you say that, its how I felt yesterday hitting balls in my garage. I was a sweaty mess but didn't want to stop. Hoping to get out and play with them on Monday.
  13. My Wilson Staff Blades finally came, unfortunately I have been so busy I haven't been able to play. But hitting them on the range and in my net (with my Skytrak) I am starting to kick myself for not coming back to blades sooner. I am having so much fun hitting them and they are noticeable straighter than my Ping i210s were, they also spin a lot more, that's good for me, and they are just as long as my Pings were. Now if I can only keep the "ho" in me from buying different sets of blades!!
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