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  1. 1. Subscribed 2/3. Club Champion Detroit 4. Yes, at Club Champion Detroit with Ryan for my irons and putter about a month ago 5. Long game fitting (Driver, 3 wood and hybrid)
  2. Hey guys. I ordered a mix set of zx5 (4-5 iron) ZX7 (6-pw) 2* flat stock shaft and grip on 8/23 through 2nd Swing. Had them in hand on 8/30. I just ordered the ZX7 AW and got a FedEx notification that it shipped and will be here Tuesday.
  3. My bag is pretty standard. However I love a set gap wedge, currently ZX7 AW at 50*. For me it’s a full swing club and I want it to perform that way. I am also old enough to remember when that was a PW!
  4. In general I am a sweeper and have never taken much of a divot. I recently just got zx5 in 4/5 iron and ZX7 6-AW. I absolutely love them. The sole gets through the turf really well. You won’t have any problems
  5. I don’t know how many times I have posted in here but I bought an Evnroll ER5b a while back. This could be the last time I post in here…..it’s that good
  6. I hit both at a fitting. Performance / numbers wise the Apex Pro 21 was better for, me. Feel I liked the t100 better. That being said I went with Srixon ZX7s. Had feel close to t100 and performance of Apex Pro 21
  7. 1. Scratch 2. Right 3. Vokey 50 F grind, 54 S grind, 60 L grins 4. Short game is generally a strength. While I like my wedges and feel comfortable with most shots I feel like there is something else out there that is better. However there is no place by me to get a good outside fitting so it’s been trial and error to this point. 5. Yes I am available 6. Yes I can provide my own transportation 7. Yes I will post high quality photos and review of my experience, I would be honored to be featured on GoldWRX and TaylorMades social media!
  8. I have been 46, 50, 54, 60 (I go back and forth between 58 and 60, both work) for years and I love it. Could I use a 3 wedge system, probably but having 4 wedges gives me so much versatility. The slight overlap in yardages lets me flight or take spin off the ball as needed. For example if I am 100 - 105 I can hit my 50 low not a lot of spin or my 54 with a lot of spin. I have this option with every wedge and love it.
  9. Hey guys a few items up for sale. All of it is in very good shape or better, shipping is included. trade options Srixon ZX7 irons 5 wood with low spin shafts First up is Ping iBlades, 5-PW with Steelfiber i95 stiff shafts. I bought these used but called Ping to verify specs, 5-9 are -1/4” PW standard length all red dot. Great set of irons that are in very good shape. Very little chatter and absolutely no browning on the faces. SOLD AND SHIPPED! Next up is a Ping G410 Crossover 23* with Ping Tour Stiff shaft, Orange Dot (2* flat), standard length. I actually really like this club but it didn’t fit my gaps, club has been used but is in very good shape. $100 Shipped to you (add the iBlades above for $450) Lastly, the reason you probably checked out this post, a Ping G425 7 wood (20.5*) with Ventus Blue Velocore 8s at 41 7/8” long, its in great shape and could almost pass for new. I really wanted to like this thing but I need a 5 wood / 18* hybrid. Comes with headcover but no wrench, I can set it at whatever setting you want, its at -1 flat right now. Graphics are set at neutral $440 shipped to you! . pin 8/7 pin 8/14
  10. 1. Alpena, Mi 2. outdoors in summer; indoors in winter 3. Yes, I have a SkyTrak 4. It would help my game because I can make my outdoor practice better. Being able to have the same launch monitor indoors and out would be great 5. Yes. Absolutely I do
  11. Anyone notice Tony Finau with a new putter, looks like a Ping Anser to me but I didn’t get a great look at it. This is the first time I have noticed him with this putter but may have missed something
  12. 1: G425 LST 10.5 driver close second. Evnroll ER5B
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