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  1. Read this post from @Howard_Jones it will guide you through everything you will want to know about lengthening / shortening your driver. You may have to go to page 1 but it’s a ton of info
  2. Hey guys I bought this of if another WRXer as an experiment and it’s just not for me. It’s in great shape. Specs 10.5 actually at 11.3. With untipped Project X Even Flow White T-1100 6.0 shaft at 45.75” long and D4 swingweight. Comes with extra back weight and track weight. Full disclosure there is a small mark that on the toe that was there when i bought it. It is very hard to see I tried to get a picture below. Not visible at address. No headcover or wrench but will protect when I ship NOW $425 but would like to trade for TSi3. Also would consider Ping Tyne PL
  3. I agree I hope they go back to a smaller more traditional size wedge. I feel like the 2.0 and 3.0 soles play very similar but I like the smaller size of the 2.0. I loved my stealth’s!! I can’t quite say that about my 3.0s. I would live to try a Vokey T grind but have a hard time spending $200 for something I may not like
  4. Looks like he has also gone away from the claw grip. I don’t think I can remember someone using the claw and returning to more traditional grip
  5. It’s very subtlety different. Maybe it’s just the size I am noticing but playability wise it’s very similar.
  6. I haven’t found anything similar yet, I would like to try the T grind from Vokey because it does have a lot of forward bounce similar to the TS, I have not tried the V grind. I do have the 3.0 TS and feel like it plays pretty similar for me. That being said I did like the 2.0 better, I think a lot of that has to do with the size, 2.0 is much smaller.
  7. That’s what I thought you just put it better than I did.
  8. Thank you @Howard_Jones for all of your knowledge and this thread. I started and found my length last night, it was kind of eye opening. 45” driver 44.5” 44” Now I want to test for swingweight and shaft weight. Since they are related. Do you find the swingweight first and then explore shaft weight? That was my plan, add weight to the head until I dial it in find SW and then take a little off the head add to the shaft and go from there. anyone have any suggestions?
  9. Callaway I have had a few of their clubs and the quality control has been horrible. I also don’t like inserts so Odyssey is included, even though I love the 2 ball alignment. For those guys who have said Wilson, I used to thing the same thing and what happened to that iconic brand. Then the owner of the golf store I go to said just give this a try, I did reluctantly.....It was the Wilson Staff Blade and I love them and they are in the bag
  10. I have the WellPutt putting mat and really like it. Have had it for a couple years and it’s still in great shape
  11. Honestly I didn’t like the vault feel. I prefer the original or the Heppler Ketsch to the vault
  12. I really like the Ping Glide SS and haven’t tried much else. If you wanted less bounce the Glide forged is a little less, I haven’t tried it yet but plan to. The other wedge I have messed around with and like would be the Vokey S grind.
  13. You are correct I won’t know what flex I should get because it is a new shaft. My plan is to install a shaft into my 6 iron and go from there. So far just been doing a bunch of research on the shaft I am looking at, MMT 125 and comparing to my standard Dynamic Gold S400. Was just trying to understand stepping a little more and keep all my options open.
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