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  1. [quote name='jholz' timestamp='1403668157' post='9571789'] This was like twelve posts ago, but isn't the flared left foot set up (for righties) a Hogan trait? At least that's where I got it from. Straight outta[i] Five Lessons[/i]. [/quote] This.
  2. Great giveaway! These putters look incredible. G1 PVD Black, 34" please! Thanks Kenny and WRX.
  3. Here are 2 almost new items, both gamed 1 round only. No range time for either. Same as new. Prices include USPS shipping east of Mississippi River. West of the Mississippi add $5. No shipping outside of USA. Only trade I'm looking for is an Adams Super LS 15º hybrid. 1. Callaway X Hot Pro 8.5 driver with Project X 6.0 (stiff). I hit this less than 10 times and decided the RFX was the better fit for me. Practically new, comes with headcover, sorry no wrench. $OLD 2. Odyssey Tank 1 Putter - 36" long Gamed one round only. Really love the look of it and am
  4. As pure, clean, and classic of an iron as I've ever seen. Brilliant work Fourteen. It would be an honor to game clubs this well made, and in turn this well fitted by Joe Kwok. Thanks!
  5. No more solid, controllable, better steel shafts out there. I love my S400's in my wedges - it's time to game them in the rest of my irons. Thanks GolfWRX and TT!
  6. What a gorgeous bag! While there are dozens of great Masters' moment that stand out, for some reason the one that sticks out the most is Larry Mize's chip-in birdie on 11 in the playoff against Greg Norman. It was addicting and exhilarating and forever cemented my love of the Masters. Thanks WRX and Callaway!
  7. Thanks GolfDiscount.com and GolfWRX.com for another great giveaway. In!
  8. Love my MP-53s and would be giddy to try these. Thanks InTheHole Golf and GolfWRX!
  9. Other than the UST Mamiya Axivcore Tour Red shafts (which I love - especially for fairway woods and hybrids), are there any other low-mid launch premium shafts that are counter balanced? I love the feel of the weighting and wanted to see if I could find something for the driver. The AD-DI is long and feels great but I don't have the consistency/straightness with it that the Axivcore Red provides. Thanks in advance.
  10. Love Ernie's swing but something about Adam Scott's move looks so solid and perfect so I'll go with AS. Thanks KBS and GolfWRX for a great giveaway!
  11. reerok

    Odyssey #7

    I've gamed both and prefer the look and feel of the Metal X #7. The solid body look sets up beautifully and the firm but responsive feel is fantastic. I'd happily recommend both but definitely prefer the Metal X of the two.
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