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  1. 1. Currently, based on Arccos data, the only thing holding me back from being a scratch player is my putting. I'd love to get some help to make some improvement. 2. 2.8 3. Green Bay, WI 4. I tend to like something with straight lines (anser 2, newport 2) versus something with curves. I'm currently gaming a mid-mallet Toulon Atlanta 5. I'd say that I have decent speed control, especially from 50 ft and in. Arccos tells me that I need the most improvement on putts between 5-10 ft. I have a sneaky suspicion that seemore's RST could help with that. 6. I play (almost exclusively) at pu
  2. Not yet. The date keeps bouncing around, but at the moment it's showing delivery some time next week.
  3. Clearing out some extras to help fund some new toys. I'm willing to listen to trade offers, but (fair warning) I have weird taste. All pricing includes shipping (as long as the shipping costs/preferences are reasonable). First up I have a Ventus Black 7X, purchased from Will Peoples and gamed for a year. It has a Callaway adapter, and a Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize grip. You can see the condition in the photos. It will play at 44.5". $old Next up is a pair of used FootJoy Icon Black wingtips in size 13 Wide. I've worn these for 2 or 3 rounds and they have some creasi
  4. Callaway's newest tour truck media guy weighed in on this over on his new subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/CallawayWorldofWunder/comments/mbfe7x/epic_speed_101_an_introduction/gry4s5c/
  5. Same. I've tried convincing myself that I'm going to play most of my tournaments this season with my current clubs. (this probably won't be successful, but seems at least worth the effort)
  6. Ordered mine at the end of Feb, and they've showed everything from now-ish to early June (and the date changes frequently). I've been told it's the MMT's causing the hold up. Seems odd that the "stock" shaft would be on backorder, but these are weird times. I can be at least semi-patient.
  7. 1. Green Bay, WI 2. 2.9 3. Odyssey Toulon San Diego 4. Studio Stock 28 Putter 5. Yes, courses are open and I'm playing at least twice a week until it snows again. 6. Absolutely, I'd love to.
  8. Looks like the backorder on my clubs has been extended thanks to an MMT shortage. Bummed I have to wait longer, but it's just because I'm *really* excited to get this combo on the course.
  9. I found a 95s to hit locally, and the results there were enough to get me to make the jump to order a set of Apex Pros with 105tx shafts. Now I just have to wait for the backordered shipment... (Good thing we still have snow on the ground)
  10. Gotta love a brand that can fit both JT and Harry Higgs.
  11. Add me to the list of folks thinking about transitioning to the 105TX. I've essentially been a DG player my entire life, aside from a one year dalliance with PX LZs. I'm holding out hope the local fitting spot will get them in stock so I can don't have to blind buy, but I'm definitely intrigued.
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