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  1. Another vote for the FGP mallet. Played a bunch of anser style stuff forever. Couldn’t get used to center shafted putters and big mallets no matter how much I tried them. I went to a golf shop three years ago and spent hours hitting every putter in the shop. Just kept going back to the FGP mallet. The just off center shaft just works and the putter is incredibly balanced. Gets the ball on line beautifully. Also just had the chance to work with the guys at Seemore this week. They are beyond awesome to work with. Had an issue with a 2 putters 3 seasons into using them and they immedi
  2. Older model that you can probably still find is the Ping Vault Arna.
  3. Thanks all. The guys at Seemore are all over it already. Brandon called me within hours and they are going to help get me squared away. Absolutely amazing customer service to match this incredible putter.
  4. I own two Seemore original FGP mallets. One for the office and one for the course. Love this putter so much. Recently the head became loose on my course putter. It is not falling off it just rotates a few degrees either way. Switched to my office putter and within a few rounds the head on the office putter became loose also. Been using these putters for about two years and I am quite confused by why both would suddenly become loose. It was at the end of the season when the temperature dropped but that is not unusual in Pittsburgh. two questions: any one else experience this with Seemo
  5. Greyson has an extra 30% sale items on their website. travis Mathews has 60% off door busters. Rock bottom has a bunch of Ts2 and TS3 drivers in their preowned area that with the 20% are around $170 in excellent shape.
  6. There are some nice Greyson polos on off Saks. They have 25% code if you spend $150 on their site right now. That gets them down to $30-$35 dollars each. Got 4 shirts for $119 Shipped. Codes KICKOFF and SHIP99. Love Greyson’s stuff
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