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  1. I have been play the kk xt tx tipped 3/4 inch for about 2 years, would I tip the xd tx the same? 120mph club head speed and like to feel no wobble at the bottom.
  2. Thanks Mark, not sure if you much about the shaft but the old Stepped Brunswick FCM 7.0 was my favorite for awhile. My driver favorite was the Aldila protopype 65 X. Even though I have a steep angle of attack height is not a problem. Thanks again
  3. Mark, Thanks for sharing your expert knowledge to all of us. I am looking to move to a Nippon shaft and just need a push in the right direction. My swing speed with a driver is around 123 and I have a steep angle of attack. I have always favored lightweight shafts with a real stiff tip. Not sure what modus shaft I should start with? Thank you
  4. [quote name='howeber' timestamp='1438635306' post='12071624'] I just got a couple sets of X100's to try out. I have one set that's half pulls I'll sell and one that I'll game. [/quote]
  5. How would this profile compare to the 6a4?
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