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  1. Quick sale moving some items that are just sitting around. Prices include shipping via USPS Priority and insurance so please keep that in mind. Don't really have any trade items in mind, but if you think you've got something special, don't hesitate to share!! 1.) Fujikura Ventus Velocore Blue 6X Driver Shaft - Shaft is in great shape and shows very little cosmetic wear. Tip to butt it measures 44.25" and will play 45" in a Taylormade driver. Shaft was not tipped. Of note, and for full disclosure, I had a butt extension in the shaft, but cut it back to the actual shaft length; however the "root" of the extension is still in the butt. Doesn't affect play other than it might slightly alter the swingweight. Easy fix to have it removed by a club tech or if you are good with that stuff! Also, shaft is aligned logo down when the TM adapter is one notch towards "Lower" from "Standard". Brand new Golf Pride Multicompound black grip logo down. - $OLD 2.) Robert Mark Golf "Angry Bomb" White Mallet Headcover - Used for a few months and shows some minor wear that can be seen in the pics. This is a really cool, handmade putter cover and retails for $105. Has a super strong magnetic closure and padded fleece/fur to protect your putter. It will fit any of the Taylormade putters, any of the Odyssey square putters as well as Cameron square mallets (I used it with all three types)! - $OLD
  2. I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff over the last couple of months and need to get rid of some of this stuff. My only trade interests would be: - Titleist TS2 or TSi2 18* 5-Wood with a good Xflex shaft Please consider that the prices include shipping via USPS Insured mail. THANKS!!! 1.) Srixon ZX7 4-P with Nippon Modus 3 Pro 120X shafts – Just picked these up last week from another WRX’r and after a range session and a round, I’m sticking with my gamers. Irons are very clean with very minimal wear as can be seen in the pictures. Standard loft/lie/length. Clubs have Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips. Just trying to make my money back here - $OLD 2.) PXG 0341X GEN2 18* 5-Wood HZRDUS Black Handcrafted 80g 6.5 – This 5-Wood has been used sparingly over the last year as can be seen in the pictures. Minimal sole wear and almost no face wear. Crown and topline are mint. Has a HZRDUS Black HC 80g 6.5 shaft with the logo down in the “PXG” setting (STD loft, -3* Lie). Club has Golf Pride Multicompound black/black grips, logo down. - $249 $219 3.) Scotty Cameron Grey Cover All Mid Mallet Headcover – Lightly used, no tears, stains or rips. - $OLD 4.) Winston Collection Loxahatchee Navy Mallet Hedcover – New, never used. Has a tartan liner and magnetic closure. - $OLD 5.) Scotty Cameron 15g Weights – Used, but in good shape. - $OLD 6.) Scotty Cameron 20g Weights – Used, but in good shape. - $OLD
  3. Yeah, not sure why they don’t allow that. Guessing they’re different entities all together.
  4. I was fortunate enough to play in the this year's Wells Fargo Pro-Am and one of the gift choices was a $1K Callaway gift card. I've never payed Callaway, and I am actually feeling pretty good about my bag these days. So I am passing on to the group at a discount. 1.) $1,000 Callaway E-Gift Card - Received as a participant in the Wells Fargo Pro-Am. Includes free shipping of merchandise. I will forward the winner the email with the code and link to the Callaway site for redemption. - $900 $850 2.) Scotty Cameron Special Select HC - New, never used. - $OLD pin 6/6
  5. After watching Lefty win yesterday I have decided to lengthen my driver to 47.99999" and I am going to start over as a left hander! Prices include shipping via USPS Priority and will be insured. Only trade items I would be interested in are Scotty Cameron 2021 Phantom X 11 34" or 33" and cash on my end of course. Scotty Cameron Mid-Mallet headcover - Something unique, not stock. 1.) Odyssey Toulon Austin w/Stroke Lab Shaft 33.5" - Custom ordered from Odyssey. Putter is in great shape with some minor signs of wear. Some brushing on the sole from playing sanded greens (makes me crazy) and a small dent/ding on the topline from a careless caddie. Has a near-new Bettinardi green Lamkin Deep Etched cord grip. No HC included, but will be well protected for shipping. - $OLD 2.) HZRDUS Blue RDX PVD Limited Edition USA Driver Shaft 6.5 Flex 70g 44" - Thought this was going to be the one, but like the other 38 shafts I've tried, still not it! Taylormade 2* tip and a nearly new Golf Pride Multicompound black/black grip with the logo down in the "Standard" setting. Shows some bag wear, but just some rub marks here and there, no missing paint/graphics, etc. - $240 3.) Titleist U510 4i 22* w/Mitsubishi MMT UT 105TX - Standard L/L/L - Had this for 3-months. Good shape, normal face and sole wear as can be seen in the pictures. Shaft is awesome in this club, great feel. Nearly new Golf Pride Multicompound black/black grip with the logo down. - $200 4.) The Buck Club Masters Blade Headcover - Has the "Slow Players will be asked to leave the property" on the top on the cover. Has some worn spots out on the toe, but otherwise in great shape. - $OLD
  6. ALL SOLD Love this set up, but made the mistake of testing out the new SIM2 MAX with the same shaft and was getting more consistency in shot shape and dispersion (but about 5 yards less distance). Purchased on release day (November '20) and ordered the Ventus from Will Peoples shortly thereafter. Conservatively has 15 rounds and a range session or two on it. Price(s) include insured shipping via USPS. Titleist TSi 10.0* Head shows normal face and sole wear with no dings, pop-ups, dents, etc. Pictures tell the story. Fujikura Ventus Blue Velocore 6X Shaft is 44.25", playing 45.25". Graphics are slightly off the "A" setting (to properly spine the shaft). Shaft shows some very slight bag wear I didn't notice until after I took pictures. Not noticeable unless you are OCD like me and looking very closely, but want to be transparent. Has a black Golf Pride Multicompound standard grip, logo down in the "A" setting. No Headcover or wrench - We're in the process of a move and I have no idea where they are. If I locate them, I'll update the listing. Club will be well protected for shipping. Willing to split the head and the shaft, but offering a discount to purchase the whole club. Head and shaft: $625.00 Head only - $399.00 Shaft only - $249.00
  7. Ping Hoofer Lite - You can see it in the pics (as foozledbaffy) pointed out. It's still full-featured, but not as much storage (don't need it) and 0.5-1 lb. lighter.
  8. It never ceases to amaze me that the minute I think I have cleaned everything out, I find more stuff laying around. It's probably exacerbated by the fact that I keep buying more stuff....ANYWAYS.... Couple of cool, rare-ish items up for your viewing pleasure. Only trade interests at this point would be high-end apparel: Peter Millar, RLX, etc. size Medium on top and 32-24 on the bottom! Sorry some of the pictures are sideways. Always seem to have that issue even when I edit them! Prices include shipping and insurance ***PLEASE FACTOR THIS FOR THE PRICING ON THE BAG*** 1.) 2020 Ping Hoofer - The Honors Course - Top 100 course. Bag is navy blue with pale yellow logos. Bought this in June of 2020 at the course when American Airlines managed to break the legs off of my other bag. Used for the remainder of the season, but is still in great shape. I'm an avid carrier and just needed something smaller/lighter. Shows some nominal wear on the bottom, where the cart strap passes through, some rubbing on the legs and on the nylon section of the carrying straps. Includes rain cover - $279 $259 2.) Scotty Cameron Futura 7M 34" HEAVY - Putter is in mint condition. Only blemish is a small nick on the sole of the putter that can be seen in the pictures. Some slight wear on the face, but really, really hard to see. Has 20g translucent weights and a brand-new Scotty Cameron Camo grip. No shaft band or HC - $299 $279 (If you are interested in the Custom Shop HC below and purchase the putter, I will sell the HC for $75) 3.) Scotty Cameron Custom Shop "Scotty's Speed Shop" Mid-Round/Mallet HC - Used sparingly, no stains, tears, or really any noticeable wear. Came with a Futura Phantom I had refinished. - $85 $75 4.) AM&E Butler National Fairway/5-Wood Headcover - Top 100 course. Used, but well taken care of. No tears, rips, etc. - $45 $35 5.) AM&E Baltusrol Hybrid Headcover - Top 100 course. Used, but well taken care of. No tears, rips, etc. - $45 $35 6.) AM&E Stock Farm Fairway/4-Wood Headcover - From Charles Schwab's private course in MT. Don't think it's ever been used. Yellowish/gold color - $30 $25 7.) STITCH Golf Leather Driver Headcover - Light blue with red piping. I honestly have no idea where the logo is from. I bought this off eBay a few years back to replace a lost HC. Good shape, has some light rust marks from some raw wedges I had, but can probably be removed. No rips, tears, etc. - $25 $20
  9. I thought I was the only one that unwittingly added that to anything described as RAW...
  10. Moving these odds and ends. Not really looking for any trades at this time. Shipping is included in the price. ***NOTE*** I will not be able to ship until Monday 2/8/2021 Thanks!! 1.) Titleist Vokey SM8 48.10F - Tour Chrome with a Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shaft and Golf Pride Multicompound black grip installed logo down. Standard L/L/L. Club has been used for less than 10 rounds. Shaft and grip are mint - $90 2.) Titleist Vokey SM8 58.14K RAW - with a Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shaft and Golf Pride Multicompound black grip installed logo down. Standard L/L/L. Forgot to take a picture of the shaft band thinking I could leverage the 48* picture but forgot they are different flexes. shaft and grip condition are the same as the pictures for the 48*. Head has been used for a season and shows normal wear as can be seen in the pictures. Shaft and grip are mint - $110 3.) PXG Gen1 0341 18* 5-Wood "Demo" head - I bought this on eBay a while back and didn't know about the "Demo" etching on the sole. It was in new condition when I bought it and it played great. Only getting rid of it as I have moved to the 0341X Gen2. Good condition as can be seen, only issue is the hosel screw doesn't have the washer, so it's loose (doesn't affect the club but will be taped for shipping) - $75 4.) Diamana S+ Limited 70 Stiff PXG Tip 42.5" - Has MCC+4 Midsize grip. Good condition, no noticeable dings or marks - $OLD 5.) PXG Gen2 5-Wood Fairway Cover - with Magnetic Poker Chip Ball Mark - Used, Good condition - $20 6.) Toulon Blade Putter Cover - From an Austin I have. Good condition, no rips or tears, but could probably use a cleaning - $15
  11. Tis the season for moving stuff out of the house. We just sold our house and get to spend the Holiday's packing. Yea! (note sarcasm). All prices are OBO, but please, no lowball offers. No real trade interests at this point other than maybe a unique fairway wood HC. Prices include shipping and insurance, so please be considerate of that when making offers. 1.) The Buck Club White Trucker Hat Made by Imperial - Wore once inside, otherwise would classify as NWOT - $OLD 2.) Titleist 818H2 19* Hybrid with an EvenFlow Blue 85g 6.0 shaft - (MODS: Shaft was previously listed stand-alone, but now as the club itself) Standard L/L/L (loft and lie being adjustable of course). Mint Golf Pride Multicompound black/black grip, logo down in the "1" setting. Includes both the Neutral and Fade/Draw weights. No HC included - $OLD 3.) KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype 105X with TItleist SureFit Adaptor 40" - Mint condition with a brand new Golf Pride Multicompound black/black grip, logo down in the "1" setting. $OLD
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