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  1. How do you find the single strap to be for carrying the bag around (versus the backpack style straps on most of the other carry/stand bags). I don't walk often, if ever for a round, but in the odd instance where I did, I'm wondering how the comfortable the single strap on the Bag Boy would be.
  2. I was at PGA comparing some stand bags yesterday, and the Titleist Hybrid 14-way doesn't have individual full length dividers. There were some that went all the way down, but there were other slots where after about 2-3 inches of material at the top, there was nothing separating the slots. Now, whether that would lead to bad club tangle, I don't know. But the SM 4.5 LS 14-way did have fabric that went all the down each individual slot, though the fabric did appear to stop about 2-3 inches from the bottom.
  3. May want to move this question over here: https://forums.golfwrx.com/forum/442-golf-simsgpsrfapps/
  4. At this point, I'm honestly leaning that way. I prefer the look of them - bit slimmer profile at address, a little less offset, and I hit them virtually the same. Plus, I would only need 7 clubs to bridge the gap between 5i and the 50* club; whereas, the Mavriks require 8 clubs to cover that span. With the price difference, I could move to the Mizunos and throw a hybrid on the long end, which I am likely going to be doing anyway. I'll work with the Callaway for another month or so, but as of now, I feel like a switch to the HMP is in the relatively near future.
  5. UPDATE: Talked to my fitter today after sending him these pics and asking if this was normal. He said that he forwarded the picture of the PW to the Callaway rep because that shouldn't happen even if you did hit a rock, a stick, or other piece of debris. He confirmed that the other marks are bag chatter, and said that Callaway and TaylorMade have a history of looking like that. He said it's not really a "fair" to compare to Mizuno irons because they use the hardest metal in the industry, which is at least part of the reason that the MX-19s still look as "good" as they do for being
  6. I recently did an iron fitting and went from Cobra F9s in the stock steel shaft (KBS Tour 90 R-Flex) to graphite shafts. The ones I was fit into are the Mitsubishi Tensei Silver 60 Regular flex. Definitely lighter than the steel shafts. I have noticed that the couple of times I hit them off mats I came away with no elbow or other joint pain. That wasn't always the case with the steel shafts - I never had pain that caused me to have to skip a few days or anything like that, but just some pain that was noticeable for a few hours afterwards. I'm 40 so I don't expect to pick up a treme
  7. If this is their SOP for cast clubs, I am in the same boat. Seriously considering returning them under the 90-day playability guarantee and getting the Hot Metal Pros at this point.
  8. Fair point. Though it would be hard to justify that since I've had them less than 2 weeks, even if they now arguably look like I've had them 2 years.
  9. As I said, this started appearing after just a few holes riding in the cart yesterday. So, I suspect that if you've had them in a cart without head covers even once since you got them, you'd see the same kind of wear if you were going to have the same issue. I've done lessons at the PGA store near me, my daughter does lessons there, I'm up there fairly often to get in a short session on the practice bays (enough that the guys at the service desk assume I'm in for a practice bay when I come to the counter), and I've done a putter, iron, and driver fitting there as well and get along
  10. Not disagreeing with either of you in any way, but if this is the case, it just seems insane to me. As I said, I know these are tools that we slam toward the ground and they're going to get marks and what not on them. I was just extremely surprised (and frankly pretty disappointed) given my prior experience with various clubs that there is this much wear and tear after one round. I can't imagine that Callaway would want there clubs looking like this after such little use.
  11. This is definitely not what I expected. The Cobras I had and played for 2-3 months looked far better than these after one round. In all honesty, I don't think my Mizunos even look like bad after years of playing them. It just seems unacceptable, IMO, that they'd look this beat up after one round, but maybe I set my expectations too high. I'll see what the fitter/PGA SS and/or Callaway say.
  12. I've emailed him to see if he's seen this issue before. They're from PGA SS, so in theory, I could return them under the 90-day playability/performance guarantee and essentially exchange them for the HMP that I was hitting very similarly at my fitting.
  13. Interesting. If that is the case, it makes me wonder how CPO could sell any sets of these irons as like new (unless they're actually new, or maybe floor or demo models only) and especially "very good" condition. If I ordered a set from CPO in "very good" condition and got these, I'd be sending them back immediately.
  14. Updated so I think pics should show now. Though they're at the bottom and not in line.
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