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  1. Yes - I recently got the Navy/White/Red one and they are full length (I mean, they have the last inch or two at the bottom open, but I believe that is the case with all "full length" dividers). I haven't found it any easier or harder to get clubs out of than other stand bags that have the "full tilt" bottom (like the Hoofer) rather than the kickstand style (like the Sun Mountain stand bags). When the bag is upright, they go in and out pretty easily. When it's tilted on its legs, they do catch a little more but nothing serious in my experience, particularly compared to 4-6
  2. I'm about 6' 3" in shoes and I switch from 35" to a 36" putter in 2020 with either a 68 or 69* lie angle. I find that it allows me to be a bit more upright in my stance, which is more comfortable for me personally.
  3. I've been told by a fitter and a couple of service guys that you have about 1.5" by why you can lengthen or cut the SL shafts without drastically affecting the weight, swing, etc. I've had a Toulon Austin with SL lengthened from 35" to 36" with no ill effects. I'm about to have the same done with a Toulon Chicago. Never tried to shorten one though.
  4. Mine came in on 1/25. However, Mizuno put in the wrong flex shaft, so I had to take them back and they had to do it all as a new order, which occurred on 1/27. At that time, the HMP heads were backordered until 1/30 (now it shows them on back order until 2/28). So, if the same time line holds based on the backorder date, I expect they should arrive sometime the week of 1/15 or so. But I guess time will tell (though they did note on the order form that Mizuno should consider it a rush order since it was their mistake that is causing us to have to re-order, but they said that they cannot guarant
  5. I've got some of the regular and the X to try them out. Solid ball, for sure. Also, a lot of times they'll be on sale at 2 dozen for $50.
  6. I ordered my custom 921 HMPs on 12/7, and it said they were backordered until 1/7, so the fitter said probably by the end of January, but it could be the first half of February. It's now 1/13, and I've not heard whether they've started building them or anything like that.
  7. Snell comes in "Optic Yellow" - they're sold out right now of both the MTB and MTB-X in yellow, but they do make them.
  8. I actually really like the Lamkin SinkFit that is on the Elevado for the Elevado. I like a bit thinner grip for my blades. The SinkFit Skinny that came on the Cleveland Premier #4 is all right, but I really like the GP Pro Only Green and may actually have the corded version put on my Toulon Austin soon.
  9. I'm always a few mouse clicks from ordering a Mini Giant Deep Flange. Just haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  10. I have a 4 foot aluminum ruler that I lay on the floor (usually the area rug in our living room) and set up a putt out by the couch. I set the ball at one end of the ruler and put toward the putt out. Definitely a pretty slow roll once on the carpet, but it's more fun to try to get it to stick in the putt out. But my main focus is to work on starting it on the line and making sure it rolls off the end of the ruler rather than the sides.
  11. Interesting. I haven't had that issue. Wonder if the dividers in the 14-way are different in the car versus the stand bag?
  12. I have a 14-way Sun Mountain Phantom cart bag, that I like, but I want to get a new stand bag. The SM has full length dividers for all the slots, which definitely reduces the club tangle. I tried the Mizuno BR-D4 6-way, but it doesn't have dividers between all the slots, and I could tell after loading it, that club tangle was going to annoy me. I just bought the Titleist Hybrid 5, as I like the idea of a little more flexibility from the 5 versus 14 slots, but it also claims to have full length dividers. The ones I saw previously in the store appeared to have them, so I'm hoping tha
  13. I got fit in early September and it came down to Callaway standard Mavriks or the HMP. I ended up going with the Callaway and placed the order on 9/4. Fitter told me he was quoting people 6-10 weeks (based on what Callaway was saying), but it could vary depending on what components they had on hand at the time. I had the completed clubs on 9/10. Now, I am actually going to exchange them for the HMPs. I was talking to the fitter this weekend and he said Mizuno is 8-10 weeks right now. I'm still going to make the exchange tomorrow (12/7) because I get to hold onto the Callaway's unti
  14. I tried the Wellput Premium for a few weeks, and the thing that annoyed me was that I could vacuum it so it was clean and the "grain" was all the same, but after some putts, it would almost inevitably start developing breaks. I used the PuttOut Pressure trainer with it, but the breaks that developed would somewhat defeat the purpose. So, now I'm looking into the Big Moss, Birdie Ball, and Perfect Practice as options (they were all on the list originally anyway, but just trying to figure out which will be the best long term solution).
  15. That makes sense - I'd bet that it was the piece of plastic that came on it from the factory.
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