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  1. National Custom Works irons never shafted 5-Pw spec sheet photo below “MTKE” stamped on them with the club number. That is all for markings on the club. Cheaper and faster $1,800 Vessel Bettinardi Limited Kool Aid Stand Bag. Have the matching rain hood also. Taken to the range once. Never put on a golf cart $SOLD Not really looking for any trades at the moment pin 10/15
  2. Thank you very much. That was what I was looking for. I was hoping they would fell as good as I would imagine they would. The clubs should go according to the loft and that is all I ask. Perfect
  3. Thank you, but I have been threw that thread and can’t really find much that talks about how they feel. There are sure a lot of really good pictures but I didn’t notice much on performance and feel
  4. I have seen a lot of pictures and comments about the looks of these beautiful clubs, but I am having a hard time finding any information on how they feel. Do they feel like a purely struck Mirua or a little more like a Ping Iblade? I know they can help with any design in terms of bounce, sole grind, shape......., but how do they play and feel?
  5. They look great. I really played with with the 2005 Rac's. Besides looks will these play pretty similar?
  6. Please No trades Brand new set of Mizuno mp-20 HMB irons. They were assembled and pured at Club Champion. Never hit 4-PW True Temper Elevate Tour Stiff specs are in one of the pictures. SOLD Please no trades
  7. > @ProjectX_Mizuno said: > Has there been any indication that the spin will be lower in the T100 vs past AP2’s? I also would love to hear about the spin rates on these. Loved the AP2's but spun them like crazy.
  8. I am not interested in any trades, Thanks. Always willing to listen to OFFERS. Scotty Cameron Circle T tour rat 2 putter Rolled on the carpet once but never on the course. Length: 35" Weight: 360 - 2 20gram circle t weights Tiny wrinkle on the shaft band. All Black Sold Ping 4&5 Iblade irons and 6-pw Blueprint Dynamic gold 120 s300 shafts with multi compound align grips. + 1/2 over, Blue Dot. Used for 1 round and 1 practice session. The same serial number on every iron SOLD
  9. > @Kale_m said: > $300 per club for these here in Canada with a stock shaft offering. I am not sure if I understand, are you saying they are available in Canada?
  10. Brand new set of PXG 0311 irons 5-Pw and a 50 degree wedge shafted with dynamic gold 120 x100 shafts. Picture of the build sheet. It came with a hybrid, but I am keeping that. SOLD No trades please
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