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  1. I was talking about spending 10 hours a day golfing ... but good on you getting your mom to buy your food.
  2. Dude ... a better thread would be where you're getting your financing.
  3. Wow ... followed that birdie on 9 with 5 straight 6s. Rough turn? I've personally gone 34-45 to break 80, but this is the worst I've seen.
  4. As long as they stay out of my way and don't screw up the course, I couldn't care less ... To the OP - if you're having fun, getting better and learning stuff, stick with you're group ... but they obviously are not sticklers for the rules. If you're not enjoying yourself or feel like you're ready for a more "real" experience, cut your losses and find a new group. If you're super serious ... go here and and dive in: https://www.usga.org/rules-hub.html
  5. Dropped my TaylorMade Ghost to be reshafted at GG Saturday ... it will take them 48 hours to reshaft ... go to pick it up today (Monday) ... they've pulled the head but can't figure out how to reshaft ... TaylorMade's are "tricky" and the head pro got busy ... he might get to it tomorrow ... maybe 72 hours for a reshaft ... maybe longer ... and I need stop using so many ellipses ...
  6. Dave Stockton is rolling over in his grave ... well, he would be if he weren't alive.
  7. Don't know about over-reacting ... but sounds like they've had a strain of sandbagitis run through the club. Highly contagious. Masks and social distancing don't work, and there is no known vacine.
  8. Or ... do the multiple winners still get theirs, and you don't get the guys who win 1 or 2. The Ben Curtis and Chad Campbells of the world miss out.
  9. But how can you be certain Player wouldn't win if the fields were deeper? Maybe he would do just enough to win on those weeks no matter how deep the fields were. You can never know.
  10. Still playing the M3 ... watch/listen to the TaylorMade commercials. They've given up on actual claims of improvement. Now it's just Rory, Tiger and Dustin standing around saying things like "looks great", "feels sweet", "wow, i bet that went a long ways" ... no facts, no figures, no data ... with COR and size limits, and without a major change in tech, they've maxed out the driver.
  11. Only one thing matters in sports ... beating the people who stand between you and victory. Player did it 9 times in majors. He traveled more miles than any other athlete to do it. You don't think he'd use every training method available today to get the most out of his ability? Or do you think he'd still be training and playing like he did 60 years ago? Is he egotistical and obnoxious? No doubt. A cheater? Possibly. A winner. Yes.
  12. How bad was DJ's play on 15-16 in retrospect? Pars a reachable par 4 and follows with a triple ... finishes 3 out of a playoff.
  13. Positive note ... really limited gallery meant no "bababooeys" or other stupid blathering. Love that about these type of layouts.
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