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  1. I have found that most people call golf course they struggles at "goofy golf" and golf courses they're comfortable at "real golf."
  2. It would be interesting to know how the percentage of Ryder Cup holes that are won with birdie vs won with par. Are more holes won or lost? Is it more important to be aggressive and take holes, or to not give your opponent holes. Lots of annedotal answers, but wonder what the numbers tell us.
  3. I've got no words ... https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2021/09/15/bryson-dechambeau-hands-wrecked-preparing-long-drive-competition/
  4. Do you guys even read what you write? Why isn't the best JV player on Varsity? Because he's the 13th best player, and only 12 players can play varsity? And if one of those 12 get hurt, the 13th best player becomes one of the best 12. And any coach (well, coach that knows what he/she is doing) wants their best players available for Varsity, even if it's on the bench.
  5. See ... I disagree. Match play is almost like a mini-tournament each round. You have that pressure building every match. Morikawa and JT have proven what they do with pressure. Berger, with all the tools, has proven what he does with pressure in 8 years. Maybe he'll show something different in this years event. That's why they play the matches on grass and not paper!
  6. What I was saying ... just Richard said it better ... as usual.
  7. I don't ... YOU'RE THE ONE THAT WROTE IT!
  8. I don't hate the dude ... but your write up is pretty much spot on. Great iron player, long off the tee. Makes a ton of birdies. Has won 4 times in 8 years. Somethings amiss. Yes, it's tough to win on Tour, but something is lacking from making this guy a top-tier, A-list player. And that's why I would be shocked to see him play 4 matches.
  9. I highly doubt Westwood is fit enough to play 5 matches, That is, cut and paste, what you wrote. You're either a liar or have a poor memory. And you "stated" that you thought "every match we need to put Cantlay up against Rahm." You realize we can all go back and read what you wrote, right?
  10. Oddly enough, this one of the least self-promoting posts Pepper has ever made.
  11. If Berger plays 4 matches, something horrible has happened in the US locker room.
  12. Have you ever been outside your basement?
  13. Why would Westood play 5 matches? I bet if (and it's a big if) Poulter plays best ball, he finds a way to contribute. How would you put Cantlay up against Rahm every match? Cheat?
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