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  1. tatertot

    12 club bag

    Almost my bag to a tee ... it's all about fitting your yardage gaps: Driver : 250 Fairway : 220 Hybrid : 200 5i - GW : 180-115 56* : 95 Putter : Not far enough
  2. Nope. He doesn't always keep it on while on course either. Did you see DJ's interview after his round? He had one on, but not up. I use 'em, they're great. When you're outside, alone or driving around, you drop it around your neck. When you need it, you just pull it up. When you don't need it, pull it down. Don't need to worry about losing it or misplacing it. And they don't pull on your ears or fog up your glasses. They also wash up really well, easy to keep clean.
  3. Or ... it could be to use as a mask. Maybe. There's a pandemic out there, ya know.
  4. OK smart guy ... Tiger and Bryson are paired together ... both are in rough off 18 fairway and tied for lead ... Tiger has large rock in front of his ball, Bryson has clear path to green. Tiger has fans move boulder, and they move it in front of Bryson's ball ... and everybody refuses to help Bryson. What's the ruling?
  5. Not 100% sure about this, but doubt "Impressing Jwin323" is on anyone's golf bucket list.
  6. Golf is supposed to be fun ... if you're not holding anybody up, play the tees that let you accomplish what you want to accomplish, whether it's having fun, getting better, making yourself miserable, whatever.
  7. You are correct, I misunderstood. Apologize ... carry on.
  8. You came on a website ... that discusses golf ... and spent time to let us know that a thread discussing the U.S. Open in a historic year and circumstances bores you?
  9. If you don't like it, don't watch. Or write the USGA a letter. They were going to upset people either way, at least with this decision, we get to see a U.S. Open this year. It's not the like an amateur was actually going to make a difference in the final outcome.
  10. The milling is similar to, but not exactly, like Bettinardi did when he was with Hogan.
  11. Speaking of PepperTurbo, I wonder why he hasn't told which is better yet.
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