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  1. I think I've tested over 90% of the Ping offerings during the last 20 years ... nothing outperforms my classic Stainless Steel Anser 2.
  2. Me don't understand science ... me make fun of what me don't understand.
  3. What? All those people working from home aren't really working?
  4. Whenever I get overly optimistic about humans, I come to come to GolfWRX. Works every time.
  5. I've got ESPN+ ... some decent obscure college sports, lots of Premier soccer, and NHL game a day ... but always seems a let down.
  6. In 2003 it looked like me and wife couldn't have kids, so we adopted a cat. Six months later, my wife got pregnant. My son and cat grew up together. The cat (Timmy) passed away last year. Don't know if we'll ever get another one. He was part of the family.
  7. I couldn't find one ... I had my wife knit one. DIdn't turn out too bad actually. Even had her put a little pom on the top. Had a nice retro feel.
  8. Just amazed by some people ... dude is playing great golf - coming off a final round 64 and 3 straight runner ups ... he's getting ready to play one of the most important stretches of the PGA season, and some think he should switch putters. Just odd.
  9. Good thing you didn't get the shafts pured.
  10. Exactly ... it's the same putter that got him a 64 on Sunday "under pressure", including a 3 footer on the 72nd hole. Finau is playing great right now, 3 straight second places. Shouldn't change a thing. Keep doing what he's doing and prep for a great 2021.
  11. We cut the cord and I depend on antenna for live sports ... except due to circumstances, I can't get our local ABC. Not bad for golf, though.
  12. Or he doesn't keep shooting really low scores, posting top 5s, and making millions of dollars. There is that, too. Y'all realize this is a job, right? And Tony is really good at, ya know, making money at his job?
  13. White privilege ... they came out and moved his ball for him. What in the world do you think happen?
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