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  1. According the Ryder Cup thread Rory was washed up and a has been ... that post did NOT age well.
  2. How do you know he's prioritizing acting in commercials over playing golf? How much time do you think he's spending "acting in commercials"? At some point, time spent on golf is a diminishing return. You can't just pound balls 20 hours a day and see results ... well, not everybody can. It's not in their DNA. And I can't believe the commercials are taking a huge chunk of his time. But we don't KNOW, it's all conjencture.
  3. What's the maximum age for beginning to play golf? What's the maximum handicap for joining a club? Honestly, I can't imagine being stuck in a conversation with you.
  4. I'm not a doctor, but I've had tennis and golfer's elbow on both sides ... and I agree with this diagnosis.
  5. We have a local course that uses the 2-wheeled ClicGears as their rentals.
  6. That might be the worst analogy I've ever read. If you want to use a dining analogy ... The green fees is the meal - choosing to walk is like drinking water instead of ordering wine.
  7. I like to see the good ol' USA win ... but this was the worst Ryder Cup to watch. No drama.
  8. I meant before this Ryder Cup ... the question was asked about Zach being considered a leader. Did anybody consider Stricker a leader before this past weekend.
  9. Tie the final match of a Ryder Cup that had LONG since been decided.
  10. Was Stricker considered a leader? Honest question?
  11. What is the definition of ball striker? Is it the ability to hit one shot over and over, or all the shots? Moe had one shot ... and he could hit it like no other. Tiger had all the shots, and could hit them under pressure. Who is a better ball striker?
  12. Hunter's flub was in the deciding match of the Cup ... Fitzpatrick's match meant NOTHING ... can you guys seriously not see the difference?
  13. And Langer's actually meant something ... Fitzpatrick's was a meaningless match that literally NOBODY cared about. How would this possibly effect his career in any way?
  14. Stricker: I got a Berger ... You got a Weisberger ... nobody cares about either one ... let's put 'em at 12 and call it a draw. No one will know the difference. You know Harrington would take that.
  15. Tee to green, Hovland killed it today. Unfortunately, he couldn't make a putt. Which, in pro golf, means you suck.
  16. Dude ... captains can't pick the match ups. They make up a list and turn it in. They have no idea what the other captain's list look like. Again, learn the rules before you try telling the captains how to do their jobs. Read the rules. Ya know, learn some reading comprehension. And how to use commas.
  17. On the optimistic side ... 6 Euro players have scored points!
  18. Morikawa has played great ... but have you watched Rahm?
  19. You still have no clue how the Ryder Cup works. You should probably find out before posting how it should be done.
  20. Are they moving the Cup to odd years permanently now?
  21. First time for everything ... but it looks REALLY good for team USA.
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