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  1. Red headcover is sold. The original yellow one won't be sold separately. Thanks guys!
  2. The font on the Circle T Golos has always been different. This putter is 1000000% legit. Thanks for sharing, and thanks to luke1333 for pointing it out. I did not know this.
  3. I don't like being accused of selling counterfeits, but I appreciate your concern. As I described in my post, this is a prototype putter. The font may look different than a production model you're comparing it to. Take a look at this picture from Greg's original post I shared.
  4. Good morning all. I haven't posted here in quite some time. Not much of a golfer anymore for a number of reasons... Anyway, I have a really nice tour issue Scotty Cameron GoLo for sale. I bought this from a pro in Pinehurst a few years back, and it was my gamer. It is actually a prototype GoLo Matt Kuchar used prior to his Bettinardi deal. It was about 47" long when I got it. It is now 42" and counter balanced. Comes with original Circle T headcover (red one is sold). It never had a shaft band, and I didn't send it in for C.O.A. It would probably be worth a few hundred more, but it would also cost a few hundred to do so. Here is a link to an old thread about the putter. http://www.golfwrx.c...-cameron-belly/ Asking $1200 $1000, $800. No trades. Thanks guys!
  5. [quote name='TheBoomer ' timestamp='1391737457' post='8613011'] [quote name='Tom Gski' timestamp='1391725412' post='8611829'] That is absolutely gorgeous! But I'll keep my Odyssey PT Tour #9, it's looks great with my SuperStroke 3.0 Slim. [/quote] Huh ? [/quote] Hahaha... That has to be the most ridiculous BST comment I've seen yet!
  6. FYI. I paid for the Burner on Saturday. No shipping info yet, and he hasn't marked it sold.
  7. [quote name='tsupo' timestamp='1390921333' post='8550141']balde lovers wil love this set.[/quote]
  8. Is this an OEM or aftermarket build? What are the swingweights?
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