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  1. Betti sold, just Byron left. Seriously, this is a great Carbon Byron 612...
  2. > @4ever34 said: > That Byron is awesome. Very tempting. Seriously great feel, carbon with that milling is killer.
  3. > @Schlosser6 said: > How did you like the double wide? The 1w is super stable and the face is awesome, but shaft too long for me. Rather than try to cut it and pull up the shaft weight, just selling.
  4. Up for sale, a bit of my putter collection/trials. All in great shape, see pics. Let me know any questions, these are all great putters and ready to find their new home! Byron Morgan 612 Oil Can Carbon * 33 Inches * New Blue Gripmaster mid grip * 69* Lie Angle * small scratch in flange, and small pitting on top line (see in pics) * Tuna Mill #4 Face is PERFECT *NOW $350 shipped CONUS Bettinardi BB Series BB1 * Putter only 1 month old, ordered direct from Bettinardi * Only rolled once on outside putting green, never gamed. * 33 Inches * 69* Lie Angle, Standard L
  5. Up for your strokelabing pleasure, a custom ordered Strokelab #1. It has seen the putting green one time, and is as close to new as you can get. Custom ordered from Callaway (see Fitting sheet pic). I needed it to be about 1/2 inch shorter, but didn't want to cut away the grip, as that is part of the trick with these putters. * Strokelab #1 * 34" Length, 1* Flat * Strokelab 2019 grip * Ships in discrete original box ;) * Update-UPDATE $170 shipped CONUS
  6. Up for sale, very lightly used (1 Round) Custom ordered 2019 Stroke Lab #7s. All changes from factory. * 33.5 Inches * 2" Flat * Stock Stroke Lab Oversize Grip * Stock Headcover Putter is super clean, I can't find any blemishes, but it has been rolled for one round and on the putting green. Asking $200 CONUS via PayPal.
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