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  1. Up for sale are: 1 - Tour van built Titleist 4-6 CB 7-PW MB with Tour Issue X100. Heads are a little heavier than stock and has no serial number. New Tour velvet grips and standard loft, length and lie. Good condition, no browning on faces. 8 Iron has a ding on sole, please see pics. Price is $850; 2 - Titleist 620 CB 4-PW C Taper 125 Stiff +. It comes with GP NDMC. Good condition, no serious dings or uglies. No browning on faces and stickers are new uninstalled. Standard loft, lie and length. Price is $700; 3 - TM SIM UDI 2 Ventus Blue Velocore 90X. Standard specs. Normal wear, no uglies. Price $225; 4 - TM P790 UDI 2 C Taper Lite 115X. Normal wear, no uglies. Price $150; 5 - NS Pro 950GH Stiff 4-PW pulls. Grips are NDMC in good condition. 4i measures 37.25". Price $old. Price include shipping in con US. PM for questions and offers. Trade and low ballers will be ignored.
  2. Titleist Tsi2 8 head with original headcover. Brand new, never hit. Price is $450. PM for questions. Low ballers and trade offers will be ignored.
  3. Fuji Motore Speeder and Evolution. You can get it cheap and it performs.
  4. Up for sale is a Mizuno 919 Hot Metal Pro 4-9 and GW with DG AMT S300. PW is lost. 4-9 Tour Velvet, GW NDMC grips. Good condition, no serious dings, scratches or uglies. PM for questions. Fair offers are welcome but low ballers will be added to ignored users list.
  5. MP33, MP4, MP5 and currently playing 620CB. Each blade set played for several seasons, kept them because they're the best mizzy's in my opinion.
  6. 620CB is the most underrated club out there. I've played blades for 20yrs and switched. It performs the same with some forgiveness.
  7. I agree. I played 2 rounds with T100 and went back to 620CB. There was no clear advantage from one to another.
  8. TM SIM 2 9 head. It comes with headcover. Crown is perfect. Price $300 290, shipped to con US. I'll trade for a TSi2 9 or 8 head. PM for questions.
  9. Big fan of Mizuno but it looks awful...
  10. Many many times. BST saved me a lot of money.
  11. 1 - Up for sale is a Scotty Cameron Phantom 11.5. It measures 35” and comes with Super Stroke grip and headcover. Immaculate condition, little to no signs of use. Price include shipping in Con US. PM for questions. Low ballers and trade offers will be ignored. Thank you.
  12. 1 - Taylormade P790 3-PW PX 6.5 Iron Set. It comes GP grips and specs are standard. Super clean, very little bag chatter. Price $950 Price include shipping to con US. PM for questions. Trade offers and low ballers will be ignored.
  13. Almost did from a seller on craigslist until I noticed a R11 TM had no screw but a hosel to glue a shaft. My friend bought a fake Mizuno 921 Forged on EBay that it was almost a carbon copy but luckily my other friend had a set to compare side by side. No serial number and a detail or two were off. I saw a perfect fake Cameron Tour Rat and Vokeys my friend bought in China.
  14. Never played a TCB but when I sold my '21 T100 I had 3 trade offers for them. Pretty sure they perform well but I don't like their look.
  15. Up for sale is a Garmin Approach R10. Brand new, just received yesterday. Took it out of the box to check it out, updated to latest firmware and realized I don't really need it. Never been turned on, protective plastic still on. Price $750 shipped. PM for questions, low ballers and trade offers will be ignored.
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