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  1. Never had problems buying from reputable sellers, like quickshipgolf for example. My concern is not about being counterfeit but if it has extensions. I've bought 3 shafts with extensions that wasn't in the description. Thankfully returning them was easy and got full refund.
  2. Just get a Mizuno Hot Metal Pro. It will probably add 20yds+ flying higher.
  3. Up for sale are: 1 - Titleist TS4 9.5. Wear on face and sole but no skymarks. Light scratches on crown but not visible. No headcover. Price is $old; 2 - Odyssey 2 Ball Ten putter 35". It comes with Ping grip and original headcover. Super clean, saw the course once and that was more than enough top get rid of it. Price is $250; 3 - Garmin Vivoactive 3. It comes with charger cable. Great golf GPS, best bang for the buck for a lot of exercises or activities. I thought I lost one of them and purchased another unit. It magically reappeared in golf bag
  4. Played 15yrs with standard stuff. Went to a fitting and got clubs adjusted a bit, 1 upright and stiffer shafts. It didn't make a dent on my index or scores and honestly don't care anymore. I have friends who thinks a fitting will change their golf game and know teachers who advised moving lie angles 2 upright to help a slice. A bad swing is still a bad swing.
  5. I had the M2 but bought and prefer the plumber neck on 2020 model.
  6. Honestly I don't understand people who spends a ton of money in equipment and are cheap with balls. That's what you use the most. If you lose them often it's a different story but I use 2 boxes of Pro V1X a year on average and I play 80+ rounds. They feel and perform better for like a $1 a round.
  7. I've done it so many times, nothing to be embarrassed about. It got so bad I pm'ed a BST buyer from a XR16 Pro to ask if he could sell it back to me. Obviously he thought it was hilarious but luckily it didn't work out for him and I got it back.
  8. I still carry a 3 or 2 UDI iron. On good days they're used off the tee, gotta love a low burner, but mostly to chip out of the trees. I try to practice my long irons a lot when on the range, I assume if you hit a 4 iron well 5 and under becomes easier. To be honest, a 2 iron is a lot more versatile than a 3 hybrid and a lot of times longer if you nuke it. But the industry is changing, a Mizuno Hot Metal Pro 4 iron goes the same distance and a lot higher than UDI. I know it's a farce, just a rebadge, but the technology is there to make it easier.
  9. Golf courses in SoCal definitely got busier. Tee times are hard to find, specially with bots slowing the traffic when they open. There's always a line at the driving range now which is crazy since a year ago there was none.
  10. I always play horrible during winter, can't handle the cold weather specially early in the morning when grass still frosty. Every year is the same thing but I still enjoy it since I rather be playing than doing anything else.
  11. Never had it stolen but my friend lost his and only his carrying case was left in the cart. I just leave mine in the bag to be safe.
  12. Mizuno Hot Metal. Your worst shot will still fly 90% of the distance.
  13. Going back to super low bounce on my lob wedge. My short game was garbage and I tried every single bounce and grind out there and was always same crap. I always thought I had the yips for the past 5yrs but it definitely helped. Ironically my first wedge was a Wilson Harmonized Low Bounce also that I got from a sales bin at a sports store 30yrs ago and was forced to learn my short game from it. I had to do everything with only wedge, kinda crazy nowadays.
  14. Funny you mentioned, I had pain on my left hand when I played C Taper Lite X. Never thought it was related, I'm 48 now and new pains is something I'm getting used to unfortunately. Strange enough it went away when I switched back to DG. No pain with either X100 or S300.
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