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  1. My RTX4 58 is XLow and its leading edge is the sharpest I ever played.
  2. Site looks great, great job!! So glad follow feature is working now.
  3. I currently play MP18 MMC to "try" it out and they're not nearly as forgiving as 919 Hot Metal Pro's which are longer and have much better feel.
  4. P790 UDI. Off the tee and getting out the woods mostly. Surprisingly versatile, low chasers or high cuts are easy and my miss is not as bad as hybrids which go everywhere but straight.
  5. Up for sale are: 1 - Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder. Mint condition, no dings or marks. It comes with USB charger. Carrying case is from an older V3 model, somebody stole the original when it was attached to my bag. Luckily I always put inside my bag when not around.. Price is $old. 2 - Vokey SM7 52.08F 58.10S wedge set. Shafts are stock and grips Winn. Mint condition, very little wear in the grooves. Price is $old; 3 - TM Hi Toe 52.09 wedge, stock KBS Hi Rev shaft and grip MCC+4. Very little use, just a couple of rounds. Just not for me. Price is $80, Bigfoot sold. 4 - Garmin Fenix 5X. It comes
  6. Up for sale are: Cleveland RTX4 Raw 52.10 and 58.03 set. They come with S400 and GP 360 grip. Very little wear, i wrapped in wet towel to accelerate patina. Grooves are like new. Price is $140; Price include shipping in Con US. PM for questions. Trades only for MP-20 MMC. If I don't reply my answer is NO.
  7. Great irons, have them as backup after I went back to MP33 for fun. IMO they're not as soft as Z785 which is weird but are very forgiving and long for a blade.
  8. Srixon Z785. Incredible feel, distance and forgiveness,
  9. I don't know man, hard to beat the looks of 785 or Z and I seriously doubt they'll perform better.
  10. MP33 was my 2nd set of blades which I bought back in 2001. Found another cheap set on CG and played 2 back 9's. Same high ball flight and soft feel. I was surprised how it flew as long as my Srixon Z Forged. Supposedly there's a 3 degrees difference but distance was almost the same. Not sure what it is but put them back in the bag for good. I've tried many other sets with a lot of shaft combinations and I was amazed how an old classic like S300 still delivers.
  11. Titleist TS2, TS3 is pretty forgiving too, and G400 LST.
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