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  1. Up for sale is a Cobra SZ 9 driver head with original headcover. Extra weights included. Good condition, very light scratches. No skymarks or uglies. Price is $180 shipped to con US. PM for questions.
  2. I have a Fenix 6 for GPS, XE to laser and use Grint for stats and check friends score. None slowed me or my friend's pace of play. I love Grint or any other app that can track your stats. I used to mark everything on my scorecard and then move all info to a spreadsheet. Plus looking for sprinklers marks is no fun, I don't miss those days at all.
  3. I couldn't care less for what other people think. My blades look bad a** and I love it. Mind your irons covers and ball retrievers and leave me alone.
  4. Sent an email to Sebastian yesterday warning that I would dispute my charge. Coincidentally received a reply with DHL tracking for my heads. Hi! Your clubheads are shipped via DHL Express. Here tracking information https://track.aftership.com/trackings?tracking-numbers=3149369602&courier=dhl - Sebastian from Takomo
  5. DCI Black. That's when my game got a lot better.
  6. All blades are the same, little this or that but nothing really changes. Playing MP4 because they look awesome and waiting for Takomo to deliver my new heads.
  7. MP4 stock S300 175yds. It's my backup set, waiting shipment of Takomo heads.
  8. No more for me. I noticed I don't used 54 or 56 if I have a 58 or 60 and results are not as good. I'm an old timer, when I started I only carried one old Wilson Harmonized from a discount bin. I wouldn't mind adding a 62 or 64 for flops but I prefer to leave a space for 2 or 3 iron. Played 52/58 for a few years but 50/56 has been better this year.
  9. Up for sale is a Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 2 35". It comes with original headcover and Matador grip. Mint, no dings or marks. Very light scratches on sole if any. Price is $325. PM for questions. Low ballers and trade offers will be ignored.
  10. Up for sale is a TM SIM 2 9 Head only. Super clean, light scratches if any. No uglies or skymarks. PM for more info. No trades.
  11. golfjam

    TSi3 or TSi2

    I tried both and a TSi4. Distance wise they're both identical but TSi2 is ridiculously straight. Can't imagine G425 Max being any easier. However Fairways hit was the same on both drivers. Feel is better in all three of them but I don't think it's worth the upgrade from TS series. Sold all of them and kept my TS4.
  12. Like titles says, cheap Titleist TSi2 9 Head. Previous owner dropped it and scratches here and there. Its not bad, most of scratches are in the sole and face, please see pics. PM for questions. Low ballers and trade offers will be ignored. No available
  13. FS: 1 - Odyssey 2 Ball Ten putter 35" Double Bend Putter. It comes with Super Stroke Grip and original headcover. Mint, no dings or uglies. $225; 2 - Titleist Vokey SM8 Tour Chrome 58.12 Lob Wedge D Grind. It comes with stock Wedge shaft and grip. Good condition, almost no wear on face. ; 3 - Titleist Vokey SM8 Tour Chrome 54.12 Sand Wedge D Grind. It comes with stock Wedge shaft and grip. Good condition, almost no wear on face. $90; 4 - Titleist Vokey SM7 Golf Wedge 58.4 L Grind Lob Wedge Tour Chrome. I
  14. I started with persimmon drivers when Big Bertha just being released. I'm used to smaller heads and prefer the looks of them. One of the best drivers of all time for me was 905S. Played G400 LST for a couple of years but I always go back to Titleist. Currently playing TS4 and happy with it.
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