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  1. The sectional stiffness charts are developed with a combination of factors including butt flex, tip flex, etc. No more comparisons! haha, Go get fit
  2. good to know, appreciate the feedback Lots of CB needs for ping it seems! Also, you're very welcome! Based on our specs they are 5 SW points apart with the VENTUS being less counterbalanced, which is not very close. do you think this longer length trend will be around for awhile?
  3. Great to see this conversation going guys! We love it when the community is super engaged about Fuji products and Tour usage! So we thank you for that. We noticed a few things along the way that we could address as hopefully it helps clarify things. We don’t want to get too in the weeds with some of these posts as there is definitely some misinformation here and there. So as a friendly reminder – we build golf shafts with the intent of them being custom fit and built by our dealers for golfers. So our product marketing is primarily geared towards our dealers. Additionally, everythi
  4. interested in community feedback - do you guys see a need for one? If so what would you look to get out of it performance wise? Would you be going longer length?
  5. unfortunately no. Our studio is for R&D and testing.
  6. Ventura?! Was a Tour Only prototype with a handful introduced in spring 2019, still some floating around on the trailers. You guys will be the first to know if we bring something similar to retail!
  7. We do not, nor would we be able to share build specs on here sorry. Also you guys with this "purple" concept....
  8. D2-D3 recommended, and/or if you can match the SW to your set then do that!
  9. Please trust us, it is a VENTUS Black 6-X. He is experimenting with longer length in the VENTUS compared to the speeder. negative
  10. the 'ol tipping topic! Always tough for us...in a heavenwood you probably don't want a low bullet knuckle machine, but something you can hit into greens so don't go crazy with tipping. VENTUS is already quite tip stiff and low spin out of the gates - especially a black 8X
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