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  1. nope. VB 8X. He used to play the Rombax P95 in 3w (you guys know this already) which the Ventus Red 9-X is closest to in EI profile. So seeing an 8X black speaks to the performance of VENTUS in lighter weights and likely pairs well with his driver feel. It surprised us even to see that one go in, but great to see he is liking it so far. Speculating that it is something else is a knock to our integrity If you have hit a VENTUS then you should know that there's no need to pull that old stunt.
  2. Love to hear this!! Thank you for sharing your review and we're very happy it works well for you. Awesome!
  3. All ventus graphics should have that "cross hatch" subtle texture under the decal. where did you buy this new ventus from online? was it raw/uncut/unbuilt? PM me a photo please
  4. Unfortunately we do not have much experience to speak about them, sorry. We do not stock Diamond iron shafts at our Carlsbad HQ, they are produced by our Japan team and we can special order them. We opted to not offer those in the US market. If you're interested I would suggest reaching out to your local charter dealer (link in my sig) and they can inquire with their sales rep here at our office and we can get them/you more information as needed.
  5. Wow, impressive results and we appreciate the kind words! so glad it is working exceptionally for you!
  6. shaft lifespan is very short, we encourage you to replace them every 6-12 months. kidding!
  7. Hi guys - tipping recommendations are something we leave up to our network of charter dealer club fitters based on launch monitor #s and conversations with you/their customers. We aren't able to accurately make any recommendations to the GolfWRX community without full swing & ball flight information, video, etc. etc., thank you for understanding.
  8. yes, this. any of our dealers has the experience to build them for taper tip
  9. Check out our PRO iron shaft line: https://fujikuragolf.com/irons/pro-iron They feature HDCC technology for vibration dampening and proper swingweights at steel length
  10. appreciate the love and support! We do not have a 5-TX available but any of our dealers can sell you a black 5-X. We recently made them widely available through our dealer network. You could tip it 1" if you felt it was going to be too soft or needed less spin. Specs are on our site: https://fujikuragolf.com/woods/ventus - hope that helps!
  11. Anyone tried a Ventus (any color) in R flex as comparison? We have noticed a few of you posting higher club & ball speed #s mentioned here when compared to ventus X flexes...but isn't the whole shtick with the AutoFlex that it's very soft in flex? Softer flex should lead to increased clubhead acceleration (and less control)? Just curious if anyone has compared.
  12. VENTUS is produced at our wholly-owned factory in Vietnam. We have two factories, one in Japan and one in Vietnam.
  13. VENTUS Blue 6-S would be a good option
  14. its special order only at the moment, but yes any dealer of ours can get it for you if they call us - even despite it not being on website.
  15. Hi Guys - the specs of the 6TX are now on our site for comparison: https://fujikuragolf.com/woods/ventus It was made for Tour in 2020 originally, not specifically for Phil. Also, it's not just a 6X tipped 2" - you guys should know we engineer our shafts with more effort and care than that!
  16. Johnny Wunder at Callaway would be your guy for that info!
  17. if you like the motore speeder, try VENTUS Red. softer tip than blue and black, great for fairway woods (and drivers for some players of course).
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