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  1. Are you in Austin? I'd be interested in coming to take a look at them if you are.
  2. My current driver is coming up on 5 years old and covered in dents. Would love to give this a try. Thanks for the chance.
  3. I've never played with a Miura wedge but would love to see how they are. Thanks for the opportunity.
  4. Count me in. My current putter is all rusted and ugly. Thanks for the chance.
  5. I bought a set of these irons a few weeks ago. They're probably too much of a players iron for me but I wanted to make a change and figured I might was well learn to play a set of irons like this rather than play more game improvement irons and have to adjust later. The first couple of rounds I played with them were rough as I was hitting them like I was hitting my old irons and the results were much less consistent, but I have progressively gotten better with these. The biggest change was adapting to the lack of offset that I was used to hitting with, but as I have been hitting these more
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