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  1. Monte hits ?z from his knees ! ‘Nuff said.
  2. Make a simple decision...play golf, or play music. It is banned where I play.
  3. The standard prizm for me does not protect my eyes enough on sunny days. Which prizm lens is best for golf on sunny days...Black ? or Dark Golf ? also.. Do we want POLARIZED for golf ? Thanks
  4. I prefer that to some clowns who can't shut up and yap about NOTHING for 18 holes.
  5. What are the handicap ranges for those of you using the T100's and T100s's ? Thanks
  6. TXG guys say the T-100S's are fade biased ?????
  7. Anyone get injured doing the SSG protocol? I am concerned with injury chasing a few more yards.
  8. Played in a charity outing with some NFL players. Browning Nagle was in our foursome and was pissed off that nobody knew who he was. LT showed up late, missed all of the golf, avoided everyone at the cocktail party and dinner, collected his appearance money, and left.
  9. I used to play with a guy who EVERYONE likes off the course...but eventually NOBODY wants to play with him because he becomes a total psycho when he golfs. It surprises me how golf brings out SO MUCH ODD BEHAVIOR in some people. Some otherwise "normal" people go into another place out on the golf course...and quickly show how weird they are.
  10. Yup...even on private courses. No respect for the game, other players, or the course in a lot of cases.
  11. Nailed_It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. drccott- how do these two compare overall in playability/forgiveness ? Thanks
  13. Anyone have/use the Club Sensor technology bundle with these to track your shots ?
  14. I have owned a bunch of both models for years. The Adidas are more comfortable on my feet by far. They are broken-in out of the box, while the FJ's take a little break-in period to soften up. The Adidas are a bit wider...the FJ's a bit too narrow for my foot...but the FJ rep at my club told me that the new 2020 models (I haven't tried yet) had the toe box shaped a bit wider/more rounded. Overall, I like both, but my feet are always a bit sore after walking 18 in the FJ's versus not at all after walking 18 in the Adidas. As for size...I'm a 12.5 M in the Adidas, and a 12 M in the FJs.
  15. Who brings a dog out golfing in a foursome ? a total psycho
  16. Is the Fujikura Pro60 a decent shaft ? I have yet to hit my 2016 M2. Thanks
  17. That guy who bitches about every shot, brings the rest of the foursome down with his anger the whole round, but refuses to take a lesson. "I know what to do, I don't need a lesson."
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