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  1. I ordered new Irons recently (Srixon zx7) and ordered what I thought to be the same Project X 6.0 shaft as my previous set of 09 callaway x forged, which turned out to be a Project X 6.0 flighted. In my first few rounds i noticed a much lower flight on long irons and higher on short irons as well as a very soft ball flight but exceeding my old clubs distance numbers do to an extra degree or two of loft. Up until now I was not aware of the difference between the two. In doing some research I found that the flighted version can play softer and leads me to the only concern I have with the new clubs. Although im getting more distance is softer trajectory a sign that the new shaft is too stiff for me or just a feature of a higher end forged club?
  2. M6 Right now I have a SIM2 max and an M6 and I always go back to the m6. Its sounds is way better and way more versatile as I can play any shot the hole requires. The sim2 max is equally as long I just dont have the all the shots with it. Especially if I need to tee one down and hit it low to find the fairway or in a crosswind
  3. Played my first round with the ZX7's, couldn't believe how much higher I hit them compared to my old set of 2009 Callaway X forged. Both have the same Project X 6.0 shaft Unlike some posters feedback I do not find them to be low spinning irons at all. So far they're a great set and look amazing
  4. I just inquired about my order which was placed from Srixon directly last week. I ordered zx7 lh 4-pw with projectx 6.0 They are on back order for the project x in pw only so they are shipping the 4-9 now and will get the pw in the end of October.
  5. Just ordered a set of Zx7 with project x 6.0. I have had my callaway x forged 2009s for close to 10 yers now and they bit the dust. Should arrive in a few weeks and cant wait to get em! FYI to any Canadians. Srixons website added a feature that allows you to custom order most shafts at no additional cost. Which is something they added recently and easier than going through golftown https://srixon.ca/collections/custom-shop/products/custom-zx7-irons
  6. The shaft on the sim 2 max is Fujo Ventus 5-5 M6: Fuji Atoms 5-5 Head weight on the sim max feels noticably heavier swapping heads/shafts had not occurred to me but worth a shot
  7. I recently filled a warranty claim Taylor Made for my M6 and was sent a Sim 2 max as the graphite on heel was starting to peel however the driver is still usable I received the Sim2 Max yesterday and took both to the course. Both Drivers have neutral settings 9 degress loft, stiff stock shafts While the carry distance between the two drivers in almost identical the trajectory differences are massive. The course was soft, given the difference in trajectory I believe the M6 would be much longer in firmer conditions The m6 has a low boring flight and usually produces a slight fade that is easy to control The sim2 max produces a higher ball flight that I would best describe as "knuckley" and produces a significant fade, boderline slice. Which I found surprising as i was expecting the Sim 2 to be more draw biased based off some reviews that the weight placement is different than the standard Sim2. Any recommendations I should do to the settings on the Sim 2 max to get rid of the spinny flight, such as lower the loft or make the club more flat? for whats it worth my swing is a bit outside to in (swing can be seen below) and carry distance is usually around 265-270. Not sure on spin numbers or swing speed as I have never tested. IMG_0193 (6).MOV
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