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  1. Where does "having it your way" end? Is it just for golf? Is is only OK to play with no shirt or shoes at a goat-ranch golf course or do you do it everywhere? Is it OK to "have it your way" when driving? I see plenty of people roll through stop signs or pass on a single line with people driving in the opposite direction. What about speed limits - just a reference point? Have it your way - thanks, Burger King.
  2. I decided to focus on carrying only 12 clubs instead of 14. Driver = 10.5* 4W = 17.5* 7W = 21* 5I = 25* Dropped LW and got a PING Eye2 Gorge XG SW (56*) - very versatile for me.
  3. I'm not sure you're missing anything. Maybe you should be overjoyed that you've found your own personal "Holy Grail" of irons.
  4. If you are only looking for more distance, you may notice a difference if you try a set of Ping IE-1's.
  5. I posted this in the Terrell Hatton thread, but it seems more appropriate here. This was the first time I got clubs stuck up a tree (NOT IN TEMPER) trying to get my ball down. See ball under grip in yellow circle, clubs in red circles....
  6. OP - you've got a great set of sticks now, especially if they fit you. G30's are a great shape, performance and finish. They are the modern Ping Eye 2.
  7. I wish that the Olympics were for amateurs only in all the sports possible. We have enough events for professionals, especially in golf, and those events are becoming less and less special. And, they want to add a 5th major?
  8. I remember John Hoeflich being their club designer. He also was involved with Tommy Armour 845's, Titleist DCI's, TaylorMade RAC, Nickent and several very famous iron models. A search related to him may help you find out more.
  9. Where does science end and OCD begin? I remember back when Chip Beck was still playing on tour and was having a problem with slow play. He considered jogging from shot to shot to allow more time figuring out whatever he needed. It didn't help.
  10. One of my favorite books is "Gettin' To The Dance Floor" by Al Barkow. It is a quick read with single chapters on many golfers who weren't famous enough for an entire book. Definitely takes me back in time.
  11. With Titleist, you can also add balls, gloves, putters, shoes (FJ) and clothes (FJ).
  12. A good drinking game is to have one every time they say "there".... "Good shot, there." "Chipped it under the trees, there." "Low round of the day, there." "Difficult putt, there." "A little fat, there." Etc., there.
  13. It's been a while since I had a blade-like set in my bag, but recently, I decided to get a set of PING Blueprint irons. Last Summer, I had S55's and enjoyed the heck out of them, but so far the Blueprints are as much fun or more. I love the look, the sound and the flight of the ball. It's funny, but they looked small behind the ball for the first few shots. After four rounds, I'm used to their look and feel.
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