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  1. During the Wuhan Flu, my wife and I played 6 days/week and averaged 3 hours/round. Our membership included cart fees, so we played as much as we could. Golf also provided us with something to do during a very boring and crazy time. I think in normal times, 4 times a week would be enough to keep the game sharp without wearing out my back & knees.
  2. Seems like many of us (OF's) still have a comparable 7 iron distance to our younger days. The big loss seems to be on our driving distance. There's got to be a muscular, scientific or equipment reason for that.
  3. My G410 driver shaft tip ferrule is just starting to walk. I figured it was from the heat in my trunk loosening the glue. I talked to PING CS yesterday and the guy said it would not affect the performance of anything, but I could send it back for repair if I wanted. Not sure what I will do yet.
  4. Hard to forget mentioning Jim Furyk as a top ball-striker. Won $71 million, 27 tournaments, 1 major, 1 FedEx Cup and two sub-60 rounds. He'd definitely doesn't get it done with his prodigious distance.
  5. Have you tried hitting it in the "upright" setting?
  6. Currently, I'm going between a set of PING g25's (stock steel stiff) and s55's (SteelFiber 95 stiff). This week I shot 75 with each set in the bag. GIR's were about the same. I will admit that I feel better when hitting the S55 8,9 or W into a green, and I feel better when hitting the G25 6 or 5 iron into a green. I'm comfortable hitting the 7 iron or either set. My conclusion (age 65 and playing 6500 yds.) is that I should take the best of each set and make a combo set. I used to have a Combo set of Callaway Apex CF16/Apex Pro's, so I may end up going
  7. Tour Edge has always had several lines of equipment - players, game-improvement and inexpensive - all are very good. Back in the day, guys on this site use to rave about the drivers, fw's and hybrids, especially the Exotic stuff. It's only recently that they've started a TV Ad campaign, which I hope will help them to be more successful.
  8. dbleag


    Is he as strong as you? If not, give him the set with the lightest shafts. Of those three models, I'd say that the g20's are the most forgiving.
  9. HWT - If you haven't tried them yet, I think you'll be surprised how easy the 4 & 5 irons are to hit in the S55 model.
  10. Still enjoying mine. Picked up a second set in steel shafts to go along with my set with Steelfiber shafts. They perform well and are not wearing much at all. Super solid.
  11. Crowds/galleries are over-rated. The Harding Park property was not as destroyed as expected when they signed up to hold the tournament. The PGA of America is offering massive discounts on merchandise not sold on site. The number of spectators "beaned" by offline shots was greatly reduced. Players shots ruined by loud drunks was greatly reduced.
  12. I tried both Modus 105 and DG 105, and preferred the overall performance of the DG105 - had them in a set of PING i500's - didn't care for the heads, but loved the feel, trajectory and consistency of the shafts. Currently having a set of PING S55's re-shafted with the DG 105's.
  13. I got Medium for both.
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