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  1. Hunter is copying the S. Appleby and Iggy Pop look
  2. I agree - no matter what we think of Stewy's look, his wife must like it to approve it for TV
  3. When I saw your thread, I thought it said "Payne Stewart Dead at 64". Years ago, I met Payne at Big Red's Roundup at Double Eagle Club in Galena, OH. He was one of ten Toyota sponsored PGA Tour Pro's who came to be sprinkled in the field of amateurs every year. Their job was to help everyone have a fun and memorable day. At the event, there was a band outside near the chipping green that played through the entire round. The 1st, 9th and 10th tees were nearby, so everyone had to pass by several times. The band was good at knowing songs appropriate to the players. Ev
  4. I enjoy the Euro commentators and their golf product much better. They show more players and talk less.
  5. Doesn't Tiger use a drill where he uses tees to stop his putter head at impact?
  6. The lengths of the g25 suit me perfectly. The look of the short irons is nice also. A lot to love.
  7. Anybody going from G25 irons to G425's? I'm getting the itch to switch...
  8. A few days ago I looked at my "Recent Purchases" on eBay and was shocked that there were clubs on there that I didn't remember using. Plus, there were several sets of the same thing there. My name is dbleag and I have a problem. When I play well, there is no way I would switch or replace a single club in my bag. When I lay a turd on the scorecard, I have to change equipment so I can blame it on something other than me. I promise to do better in 2021.
  9. I think it was the Arnie Palmer, Chi-Chi and Gay Brewer match in Puerto Rico where Jimmy Demaret said (on #1 - downhill/downwind) that the guys might hit some 400 yard drives that day.
  10. Hdstead - did you change the length of your putter when you changed your posture? Does your stroke feel more "handsy"?
  11. Are the G400 and G410 shaft tips the same?
  12. Back in the old days, companies tried to introduce their new lines at the Winter PGA Show in Orlando. I think 2021's show is going to be virtual, so maybe we'll see them then.....
  13. Has anyone heard if Callaway will be coming out with an updated set of Combo irons like they did with the Apex Pro (8,9,P,A) and Apex (7,6,5,4,3)? The former Combo set of Apex 19's can't be ordered anymore.
  14. I got to play with a famous putter maker a few years ago. I (5'9") was using a 32-33" putter and he told me I needed a longer putter. I always liked shorter putters with my arms hanging under my shoulder sockets, but they always felt too light. His advice left with a dilemma.
  15. Sometimes WInn, JumboMax and other similar synthetic grips are hard to get on. I usually put them out in the sun to warm up before installing them. If not a warm day, I will throw them in the microwave one at a time for 5-7 seconds 2 or 3 times to get them lightly warm to be bendable. Then they go on very easily. Be careful not to overheat them in the micro though - they will melt.
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