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  1. I wish the Ultralites weren't more expensive....
  2. Barf & Nels - what do you guys prefer about the Ultralites over the Tour - strictly weight difference?
  3. Anyone still using JumboMax grips? I have JumboMax Tours (XS) on my set right now. I go from loving them to hating them, or some variation in between. I do like the shock absorption benefit When I switch back to Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus4 mid-size, they feel really skinny.
  4. We should encourage OEM's to change from the traditional numbers on the bottom of the club (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,P,G,S,L) to the actual loft numbers. That way, the marketing claims of increased distance in new products from technological advances could be more substantially proven. It's been mentioned for years on this site.
  5. There are "(A) playing for score" rounds and there are " (B) playing for course knowledge and/or shot-making testing". There is a need for doing some of each. (B) helps make you better at (A).
  6. I always liked Lanny because he was the aggressive player on tour as I was growing up. However, my wife thinks he looks like Peter Griffin without the glasses......
  7. Maybe look at it this way - it's the best break that ..... .....he gets FREE SHIRTS
  8. Slow everything down. Take slow practice swings with eyes closed. Make sure no playing partners are close by when doing this. Attempt to eliminate mechanical thoughts and focus on slow speed with balanced finish. Keep an extra ball in your back pocket.
  9. I remember reading that after hitting the flag several times, Ben Hogan felt that if you're good enough to hit the flag, be smart enough to aim 6 inches right or left of it.
  10. It's always a smack in the head whenever I play with/against someone who plays really well with a mish-mosh set of equipment that I would never use. Sometimes, I feel like doing a George Costanza "everything opposite of my natural instinct" and assembling a bag with all the brands/clubs that make me want to puke, and see how I do with them. However, I'm afraid I might score better and would feel stupid if I didn't keep using them.
  11. Yeah, I don't understand the name, especially after following the i-25's. Why weren't they i-30's?
  12. Having 14 clubs is over-rated. I like to keep my choices simple and my bag light, so 12 clubs is enough for me. Woods: Tee club, distance club for fairway (16-18*) and height club (20-22*) = 3 clubs Irons/hybrids: #5-9 = 5 clubs Wedges: 45/50/55* = 3 clubs Putter = 1 club Total = 12 clubs
  13. You forgot to mention John Catlin who was doing well today until a bogey on #18.
  14. Lexi comes from a family of big hitters, not good putters, so it's obvious where she excels. I think it's time for her to call Steve Stricker - he has helped many dudes on tour, but I don't know if he's worked with any LPGA'ers. I don't like the way her arms hang at address - looks too much like she's hitting an iron shot when she's putting. Maybe the Stricker "arched left wrist" setup will give her a more stable putting action. He could help her with chipping while he's at it. With even a modest-quality putting and short game, she win many times per year.
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