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  1. I have the Brooklyn bridge to sell for the buyer of that towel...Totally nuts!
  2. It is a separate issue you can buy or read electronically as a subscriber. That is what I did.
  3. My first real full set were the OG King Cobras. I loved those clubs and still have them sitting in my basement. I believe they were $699 Canadian when I bought them.
  4. How does it compare carrying? My SM is not holding up too well.
  5. No kidding - I play the MoCo County courses and I was talking to a pro who said that they can fill every single tee time slot available. Part of it of course is also the spacing - down to 10-12 minute gaps rather than 8 minutes pre-COVID.
  6. I am curious what you find out. I was playing a local MoCo muni with someone who knows a member at Potomac and he said that during COVID it has been hard to get tee times.
  7. That is really awesome - I wish I had the backyard for it!
  8. Totally agree - I use head covers and never keep anyone waiting!
  9. How are these bags for carrying? I am intrigued as my Sun Mountain ripped by the lined pouch.
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