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  1. I carry 14 clubs. Except for the putter all are graphite shafted. The trip is to keep the junk in the bag down. Once I realized how heavy balls are I stopped carrying so many. I prefer carrying and talking.
  2. Just be sure to get fit a shaft as others have said can make a lot of difference.
  3. Sub70:has some forged wedges too. I love my Hogan wedges.
  4. I love mine. The blade length is short. When you get used to it, they are great.
  5. I second the sentiment. The wedges are awesome. I love my 54 and 60::
  6. Graphite shafts are awesome. I have aerotech steel fibers. great shaft.
  7. i have a second gen Ram zebra putter that I bought in the mid 1990s. I also carry an original Great Big Bertha 5 wood.
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