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  1. I ordered a T200 5i and T100s 6-p with PX 6.5 on 9/2. I had been told late October as well for the shafts. I Got an update last week that the 5 iron is coming Friday, no word on the rest. Must have had a spare 5i shaft laying around but not the rest lol.
  2. I recently had a Titleist fitting and tried both of these irons. As expected after doing my research I was in fact the target market of the T100S irons. I tend to launch too high and spin a bit too much with my irons and the T100S brought launch down several degrees and spin down 400rpm. Was still spinning the 7i at 7100, carrying over 170. Both 100 and 100S felt the same to me so no big difference in feel. But the 100S launched lower and flatter I think but similar in peak height for me. Ordered a t200 5 iron, and 6-PW t100s. I have a 48* vokey bent to 49 with the same shaft that should pair well, then a 54* and a 60*.
  3. I knew it wouldn't be speedy when I ordered, but sounds like its going to be a while. Ordered a T-200 5I and T-100S with PX 6.5 too. Also a TSi2 hybrid. Ordered the irons and hybrid seperate, who is going to win the race?
  4. There goes the "tour issue" upcharges for everyone on the BST if DJ puts a used head from retail in play tomorrow lol.
  5. How in the hell does DJ not have a back up driver on the tour truck? Did they use up all of his locker space on spare putters?
  6. I just picked up a TSI2 after playing the TS3 for years. I only have a range session with it so far side by side but it was way easier and more consistent than my TS3. Distance was similar on both but TSI2 was just so easy to hit straight down the "fairway" on the range. We will see this weekend, but right now I feel like it will stay for sure. Where I am playing is right next to a nice store with an outdoor range so maybe I can compare a TSI3 just to be sure.
  7. Digging this old thread up. I had this same issue with an aftermarket weight that actually got bent inside the head. Got it out and went back to the standard one and fast forward a while. I think the rubber bit was slightly off since I recall having trouble putting the magnet cap on it. Well I set it in draw and wanted to change it later and it was totally stuck. Went the WD40 route and it did not come out right away so I gave up on it and played it as is. Then just bought a TSI2 to replace and looked at the old TS3 again, took the weight screw off and the weight slid out fine. The WD40 ate all the rubber on the weight and ruined it. Don't use WD40 unless you have an extra weight I guess, it will eat the rubber on it.
  8. Only one person seems to be getting emotional here. You trolled a guy for calling out some vile comments, then you trolled me for asking people not to dehumanize others based on their job. If that is not true please tell me, what was your intention in saying he felt attacked? It sounds like to me that you can't understand that we could have empathy for another human without having the exact same lived experience. I also didn't say you were less of a man, just asked you to be better.
  9. I think this was my exact start as well. Had the Hogan, then got a Burner as a hand me down from my uncle. Loved the Burner hated the Hogan
  10. Yeah heaven forbid he sees another human being as a person and values their input. The poster he was quoting was trying to dehumanize and slander caddies. They are people trying to make a living, have some decency not to reduce them to just a tool that can measure some yardage and gauge the wind.
  11. I have held on to them so long thinking I might play them again. I loved them for a while.
  12. All prices are OBO, add $5 west of mississippi for shipping. Ask about a bundle for a discount. let me know if you want more pics of anything. Titleist 913 D3 9.5 Driver Diamana D+ 72x5ct X flex 45"playing length. $90 any shaft or please bundle make an offer. Titleist adapter shafts - Diamana S+ 70x5ct X flex 44" playing length $60 - Hzrdus Smoke Black 60g 6.0 44.75" playing length $75 Titleist 913F 15* Diamana D+ 72x5ct X flex $80 Tour Edge Exotics CB3 Tour 3w 15* Talamonti PD-80 S flex $70 Adams Idea Pro Black CB1 forged irons 4-GW Project X flighted 6.0 4-7 1* upright 8-GW 1* flat if I recall correctly. 5 iron is just the head, I put the shaft in another iron I am currently using but could potentially send along if necessary. $150 Taylormade P760 4 iron DG 120 X100 shaft standard specs. $80 SM7 50* 12F wedge Project X LZ 6.0 1/4" long 1* flat $85 SM6 54* 08M Raw wedge KBS tour X wedge 1* flat $60 SM6 60* 08M Stripped Jet Black finish stock shaft $60
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