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  1. [quote name='mikeyk82' timestamp='1376587594' post='7682262'] Hi, would you take $375? [/quote] I responded to your PM.
  2. [quote name='Coluejack' timestamp='1376444265' post='7671952'] Any interest in selling the shafts separately? [/quote] I'd like to keep them together if possible, but I'll let you know if I change my mind. Cheers
  3. Oops, thanks for the heads up! Posting has been fixed. Cheers
  4. I've decided to let these Mizzys go... specs are below. Please send me a PM if you have any questions or an offer. I'd like to just sell the irons, but would also be interested in a trade for a Newport style putter with no sight line. Mizuno MP63 3-PW Standard Loft/Length/Lie/SW Grips: GP Tour Velvet BCT Cord White (Logo Down) Shafts: KBS C-taper S+ Condition: They are in great overall shape. The grooves are excellent and have a ton of life left. There is some minor bag chatter on most of the irons, and a very small blemish on the 6 iron face out towards the toe - it can be seen in the pictu
  5. 1. SOLD -- COBRA S3 Pro 3-PW (CB: 3-6, MB: 7-PW) Shafts: DG S300 Grips: Tour Velvets Lofts/Lies/Lengths: Standard Condition: I used these for about half of one season... They are in overall good condition with no major dings. They have some minor dings and scratches with some bag chatter. See pictures below. Price: SOLD
  6. 4-PW Blue Dot, 4-5 +2deg strong, 6 +1deg strong, +1/4" KBS Tour X, D3 swingweight Ordered April 14, received today (April 25) - quicker than expected. Ordered from a Western Canada Golftown.
  7. Thank you all for your insight. Definitely a few suggestions here to digest. This is a swing that was built solely from feel over the years - I think it's time to focus on a couple of the mechanics you spoke of above. Haha as for the hat, can you blame a guy for wearing a toque - that's what we call em up here - over his ball cap when the range sessions are being interrupted by snow flurries?
  8. Any advice/comments would be greatly appreciatedAny comments on my swing would be greatly appreciated! A bit about me: I finished last season at a 2hc, and I enjoy working the ball both ways. My miss is a block (high push fade off the planet). I feel that the main contributor to my higher than par rounds are the couple of wayward shots I would have during that round. I play a 44.25" driver, and am able to achieve more than adequate distance with it - consistency is key for me moving forward. The swings below produced small draws. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvdqIPpo2vQ&feature=youtu
  9. Well that didn't last long... Just had my new Milled Anser 4 out at the putting green along with my NP2. Back in the day I had a G2 Anser 4 and had some of the best putting days that I can remember. For some reason (the ho in me of course) I got rid of it and switched to plumber neck style putters. So when I heard that this new Anser line was going to have a #4, I was looking forward to picking one up and expecting to get the results of old... not so much. I think I turned myself into a plumber neck guy. My NP2 just feels so much more comfortable on the green, and I've been having som
  10. [quote name='Minty7890' timestamp='1313091616' post='3474531'] [quote name='davy9' timestamp='1313091260' post='3474501'] A bit softer, but by no means mushy. [/quote] Similar to the Studio Select NP2 or firmer? Thanks again. [/quote] The Anser is bit softer. That is the putter that the Anser is kicking out of my bag.
  11. Just picked up an Anser 4. I loved the way the 6 set up, though I was rolling it so much better with the 4. It is definitely a beautiful putter. Also grabbed an iPing cradle. Just started playing with it - pretty cool.
  12. Regarding trades... I'm not looking to trade unless someone has a 910D3 that they are willing to part with. Thanks
  13. I have decided to part with my BB5. I bought it new from Jimmy at BettinardiLTD.com May 2010. I have gamed it, but taken good care of it, including oiling on a regular bases. The putter shows some wear but nothing major. I am including two headcovers in the sale - see pictures. Specs: Length: 35 Lie: 68.5 Loft: 3 Headweight: ~345 Grip: Bettinardi Iomic Midsize Price: $400 Shipped
  14. My gamer BB5 Oil Can. [attachment=609511:P1000808 (Medium).JPG] [attachment=609525:P1000809 (Medium).JPG]
  15. 695CBs SoldWEDGES FOR SALE (CG12 RTG in Pictures SOLD): 1) Cleveland CG14 60' Std Bounce, Black Nickel (Very good condition - used 4 rounds, grooves sharp, grip cracking slightly) - $75 3) Titleist Vokey 254.10 Oil Can (Good condition - used 15 rounds, grooves sharp) - $65 CG14 Face: Vokey Face:
  16. Sorry, not too interested in trades at the moment, but feel free to PM me with any offers. You never know...
  17. One of a kind!I've decided to sell my DASS Bettinardi BB-34. I bought it new straight from bettinardiltd.com a few months ago and have never used it outdoors. I have rolled a few putts with it on my carpet but it looks just as good as the day it arrived. It can be seen in the Bettinardi Registry HERE. I had them do some adjustments at the studio before they sent it to me so the specs aren't quite accurate in the registry. Specs: Length: 34.5" Lie: 68 Deg Loft: 3 Deg Headweight: 345g Grip: Midsize Iomic Black Headcover: Studio B Red Price: SOLD Thanks, Jake
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