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  1. I too had surgery - right bicep tenodesis and shoulder scope. I was back to putting on week 5, chipping week 6, and full swing around 8 weeks. I played my first round back after 9 weeks, and was back to hitting my yardages by week 12. Swinging never caused any pain fortunately. I made sure I did all of my therapy, stretches, and exercises starting on day 2 after surgery. It hurt like hell but I had a trip to Bandon Dunes planned 15 weeks from surgery date and I wasn’t going to miss it! My advice is do ALL of your therapy and exercises even though it will be painful. When you think
  2. According to the GolfWRX WITB shows Odyssey 56 pistol grip. Hope that helps!
  3. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here (of course always lurking), but I wanted to hop on and give a shout-out to the Seemore team. I had been searching for a seemore z3c for years, but couldn’t find one in good condition. I finally decided to reach out directly to Seemore to see if they could help me out. Jim responded to me in less that 10 minutes assuring me they could help out. Within the hour, Brandon emailed me letting me know he had to models he could build up for me. He had a black cerakote finished tour limited model that was exactly what I was looking for and even let me choose
  4. 1. City, State: Provo, UT 2. Handicap? 1 3. Current putter? TM Spider Tour Black 4. What Bettinardi Studio Stock putter do you want to test? SS #7 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? YES 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? YES
  5. Thanks. Do you have his contact info available? Any others out there?
  6. Hey guys and gals, I’m wanting to add a #9 flow neck to an odyssey #7 versa similar to Hoatong Li’s #7 proto he rolled at the PGA (pic included) or similar to the Toulon H7 Las Vegas, as well as adding one to a Scotty Squareback. Any ideas on who could do this for me? Thanks in advance crew!
  7. Doesn’t look like it, but here’s the link to the website with jumbo and standard grips!https://bettinardi.com/collections/grips
  8. Does anyone have comparison pictures of a Seemore DF compared to the mini giant DF and how those also compare to the original FGP putter? I’m looking for something with a smaller blade length than the original. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. I was playing in a tournament out at Chimera in LV. Shotgun start on #18. I was 7 over through my first 9 holes and was beside myself. Said “screw strategy” and went pin hunting from there on out. Got it back to +1 going into my last hole (hole #17) which is a par 5. Had a 4 footer straight up the hill to shoot even and horse-shoed it unfortunately. But it was a crazy day. I experienced a lot of emotions in one round.
  10. > @kmay__ said: > I like the Lamkin deep etched, have one on my #7, and its the stock grip on my betti bb8. I prefer the flatso 1.0 on my SC, but for more classic size and shape, I like the Lamkin. I second this grip. So money. Stricker uses the corded version, but the solid rubber one just fits perfectly in your hands if you have bigger hands
  11. > @tatertot said: > Big fan of SeeMore ... Owned quite a few ... Love the way the set up and look, and they put a great roll on the ball ... But have never been crazy about the "feel" of any of the models. Same. That’s the battle I’m fighting right now
  12. > @Lefty431 said: > I’ve got an M2 in lefty, mFgp and now a z3c... the m2 if by far my favorite, looks and feel with the z3 a close second.. I’m not sure if the m2 was a limited run or not.. it’s no longer listed on the site I don’t believe.. I could be wrong though I was going to get a z3c but when my pro called to order it he was told it was back ordered for months. Very tempting tho
  13. Title says it all. Currently rolling a Seemore FGP I purchased back when I was playing in college. Feeling is a little harsh compared to my Scotty’s & TaylorMades. They are hard to come by where I’m at to test besides the basic cast models. Thoughts?
  14. First post in a while. But I’ve been dealing with this lately. I’m rhled and putt best with minimal offset and no lines. I’ve known this for years and always look for putters to match this. I’ve been rolling the all black DJ spider, Scotty squareback with the ‘+’ alignment, and a Seemore original FGP. I’ve always been a pretty good putter, but lately every putter I look at just does not fit my eye. Even when wandering PGA superstore, I can’t find anything to the specs or design that give me the confidence I’d like. I’ve tested a bunch of putters, but nothing is suiting me at the moment and I’v
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