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  1. i saw one of them in korea. It was about $430 from puma store. 200 ish from internet.
  2. Cory at 360 is an amazing professional to deal with. Great Great guy. He knows what he is doing. give him a call.
  3. No doubt. PRGR egg 3 wood. the longest easiest wood ever made.
  4. i just put one on my wedge. def tackier than mdmc.
  5. got 10 grips and a tt 200g putter shaft for 31.65 amazing deal.
  6. I searched google to get ns pro putter shaft but cant find one. Where can i get one? thanks :)
  7. possible solutions 1) tee it lower 2) be little farther away from the ball (flatter plane) 3) swing more horizontally, more upward strike 4) feel the head with your right hand
  8. After honeymoon period, newport is in the bag. I tend to miss short putts due to weight.
  9. This is the best iron that i have hit so far. Perfect blend of forgiveness and workability. Mid handicappers should definitely try these out.
  10. Max version def sounds different. more high pitch.
  11. so.... what's new about burner 2.0 ???? Japan manufacturers were thinning the the face since 1999.
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