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  1. Is there any relationship between whether people get limited releases and how much they shop at NDC? Metallic Green IVs were probably my first L since the Safari Bred XIs. Was able to get the Military Blue IVs. My suspicion is that I do pretty well because I probably buy 1-2 Nikes a month. Am I just getting lucky or do I get an advantage due to my other Nike spend?
  2. You joke, but there are a lot of far more pretentious clubs, especially in the NY area, that really frown about kids being around any of the facilities. Meanwhile, the day I was at Oakmont they had the kids going out playing a scramble with a few of the pros. Great vibe.
  3. I was incredibly shocked how informal Oakmont felt when I went last year. Music playing at the pool. Kids running around everywhere. Considering how prestigious the club is, it didn’t come across as much of an old school club like places such as NGLA. Definitely wear shorts.
  4. I think I'd rather carry around 6 extra CR2 batteries than recharge my Rangefinder after every couple rounds, though this rangefinder remains very tempting considering my Bushnell Pro X has seen much better days. I actually had this rangefinder in cart and was partially through checkout when I decided not to proceed. Something about the fact that PP has not released certain images gives me extreme pause on the reliability of the unit. This is a completely unfounded concern, but it did prevent me from pre-ordering an R1. I very much look forward to some reviews.
  5. I really like the designs, but the colors are terrible. I'm not sure why they felt the need to go so off the board with colors.
  6. I went all-in on Arccos late last year, and I have been very happy with the experience so far. I picked up Arccos early in the product’s life, but did not take to having my phone in my pocket. The Link has made the experience significantly better both from an accuracy and comfort perspective. I find that for the most part the only things missed are a few putts a round and maybe another shot around the greens. Considering the alternative of shot tracking, this seems incredibly minor and a big improvement relative to alternatives. To top it all off, the data via the app dashboards are very good. The breakdowns are thoughtful - a perfect middle ground between simple and detailed. My only gripe with Arccos is one that I hope is temporary - limited options for smart grips. While it is certainly more expensive to utilize the smart grips, the integration with the grip is far more pleasing. I’d love to see a Winn or Superstroke Smart grip in the future though as my preference is softer grips.
  7. I have removed one in the same way others have. Place a screw in the end of weight. Use a heat gun to loosen the epoxy. Pull the weight from the end of the shaft. I would recommend a heat gun rather than a torch to heat the epoxy. It might take longer than you'd like, but it seems that under the high temperature of butane stroke lab shafts can melt.
  8. Driver heads and Vokey 58K gone! Will give this stuff another 24-48 hours before sending it all off to that terrible auction website.
  9. All prices are shipped and PayPaled. Please excuse the dust in my house, and reach out if you have any questions! Vokey SM8 58.12* - D-grind - Stock Shaft and Grip - Standard L/L/L - Was used during ~2 practice sessions to fit for bounce - $125 Odyssey Toulon Las Vegas Stroke Lab w/ Headcover - 34” - Black Iomic Grip - Played a couple rounds with this - $250 Scotty Cameron 2017 US Limited Release Futura 5MBS - Has been in plastic for the last 4 years. This is probably only the second time the putter has seem daylight - $475
  10. Snagged a pair on NDC. Shocked I got a pair because I couldn't get in line on the website, but was able to a minute later on the app. Everyone else sold out quickly.
  11. I tried to like the bag, but as I said before, and others have brought up me saying, no grab handle on the top cuff awkward. Combining this with the bag being meaningfully heavier than my SM 2.5+, I just can't possibly switch. I might consider taking this bag on some golf trips, but as an everyday looper it's DOA. Wife can keep it. It is a bummer though because it looks amazing in every way.
  12. I bought a "members" bag for my wife (or that's what I told her) last month. Most items have already been covered, but a few items to add and/or emphasize: I really, really like how certain pockets have mesh dividers to allow for better organization. A nice touch without adding much weight. The Members bag has a longer apparel pocket than the Caddie bag. However, the apparel pocket doesn't seem that large. Perhaps it is due to the material which almost seems to compress the pockets for a clean look. I'll do some test packing this fall as my wife stops playing, and I begin my attempt at commandeering the bag. The rain hood is offensively bulky, yet, premium. I can't imagine a scenario where I'd ever carry it. To my point above, it absolutely dominates the apparel pocket. If your bag only came with a single strap, it is likely that you have a caddy bag not a members bag. I'm fairly certain you cannot put the dual strap on a caddy bag. Yet another reason to go with the members bag. Someone else said it, but I think it is worth emphasizing - this bag really does carry lighter than a scale might suggest. The more bags I go through, the more I become convinced that people talk far too much about absolute weight and not enough about weight distribution. The absolute worst part of this bag is the lack of grab handle at the top opening. This is the single biggest reason this bag may remain in my wife's possession over the next 6-12 months. I have not owned a Stitch SL2, though I have a few playing partners that have. Aside from the grab handle, I can't think of any reason to purchase a Stitch bag over the Linksmaster Members Bag. At roughly the same weight and price, the Titleist bag is much more full featured and versatile.
  13. According to a shaft measurement database that shall not be named, Mitsubishi OTI 95g R, Fujikura Pro 95 R, and Accra iSeries 123i are all graphite iron shafts that weigh more than 90g and have lower CPM ratings than your current Recoils. They are ~equivalent to KBS Tour 90 in regular, which is pretty darn soft. The difference between all of these shafts and your recoils is about 1-1.5 "flex points". Based on EI profile, the OTI 95 R should most closely mimic your Recoils. YMMV with this data.
  14. Update: I'm sending these to a new home. Definitely need 1/2 size up from normal. I also found traction to be pretty mediocre. The humidity up here may have played a factor, but regardless I'd carefully choose days to wear these.
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