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  1. ONLY A PUTTER LEFT! Prices is shipped, paypaled CONUS. Prefer cash over trades, unless you want to make a deal and trade me a Scotty Cameron Futura X 34". Please contact me with any questions you might have. Thanks for looking! 1. Ping i20 Irons 4-PW - Standard Lie, Standard Length, 2* strong, Nippon N.S. Pro 950GH Stiff Shafts, Green PURE Pro Golf Grips. $OLD 2. TaylorMade R9 4-PW, AW - Standard L/L/L, KBS Tour 90 Regular Shafts, Standard Black Tour Velvet Grips. $OLD 3. Odyssey Versa #7 Putter 34" - Brand new in plastic still. $145 4. Ping Tour Gorge Wedge 50* - Standard L/L/L, Standard Sole, Ping CFS Stiff Shaft, White PURE Pro Golf Grip. $OLD 5. Callaway Jaws Wedges 50.12*, 54.16*, 58.16* - Vintage Finish, Standard L/L/L, Standard Sole, DG S300 Shafts, Stock Grip (50.12* has White PURE Pro Grip). 50.12* has been used one round, and shows some light rusting on the sole. 54.16* and 58.13 are brand new in plastic and bubble wrap. 50.13* - $OLD 54.16* - $OLD 58.13* - $OLD
  2. Pretty glowing compliments. How is the strap system? Does it squeak like some reviews have stated?
  3. I know this brand is fairly new, but I was wondering if anyone can provide any long term reviews on the Qoda Quan bag. The initial impressions I've seen posted are pretty solid, but with the tossing around my golf bag gets before I purchase I need to know more. Can anyone who has put some serious rounds on their Qoda bag provide some feedback on long term durability? Thanks!
  4. [quote name='Dscvrr St Louis' timestamp='1375156102' post='7566270'] I have checked with a rather credible source...the deal is Callaway is simply managing the inventory of the Optiforce to not have it sitting around in mass quantities in the stores. Obviously it took off even better than they expected and some of the heads are already on back order...I know the 3 woods aren't being replenished until mid September. I was also told that this club is starting in the 2013 year, but is going forward as part of the 2014 Line up...! Hope everyone can breathe easier now. [/quote] I would at least believe the managing inventory. Company spoke about increased competition leading to lower gross margins than they expected in their second quarter. Basically lots of golf shops have inventory sitting on the shelves. As TM moved to prep the release of SLDR, the company dropped wood prices. Callaway had to swing back by lowering the Xhot line. Despite their ability to grow share during the quarter, it seems like initial launch of Xhot was almost too successful and the company got ahead of itself to stock shelves. I think if Callaway is managing inventory, it is possibly a good decision by them for margins and might send a signal to TM as to say "stop flooding the shelves and we will stop taking your share - we can both win". Who knows, but as a shareholder, I sure hope some of this crazy discounting goes away. Inventory management is the best way to curtail it IMO, especially since Callaway's products are still being well received. No matter what it is, I highly doubt it is a result of a total product whiff. My guess is there are real strategic financial reasons this has been done. Not some crap about tour players not using it or something.
  5. I suspect the opposition is either young, jealous, or both. I love these threads. Makes me feel more mature than I actually am.
  6. [quote name='maxwellg' timestamp='1374640522' post='7527492'] Slick shoes. I'm debating on pulling the trigger on a pair for myself. Pretty sure you can't return nikeid products. Good luck with the sale [/quote] You can. I have a return label already ready to go from Nike. This is the last day I will leave them up on the BST for anybody that wants to skip the two month wait and likes this combo..
  7. Gents, I wanted to give everyone a chance to pick up my NikeIDs before I send them back. They are brand new in the box size 9.5. THERE IS NO PERSONAL CUSTOMIZATION ASIDE FROM COLORS. NO NAME, NO INITIALS, NOTHING. They are the breathable version, and quite a treat on your feet. The reason I chose not to keep them is that they are about 1/2 size bigger than I like my shoes to be. Since NikeID lead times are ridiculously long, I thought I would give everyone an opportunity to pick these custom shoes up without having to wait the nearly two months I had to. Price is firm $250***, shipped CONUS. No trades please. Thanks for looking, and please let me know if there are any questions I can answer! ***I understand that my price is above retail, but I am merely looking to make my money back in full, which I would do if I merely returned them to Nike.
  8. [quote name='ladahl' timestamp='1374548072' post='7518998'] Tweaked melon, Tell me these aren't 10.5.... [/quote] They aren't 10.5s. They 9.5s.... They are now on the BST for anyone interested. Looking to recoup my money, but save someone the two month wait time. Otherwise, Nike will be getting my shoes back.
  9. Got mine in today and am really uncertain if I will keep them. Might end up on the BST instead. The shoes are very comfortable, just not sure I am happy with the sizing. [attachment=1796174:IMG_0948.JPG] [attachment=1796176:IMG_0949.jpg] [attachment=1796180:IMG_0950.jpg] [attachment=1796182:IMG_0951.jpg]
  10. This topic has finally gotten good. It only took 4 months. I'll be posting mine later this evening when I get home from work. Thank you to everyone that has already posted theirs already. You have me exceptionally excited to try mine on.
  12. Just recently purchased a TMag Masters Staff Bag posted on the BST. Why? Because I like golf stuff. Sorry I'm not sorry. I will never use it on the course, but I expect it will look really good in my bachelor pad holding my extras.
  13. [quote name='maxmw' timestamp='1374512324' post='7514282'] 6. i do love them. if i'd buy another pair i'd get the stock black ones since i find that color scheme OK. didn`t like the white stock so i went with nike ID. those are pretty expensive at 260$ but i think you can get stock model for 150$ and that's a very good price! [/quote] Nike IDed TW14s are $225 not $260.
  14. Up for sale are a couple of rangefinders. I planned on trying a couple different models, but ultimately settled of a Bushnell V3. Prices are fairly firm, but am willing to hear offers. Will consider trades, but pretty unlikely. I prefer cash. All prices include shipping CONUS. Please contact me with any questions you might have! - Leupold GX-3i - $OLD This range finder was purchased about a month ago from Golfsmith. It has been used for 1 range session and 2 rounds of golf. It was always kept in the carrying case, so it is still like new. Comes with the box and everything that came in the box. This is probably the smallest model rangefinder out there, and tremendously easy to carry around. - Leupold GX-4i - $OLD Brand new in box and still in the shrink wrap. After testing the GX-3i, I ultimately decided that I wanted to go with a non-slope model, so I decided never to open the box. EVERYTHING SOLD. THANKS FOR LOOKING AND THANK YOU GOLFWRX!
  15. Played my Ping i20s for the first time on Saturday. I had to immediately go buy new grips. They felt very, very plastic-y to me. Very harsh. FWIW, the grips were +2 wraps, but felt thicker. Also worth noting my irons have a .610 butt diameter.
  16. [quote name='ScooterMcTavish' timestamp='1370620114' post='7189392'] [quote name='tweakedmelon' timestamp='1370613402' post='7188400'] My putting game doesn't just lack confidence because there is no confidence. I hit 50%+ of my fairways and 50%+ of GIRs, but I still 3-putt 4-5 times a round. I could use more practice on the greens than I spend at the range. [/quote] I was playing with a mallet last year, and although I had good line, the biggest issue was speed. Distance control was killing me. So, I went to an (almost) face-balanced putter, an old Ping Pal that cost me a whopping $20 out of a barrel. My line is not as good, but my weight is great as I'm not fighting with the putter to guess the correct distance. Dr. Scooter recommends you go pick yourself up a used Ping blade putter (the closer to face balanced the better, Pal is a good option), and work on your speed and distance, stat! As my playing partner says, golf if often about minimizing the damage of your bad shots. Would you rather have great line 5' short or past the hole? Or, would you rather miss the hole by 2", but be right beside it? I've saved a lot of puts since changing my approach. Plus, I will change putters when in a funk, just to change it up mentally and remove all the negative thoughts. [/quote] This makes so much sense to me. Now to check out the bargain bin...
  17. [quote name='ScooterMcTavish' timestamp='1370575783' post='7186640'] [quote name='tweakedmelon' timestamp='1370556611' post='7184726'] Driver: Taylormade RBZ 10.5*, Miyazaki C-Kua 43S 3wood: Cleveland Launcher 15*, Miyazaki C-Kua 43S Irons: Taylormade R9 4-PW, AW, KBS Tour 90, Regular Wedges: Titleist Vokey 52.08, 56.14 Putter: Ping Nome 34", Super Stroke Slim Grip Iliac Golf US Open Driver Headcover, Daphne's Penguin Headcover 2010 Sun Mountain 3.5, Red/White/Blue, Stitched American Flag on Ball Pocket [/quote] Man, you got a challenging bag. The Rocketballz suggests a 20-something with his shirt untucked, and hat on sideways. The Launcher suggests a long-term club, or a bargain barrel rescue. And the R9s are one of the few sets of TM irons I'd ever game, showing an unexpected level of maturity. Great look, nice KBS stock shafts, and pretty bladey for a cavity back iron. Vokey wedges, suggesting a good short game, and a really big and ugly Ping putter (in fact, makes the Craz-E) look sexy. You're all over the map. However, it all comes back to the irons. Although the R9s would make me think early 30s, that RBZ makes me think late 20's, and you bought the R9s in your mid 20's, possibly as your first good set of irons. However, you're not too old to be put off by RBZ. The rest of the mismatch makes me think you're a "value proposition" golf purchaser like myself. You don't see huge differences between good wedges, and likely got a great deal on the Vokeys. Your 3W is a holdover from your early golf days, and is a security blanket in your bag as you're not just in love with the RBZ, yet. Based on the shafts, I'm guessing about a 95 SS, and your reason for purchasing the RBZ (and your reason for holding on to the 3W) is not enough distance on your drives. Problem is the 9.5* with S shaft is causing you to leave your clubface open, causing anything from high fades, to all out slices. Up the loft and drop the flex, and you'll be a happier guy. Putter says you lack confidence, or play on very slick greens. I'd guess your index is a 12 or so. Otherwise, you have a blonde girlfriend who you're pretty serious about, but neither of you are quite ready to make it permanent. As a patriot (U.S. Open/U.S.Flag), and with a sense of self-aware humor (penguin headcover), you reflect much of your generation. And your car is US made, likely something solid like a Chevy. Bud man all the way too. [/quote] Not bad, not bad. While you got a number of things wrong, you also nailed a couple of things. First, where you went wrong. I don't wear my shirt untucked (often), and NEVER put on a hat sideways. Sorry if this might offend anyone, but I've always thought, "The more crooked the hat, the bigger the idiot/douchebag" If that is someone's look, more power to you. I just don't care for it. My girlfriend is brunette, although I am definitely not looking to make it permanent yet given graduate school is likely on the horizon. I am a bit of a patriot, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying my Audi. The Penguin headcover is actually an ode to my favorite sports team (rough times right now), but I would say you are still correct on the self-aware humor. I prefer Miller Lite if I have to drink crappy domestic stuff, but I will never buy it unless I'm also buying for a group. I prefer IPAs (Dead Guy is my favorite), but recently have been on a Belgian-style kick. Sophie by Goose Island is really a treat on a warm summer day. The driver is actually a 10.5* and the Miyazaki shaft plays soft, so I'm really getting straight shots. Although depending on the day, it could turn either way. What you did get right (or close enough): I am in my mid-20s, and do tend to reflect quite a bit on a lot of the inadequacies of my generation (sorry Gen Y). My index is around a 12 right now. The irons you nailed. They were my first nice set of irons, and I thought they looked decent enough and played just as well. Biggest problem is oddly timed hot shots, which screw with my distance control. Actually have an order in for Ping i20s, as my SECOND nice pair of irons.. I am actually in love with both the RBZ and the Cleveland right now. Mostly because of the shafts. I heard about Miyazaki, and I thought that a light shaft molded with my swing tempo. The Cleveland was the best way to check out a premium shaft at a reasonable price. It hasn't left the bag for the exact reason you guessed, the driver doesn't always cooperate and I play a tight course. My putting game doesn't just lack confidence because there is no confidence. I hit 50%+ of my fairways and 50%+ of GIRs, but I still 3-putt 4-5 times a round. I could use more practice on the greens than I spend at the range. I was wondering what my bag said about me because I am pretty self conscious about it. Most of the people I golf with play less frequently than me, spend less on their bags, and certainly don't meticulously clean their clubs like I do. My bag might not have the top of the line newest gear, but it always LOOKS nice. In addition, I like to dress nicely on and off the course. Not gaudy, mind you, but more country-clubbish when I play primarily municipals. I always worry that I might be judged as a poseur. However, I love the game, the people I meet on the course, and the lessons it teaches me. So at the end of the day, I try not to worry and instead just enjoy the game. Either way, what an interesting topic. Scooter, you are pretty solid at this game.
  18. [quote name='JWells' timestamp='1370545020' post='7183344'] I love seeing guys with nice new clubs I don't give a crap how good they are. Why would anyone care about that? [/quote] I have two thoughts on this: 1) Some people in this thread have been eerily accurate with their diagnosis. Either they really are able to judge a book by its cover, or they did a really good job looking through post history. 2) For the most part, I agree with your sentiment. Seeing people with cool new stuff is interesting. However, I would request at the very least you maintain pace and are generally acceptable to be around. Otherwise, I'm with you, WHO CARES! I feel this way for personal reasons . Maybe with this minor context and my bag below, someone can figure out why: Driver: Taylormade RBZ 10.5*, Miyazaki C-Kua 43S 3wood: Cleveland Launcher 15*, Miyazaki C-Kua 43S Irons: Taylormade R9 4-PW, AW, KBS Tour 90, Regular Wedges: Titleist Vokey 52.08, 56.14 Putter: Ping Nome 34", Super Stroke Slim Grip Iliac Golf US Open Driver Headcover, Daphne's Penguin Headcover 2010 Sun Mountain 3.5, Red/White/Blue, Stitched American Flag on Ball Pocket
  19. Local course ordered me a couple Callaway woods and hybrids on Monday, and they arrived this afternoon. There were upgraded shafts in the woods. I would also note that the course also has a Callaway Fitting center, so they may expedite orders for those locations.
  20. Says you can't receive anymore PMs. I'm interested in the Miyazaki shaft. What length does the Miyazaki play in an R11 head?
  21. I have two of the US Open Inspired head covers. One for my driver and another for my 3wood. Turn around time was 2-3 weeks. I believe the driver cover came quicker of the two. Overall amazing headcovers. Great Quality and would order again.
  22. Just another example of golf companies marketing the game to uninformed golfers. Most golfers would benefit more from better dispersion than more length in my opinion.
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