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  1. Crazy; when I was in the AJ3 page I got to the page for selecting size, etc but it said sold out. That was at least 5 minutes ago... I was just able to place my order too. I found them searching on my phone but when I searched on my work computer it wouldn't find them. I'm wondering if they'll kick my order back though... I have a feeling my phone order will get kicked as well...
  2. Ditto. Looks awesome. Can't seem to find the SKU.
  3. Let me know if you have any questions. Prices are OBO shipped and paypaled. No trades please - though I would consider any Jordan XIIIs in 9.5 or Jordan 1 red/black in 10. edit - Also I realize the notecard says "sternalot" - this is my eBay name. Was going to post the shoes there, but decided I would give GolfWRX members first dibs. 1) Evnroll ER6 - 370g head - 33" - Superstroke Flatso 1.0 - Putter was used one round. The grip is new since then. $275 $250 2) Jordan XIII Golf - White/Navy - 10.5 - BNIB - Box was a little impacted during travel. $265 $245 3) Jordan XIII Golf - White/Navy - 11 - BNIB - Box is pristine. $275 $255
  4. Like others have said, size down 1/2 from normal Nike size on the XIIIs. I have red/white and white/white in 10s, but bought 9.5s from the navy/white. I can only ride when I wear the 10s. Haven't found a great aftermarket insole to really fill the extra volume.
  5. GG has the worst cart/checkout system. They won't tell you OOS until you try to finalize order. Crazy.
  6. I got 4 pairs before my credit card got shut down due to fraud concerns. 1 for me, 1 for a friend, 2 for new friends.
  7. I picked mine form Nike as well. I just received the confirmation email and for it to show up on NDC. Did you bot the Nike release? No, but I F5 like its my job.
  8. Nike page says that I got them and they were purchased, but no confirmation email and not showing up in my NDC orders... edit: got em
  9. Hey all, I'm trying to plan a trip for me and my fiancee for over labor day weekend. I'm looking for a place within 5 hour (max with traffic) drive of SW CT. Looking for something on the nicer side with close access to great golf and preferably a spa for the fiancee. Something like Omni Mount Washington Resort looks like a good option, but I know on Labor Day weekend that 5 hour drive would look more like 6-7 hours. Any other ideas? Thanks!
  10. Thanks everyone - I had primarily been using the MGA GHIN app, so this feature was missing. Will download the GHIN official app.
  11. I tried searching extensively, and I had no such luck. I apologize if this is buried somewhere in this sub-forum. I have been very fortunate to play a mess of rounds this year. I always throw my rounds into GHIN, but I was curious about some of my rounds earlier this year. However, the GHIN app and website seem to only show the most recent 20 rounds. Is there any way to access the history beyond just what my handicap # was?
  12. Would recommend against Sole insoles for certain people with flat feet.
  13. Wore them once. I sprayed the crap out of them with Tarrago Nano Protector. It was pretty dry that day, but they still look brand new. I used a pair of new insoles that were a bit aggressive on my arch. I replaced that insole with a less aggressive one and I think they will be perfect. Otehrwise, cushioning was excellent. That is one thing the Jordans always have going on - really good cushioning.
  14. I really don't like red because it has limited versatility, but I really like the new 71 colorway.
  15. Did those sensors not pair, or did pair and then failed to register shots? What did their customer support say? They didn't pair to start. Costumer support said 'manufacturing defect.' I will eventually get replacements but after I did overnight shipping to begin with it is sort of a let down. 4 out of 14 is a pretty bad failure rate. Out of curiosity, do you know where the extra sensors shipped from?
  16. I use two coats of Tarrago Nano Protector on all of my golf shoes before using them. Most recently did this for my Jordan XIIIs and after a round they still look brand new. Reapply after a dozen rounds or more depending on the conditions you play in. Unlike some other sprays people recommend, Tarrago doesn't mess with breathability. Shoe trees are also a must for any shoes you own. Best to buy a few and rotate them among your shoes as you use them.
  17. Callaway Big Bertha 815 10.5* set +1* with Mitsubishi Bassara GG 53 in stiff flex. Low to mid 90s SS. Eager to get fit again and see if I can eek out any improvement.
  18. I got one off of Ebay as well. It works great! Bought one of these on eBay recently. Only a couple rounds in and the release button isn't working. Had great luck with other Pitchfix tools, so a bit disappointed.
  19. Just got a pair of the Prizm Golf and they definitely are not great for bright days.
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