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  1. Just molded a pair of SOLE thick insoles for these and will wear a pair of slightly thicker socks. FYI 20% off at REI through memorial day and these insoles are great.
  2. Has anyone taken the plunge with the Vice bag?
  3. Got both of my pairs today. I think sizing is fairly consistent with previous models. The Jordans tend to be so cushy that they *feel* as if they are bigger than they are. I got a pair of Lunar Control Vapors last week and I think those run even bigger than the Jordans. At most, the Jordans run 1/4 size bigger than some other Nike models. Meanwhile, I had planned to keep the Cherry/White pair and sell the White/White, but they are both very good looking. Will probably throw the White/White in the closet for a year and decide what to do next year.
  4. It would be unlikely that you are more comfortable using the device with anything but your dominant eye.
  5. I only recently bought a GG Goretex 1/2 zip. I also wear mostly small in Nike/UA/Adidas, though an occasional medium in some of the Nike fitted stuff. I bought a small in the GG. Love the fit. I can't imagine having sized up. Definitely a trimmer fit though relative to some of the other 1/2 zips I've tried, especially in the sleeve. I am ready to buy some GG pants, but definitely having similar sizing anxiety ordering from abroad.
  6. I recently had a batch of Chrome Softs with red number ink spotted across a number of balls. Merely a cosmetic blemish. Callaway sent me a new dozen of balls.
  7. I have the opposite problem as everyone here. However, I appreciate this brand being brought up. Going to try the performance small fit.
  8. Just bought a Galvin Green 1/2 Zip from Trendy Golf for 50% off. I am very impressed. The nice thing about the GG stuff is that most of the jackets have velcro tabs, which allow you to tighten the midsection.
  9. Saying "you don't have access to this product" when I try to add to cart. :-(
  10. I recently ordered an ER2 and an ER6. The ER2 arrived today and I immediately went to the course. I spent about 40 minutes on the putting green and also played 9 holes. Distance control felt very, very good with this putter. No 3 putts today, which is beyond a Christmas miracle. Hit two ~20 ft putts during my 9 and another two 30 footers during my practice session. I am normally a 36 putts/round type player, so these results were beyond good. Look forward to more time with this putter, but already it has provided some great results.
  11. I've been putting around the house with the Chrome Soft and Pro Soft quite frequently over the last few days. They roll quite similarly, but I find the Chrome Soft has a slight "gumminess" to it. This kind of feeling makes the Pro Soft seem a hair harder off the putter face. Still not sure if I will be making the switch, but I thought I'd share this note for anyone coming from a Chrome Soft.
  12. Hello all, I am planning to attempt my first build. I love the look of the Maltby DBMs and will be going with these heads. I currently play an Apex combo set with Tour V regular shafts. I was fit to these shafts when the clubs were released. My driver SS is low-90s, if that helps at all. (Perhaps this belongs in the avg joe sub-forum) Should I just shaft with the Tour Vs or would you recommend any other shaft? Thanks!
  13. Is there anyway to figure out the weight of my putter head without removing the shaft? M9 Convertor with Bongo Back and Double Bend Hosel in 303 SS
  14. Played another 9 with the Vice Pro Soft today. See above for more info on me as a golfer. I basically just want to reiterate what I said about this ball in my last post. It is very similar to the 2016 Chrome Soft. A couple added things, distance might be slightly less for me off my woods. It was pretty damp and muggy today, so this could have possibly been a factor of the conditions rather than the ball. I also generally disagree with people on the ball holding up well. The matte finish seems to pick up little scuffs and discolorations quicker than a traditionally finished ball. With something like a Chrome Soft, a quick wipe on my golf towel can usually restore the ball to like-new. The Vice Pro Soft seems to need a little bit more TLC to get back to like-new. To clarify, it doesn't seem the cover is getting ripped up, but merely staining quickly.
  15. Agree that these are the best out there. Vice gloves are probably the next best thing, but a considerable better value.
  16. For reference, I am a lower SS player with driver speed probably in the mid-90s, 8 handicap, and generally mediocre across all parts of the game. I currently play the 2016 Chrome Soft. I tried a round with the Vice Pro previously, but I hated it. Felt like a rock to me vs. the 2015 Chrome Soft I was playing at the time. Plus, the very defined equator on the ball bugged me. The seam on the Pro Soft is probably exactly the same, but it seems marginally less offensive, perhaps due to the matte finish. Anyway, I played the Pro Soft yesterday for 9 holes. Overall, the ball felt very, very similar to the 2016 Chrome Soft. Perhaps a hair harder off the driver, but similar through the rest of my clubs including the putter. I quite liked it around the greens. Distance seemed fairly similar, though it is hard to tell with only 9 holes. Ball flight was maybe a smidgen lower, but again hard to draw definitive conclusions from such a small sample size. I'd like to get more holes under my belt with the ball, but I could definitely see myself playing this ball as a replacement for the Chrome Soft. While I have ho-ed many clubs, I've been pretty consistent with my golf ball selection, so it seems shocking that I'd be willing to switch.
  17. New chukkas colorway looks like they needed a use for all the leftover knit material.
  18. Vice Pure Gloves. Next best thing to Pure Touch gloves. A hair thicker, but easily made up by durability. Just as soft.
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