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  1. Looking for the black select version. Please let me know what you have with price. Thank you.
  2. Just curious what others weight set up is in the driver. Thinking of getting the weight kit to add weight to the head.
  3. Looking to trade this shaft for another Tour AD shaft with a PXG tip preferably. Shaft is 44.25 from end of grip to end of tip. It has a Titleist tip and a Golf Pride Z- grip logo down at A1 position. Price of $225 shipped and pp to con US. Please message for any questions or offers. Thank you
  4. Kiyoshi Purple 65 05 driver shaft with Titleist tip. Looking to trade for Tour AD shaft or pxg wood/hybrid. Let know what you have. Since I need a price, shipped to 48 con US. Please message with any questions. Thank you Traded
  5. He tried to fool me as well.
  6. J15 Bridgestone CB iron set 3-pw. The 3 iron was hard to get and has a s300 shaft that doesn't match the Nippon Modus Tour 130 that are in the 4-pw. Built to be + .5 and 1* up. They match the next set almost exactly that were built direct through Bridgestone with the same specs. 5-pw have iomic grips, 4 has a gp multi and 3 has gp tour velvet. There was a ding that has been filed out on the PW. See pics for details. $Sold shipped and pp to 48 con. J15 sold 2nd set is Bridgestone Tour BX -CBP and a Tour BX-CB 4. They are built at +.5 and 1* up. They have KBS $ taper 120 black shafts. Golf pride red multi on all clubs. 5 iron has a rock ding as seen in pics. $400 shipped and pp to 48 con. Thanks for looking, please message with any questions.
  7. Titleist Ap3 4-PW, 48* Nippon Modus Tour 130 shafts that were ordered 1/2 long and 1* up. Clubs are in great shape as you can see from the pictures. Sold shipped for this 8 club set. 7 iron is most used and is the iron pictured by itself Next up is a set of Bridgestone J15 CB irons with Nippon Modus Tour 130 shafts 4-PW that have 1/4-3/8 extensions. 3 iron was added later and has a DG s300 shaft. Pw had a rock ding so i had the sole ground down to remove it. Pics tell the story. $400 shipped for 8 club set Srixon 785 driver with headcover. 10.5 with a Handcrafted Blue Even Flow 6.0 65g shaft. $200 shipped Club is in great shape and will come with wrench also Please message me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.
  8. I have this set and ordered a CB 4 iron directly from Bstone. Very similar and easy transition to the CBP.
  9. I found a place to order the 4 iron. Looking forward to getting it. It is the CB and I have the CBP, shouldn't be too much different.
  10. Does anyone know of a place to get the 4 iron? DD can't order them anymore.
  11. Bridgestone Tour B CBP is exactly what you are looking for.
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