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  1. sorry boys, fastest sale I've ever had in classies. Buyer responded in 2 minutes and took both. LOL
  2. Nice set of SR flex Ping black dots 5-PW CFS 65 shaft. Id8 standard grips. These might be .25 short. I thought they were standard. At $150 shipped, who cares? Scotty X5 H14 limited with the knucklehead. It's got a SS with a counterweight, fake weights (not sure where the real ones are, but they were 10gm and too light) and a sweet headcover I got in Japan with the camo dog on yellow headcover. It's in fair condition. Was my gamer for years. No dents or dings unless you can see any on the pics. $220 shipped.
  3. Ping G700 irons 5-9 iron. All standard black dot. Project X LZ 115g in 5.5. played 1 round. I got these from someone that owed me money, so not my specs. Just trying to get my money back. $325 firm. $ 325 shipped. Trade in value for me is this much, so firm on price.
  4. Now it's $9. Popped up on me for the first time. Decided to Google it. Looks like a sham to me. Funny thing is, every manufacturer has a fitting tool just like this on their site, just for their own brand. So pick your favorite brand, and save yourself some money. I hate how combatitive those guys are on their website, IG, etc. They really do think they're better than everyone out there. That attitude just befuddles me.
  5. is that divider flap between the top openings able to be re-secured or did the stitching come loose?
  6. alright boys, this one's SOLD. Thanks for all the full priced offers, but first guy paid and it's a done deal. Some shocking lowballs on this bag, which honestly, was a complete joke, but had a good laugh. I can't believe there are still guys out there offering around half of what is posted in an ad. There should be a report function for guys like that. Used a handful of times. Snow Trooper bag (not available anymore unless custom ordered) It's in great shape. The original steel Seamus Ballmarker is intact, held in place by a magnet sewn into the scorecard pocket. Leather base and top leather scorecard pocket are the only parts of the bag that show wear, and I'm thinking it's supposed to have that distressed look. See photos for condition. No tears, rips, etc. Bag is perfect, strap and zipper and all hardware is perfect. It has the same layout and arrangement as the ones currently being sold on the Seamus site for $595. The only difference is the mesh pocket on this bag has been replaced with a drawstring pocket on the new bags. $375 shipped. The trestle sticks shown in the background are not included.
  7. I had severe elbow pains, switched to graphite, and in less than 2 weeks, paints were gone.
  8. yeah. those wife titled posts stopped being funny in 2001 or so. I don't know why people still do it.
  9. > @"Titleist+2" said: > > @orangebang said: > > **** you love golf so much you had a synthetic green installed in your bedroom? Nice. > > Was actually cheaper than the normal carpet haha did you get a cup cut into the floor? because that's bad a**.
  10. I wish I weren't such a weakling. I need this set with graphite R. lol
  11. damn you love golf so much you had a synthetic green installed in your bedroom? Nice.
  12. this is by far the best golf site on the internet. I didn't realize how much I was on here until it went down lol
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