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  1. No, I bought it used. I want to make it lighter in the head. I'm not sure how much it weighs
  2. I know the stock weight is 8g, has anyone adjusted the weight to something lighter? I was thinking about trying to lighten the club some by ordering lighter weights, but I don't want to go against what TM is trying to do with the 8gm weight.
  3. Looking for a 15 deg 3 wood Taylormade SIM Ti so I can put my own shaft in it. Head only would be ideal. Will buy club with shaft if needed. Found something. Thx!
  4. Titleist 915 D2 5.5 Degree Driver Mitsubish Rayon Diamana 50 x5ct Driver Shaft Stiff Flex Shaft
  5. 8 GHIN Playing a Taylormade M6 15 deg with Ventus 7s Blue Velocore
  6. I just got on a trackman and I have a ton of data. I am not sure how to interpret it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Taylormade M5 tour Ventus Black 6s
  7. I have played the Fujikura Motore Speeder Tour Spec VC 7.2 in both Fairway and Driver. I love the black so far, its just a lost smoother and penetrates much better. I am still waiting on the Blue 7s to pair with my M5 3 wood.
  8. I have a Black 6s in my driver and I am getting a 7S Blue in my 3 wood.
  9. Cool, this, I was told its a little upright and the face is open, I got a great deal on it so I am just trying to find out to get it back a neutral set up.
  10. Yeah, I am interested in what the T / H /LH are for?
  11. I bought this Taylormade M5 3 Wood head. I want to better understand how these specs differ than what would come stock?
  12. Scotty Cameron Circle T Alignment Marker - I think this was painted blue on top. SOLD Fujikura Motore Speeder 7.2 Tour VC Stiff Shaft - Taylormade Adapter 44' uncut - $100 Fujikura Motore Speeder 5.2 Tour VC Stiff Shaft - Cut down for 3 wood. Taylormade Adapter = 42.5 - $80
  13. My goal at this point isn't yardage. I wouldn't mind less distance, I just worry that my ball is going to be challenging to control with the height it is at... Don't get me wrong, I love the numbers, just while I am tinkering in the cold, its nice to have a discussion with some numbers to look at. Would you consider this ball flight to be too high?
  14. These were all from pretty new range balls. I normally Play the Pro V1x. @Stuart_G I didn't get a trackman on the Old Setup as I had sold it. But I was playing SLDR and I did have a high ball flight and probably 15 less carry cards. With new clubs I was hoping to flight the ball down and get some extra yards was my goal. I found the P770 on WRX for a deal so I just gobbled them up right away. They are below retail so I can still sell them and get what I want.
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