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  1. I just got on a trackman and I have a ton of data. I am not sure how to interpret it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Taylormade M5 tour Ventus Black 6s
  2. I have played the Fujikura Motore Speeder Tour Spec VC 7.2 in both Fairway and Driver. I love the black so far, its just a lost smoother and penetrates much better. I am still waiting on the Blue 7s to pair with my M5 3 wood.
  3. I have a Black 6s in my driver and I am getting a 7S Blue in my 3 wood.
  4. Cool, this, I was told its a little upright and the face is open, I got a great deal on it so I am just trying to find out to get it back a neutral set up.
  5. Yeah, I am interested in what the T / H /LH are for?
  6. I bought this Taylormade M5 3 Wood head. I want to better understand how these specs differ than what would come stock?
  7. Scotty Cameron Circle T Alignment Marker - I think this was painted blue on top. SOLD Fujikura Motore Speeder 7.2 Tour VC Stiff Shaft - Taylormade Adapter 44' uncut - $100 Fujikura Motore Speeder 5.2 Tour VC Stiff Shaft - Cut down for 3 wood. Taylormade Adapter = 42.5 - $80
  8. My goal at this point isn't yardage. I wouldn't mind less distance, I just worry that my ball is going to be challenging to control with the height it is at... Don't get me wrong, I love the numbers, just while I am tinkering in the cold, its nice to have a discussion with some numbers to look at. Would you consider this ball flight to be too high?
  9. These were all from pretty new range balls. I normally Play the Pro V1x. @Stuart_G I didn't get a trackman on the Old Setup as I had sold it. But I was playing SLDR and I did have a high ball flight and probably 15 less carry cards. With new clubs I was hoping to flight the ball down and get some extra yards was my goal. I found the P770 on WRX for a deal so I just gobbled them up right away. They are below retail so I can still sell them and get what I want.
  10. @Ri_Redneck I am not trying to say they aren't working for me. I just got these clubs pretty recently. Just trying to find the right optimization. Since these fly high, they will just be a bit more to manage in the wind. I am not trying to chase numbers on a trackman, but I think having some data helps me and others look into the data and point me in the right direction . So far I learned I need to work on reducing my dynamic loft and mats will launch higher.
  11. @pinhigh27 yes this was off mats! These are new clubs I bought off WRX - 2020 Taylormade P770. I just worry my ball balloons too much and figured lower trajectory would give me some more distance. @Stuart_G these replaced my Taylormade SLDR TT S300. I am trying to decide if I should try to resell these and go get fitted properly, or just embrace these numbers because the clubs do feel nice. Its winter here in Seattle so I am not playing much. Thank you both for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it.
  12. Here is a 7i P770 KBS Tour Stiff 120 I want to see if I can get the ball flight down with a different shaft. I have hit the x100 and didn't like it. I was thinking a KBS Tour C taper Lite X flex 115G
  13. Definitely the search! I can hit eh back button without reloading. Seems faster and I like the layout. Very clean UI
  14. What is everyone's favorite Half Zip pullover for golf? I just got a patagonia one but wanted to see what others are using.
  15. What part of the weight did you grind down? Do you have any pictures? I read about doing this but someone said their weight wasn't secure to the club. I don't mind the lightweight, but wonder if it changes the club too much? Thanks
  16. I have found that I don't like the weight of the head of the 5 Wood and I am trying to find a new weight for it. All I can find is the Driver weight, but nothing that works for the fairway woods. Has anyone found a solution for taking the driver down to a D3 swing weight? Can I remove the weight altogether?
  17. I reached out to Golf Pride. Fakes! If you get new tire like grips - they fake
  18. Yes, the seller refunded me after I asked him about it.
  19. Those pictures are both installed. I think i got some fakes. Thank you for replying. They just feel like tires with tread so regardless i don't like the fake feel.
  20. I got some of these off the classifieds and I ordered some off Amazon directly from golf pride. Is the one on the left fake?
  21. Great condition, Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI stiff shaft tipped 1/2” that plays standard length 69g 42.25 inches in length It has a M5 Adapter that is good for R11, M1 and M5. Golf pride grip $150 Shipped $100 shipped Specifications
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