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  1. is she the reason Hannah Osullivan decommitted and went to Dook?
  2. Keep in in that often those exclusions come from the mfgers
  3. they don't, it's their friends that do
  4. Boxes can usually be trimmed down.
  5. You can only activate the offer if you received an invitation. FYI
  6. assuming you're not talking about the ghost, I had one several years ago and it was not good at maintaining signal. if you put it in your pocket you would lose the signal, that sucked. would assume that newer versions/gps have a better chip nowadays. op should try the cell phone trick and put the unit in a bag of rice for a day or 2. chances are decent it will work again
  7. I looked, but surprisingly there were no pics of Muni. I'll keep trying, though. She's typically a photographer's favorite. Here's one taken earlier. T57 in the Individual ....thought she was supposed to be more than that? Maybe just a bad week? Or has her game not been up to form? has "underperformed" all season, or at least not lived up to the high expectations
  8. Q school grad, yes, but the article also sez she was an LPGA rookie in 2014
  9. did someone sanitize the sole?
  10. Marina Alex has been playing some good golf this year. Jennifer Song AS with Ko thru 9.
  11. maybe they are all gone, destined to be made into knives on Forged in Fire
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