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  1. when it comes to rotation - setting up with a posture Gankas suggests with hips over heels and upper back rounded has allowed me to turn through the shot so much better than than a 'perfect' posture prescribed in magazines and experts with the butt out flat back shoulders back
  2. Head not included - Selling the shaft only - Tensei Orange CK Stiff shaft w/ a G410 adapter - Grip is also above average as nearly new. Its GolfPride Z-cord Plays 45.25" Factory installed to original OEM specs Total shipped is $80
  3. for safety purposes that might be stretching it as meat should stay above 140 or not much lower for longer than an hour or two. you can get a couple extra hours if you first add boiling water to the cooler and let it heat up. then dump water and add double wrapped pork and cover with towels in the cooler.
  4. i've also moved to youtube. kind of embarrassing how much good content you can find with a really low production budget comparative to GolfChannel... proving it doesn't take millions to produce quality content if they wanted...or were capable. I think its similar to the network coverage in that the producers are still stuck in decades and past, out of new ideas, and haven't got a clue how to cover golf outside of what they've done for decades.
  5. i can't imagine any pga player playing something they hate. i also don't know how a equipment company pushes 'newer is better' if their sponsored players are all playing older generations of clubs.
  6. robinhood has disabled crypto trading for the time being. have to agree w earlier post.... robinhood was planning an ipo but i can't imagine that will happen anytime soon. they'd be target number 1 for upset reddit investors. i don't see many topics that everyone agrees on...but its tough to find anyone who feels sorry for the hedge funds who were leveraging shorts and effectively gambling others pensions. tough for those who lost out, but let this be a lesson for the pros. good to see the little guy win, but as another said, eventually the price will correct and late buyers will
  7. AMC is the most recent target. Elon musk jumped into the game which only adds fuel to the chaos
  8. any links to a yardstick on amazon that is 1" width or less. seems all i'm finding is large 2" widths
  9. yes i did. i actually use it more than i thought. sauces, veggies, mushrooms... etc
  10. i have the weber genesis natural gas. its best grill i've ever had and hope to never go back to propane. i also have a camp chef smoker that i converted to natural gas. a quick disconnect and its easy to switch back and forth between the twl.
  11. Dealt with thin shots for a while as I focus on trying to shallow... Until few months ago noticing the same issue... High left shoulder. Thinking down and around during downswing has helped significantly. Better compression and an actual divot. Was so tired of hitting great drive and thinning a 9 iron over the green.
  12. wonder what it would take in terms of $ for directed force to get him in a putter. is $ even a factor when it come to a putter.
  13. used irons of few years back is definitely not a problem and a great way to save some cash. if i were you.... id go in big box store and ask to get fit on mizuno shaft optimizer. then pick a shaft that you like best of the top 3 2nd - often free at big box stores.....get fit to length - note length can be adjusted after purchase longer or shorter. same for lie angle 3rd - shop ebay as doubtful bst will have much of the older irons. 4th - buy a driver - g30 irons - get the right shaft and then start searching ebay for iro
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