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  1. expensive but hardly a gimmick. its actually really impressive.
  2. a lot of guys on tour using face balanced putters - yet as we know its highly unlikely to have a true sbst stroke, especially as the putt gets longer. i'm wondering when would a fitter put someone in a face balanced putter even if the stroke is a slight arc.
  3. regarding 'free' putter fittings, i assume this is only if they sell you a directed force putter w stability shaft for $1200? seriously though.....i'll have to look into this
  4. Just curious how everyone is deciding on neck style and toe hang on their putters
  5. i'd be curious what others think... as a hypothetical....which is better? 4 wins and 1 added top ten over the season none a major....or 1 win, a major, and 15 top ten, half being top 5s. the only point being i'm tired of someone finishing 3rd in an event of 150+ players and getting zero recognition as if its win or nothing.
  6. I only ask because if I'm not playing well I seem to lose interest in winning the match against a friend. I seem to be motivated by score or the battle against par and the money game is always an afterthought. I rarely care if i win a hole with a bogey or double bogey, and i'd rather lose the hole with a par having the opponent get a birdie.
  7. Mint condition with gravity grip and headcover $315 $290 shipped
  8. i'm interested to see where this goes as the PGA is diving head first into the gambling scene. Rumor is they will be pushing instant gambling on premises -- almost like an onsite sportsbook with tv's where you can bet on nearly every shot. add alcohol and money on the line and i won't be surprised the fans yelling goes from annoying to actually altering the play, especially if some yell during or before a shot with a decent wager on the line. removing them from the grounds may not matter...
  9. i think for me its two different techniques based on a decision to chip or pitch. chip with more green and runout available, pitch if little green or flying a greater distance. chipping i use more body turn, little wrists or hands and flat lead wrist - still trying to use bounce so ball position isn't overly back and shaft is only slightly leaning forwward. pitching, the lead wrist breaks down and i turn through although i try to not roll the face over. backswing is longer than you'd think for a short pitch with early wrist hinge. solid contact is all i'm trying for
  10. the key to being a great golf announcer is talk less. this should be the first rule when hired.
  11. i haven't seen much talk about the actual grip '2 thumbs' or the style of grip that places the hands together with the thumbs side by side. anyone move to this grip or style and what were the results. seems if squares the shoulders and encourages rocking of shoulders. the grip is used on the European tour and likely pga. Second issue - the grips come really heavy at 200g or the new releases which seem really light at <50g. How does the swingweight affect stroke. is there a way to test which is more preferred outside of just personal feel. is it more common better players prefer heavy or light SW?
  12. i get what you're saying - but what exactly is the point of the golf channel even existing if you can't produce quality golf shows and get ratings or ad revenue to make it worthwhile? if making a hard knocks of the korn ferry tour leaves you in the red then the entire network has issues. i'm still of the thought that you can over spend by over producing. some really great shows can be done without the exorbitant costs.
  13. i'd be less worried about having a window behind a quality net than to the side. most all the nets have a secondary net to catch anything that gets through the first. as far as mats - i'd spend the money if you plan to hit balls indoors and get a good mat. FiberBuilt or TrueStrike - not CCE (thick doesn't mean quality) its not worth saving a little money to end up with elbow issues and i know from experience. I got rid of the CCE and went with a truestrike and its so much better. obviously the large mat is better because it provides you an area to stand on, except you're paying a lot more just for a pad to stand on and it becomes less portable. i bought the portable option that is just the hitting area and then went to tractor supply and bought a couple thick horse stall mats that are heavy rubber and stand on those. no reason to cheap out on the mat.
  14. the studios in orlando weren't needed. what is needed is $ invested in the actual product, which is lacking. they will never see a positive return if they decide to not invest in the product. No Laying Up puts out a well produced multi segment series on youtube. With Callaway as a sponsor they've figured it out. Its hard to believe the Golf Channel can't do the same.
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