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  1. would the problem with amateurs and having the clubhead inside their hands be more related to having the club facing open to opening on takeaway? i'd guess its rare to see amateurs have a square to slightly shut face on the takeaway while getting it under the hands, and in an attempt to get the clubface square rather than rolled open on takeaway, an instructor will recommend keeping the clubhead outside of hands????
  2. you know whats not going up in value... the USD
  3. can anyone explain what dogecoin is....and by what i mean its actual technology or use behind it.....i get that its crypto and susposedly a form of payment....but how is it better or different than the hundreds of similar coins? is it popular because elon musk and a dog avatar or is there more?
  4. https://golf.com/gear/putters/less-toe-hang-putter-fit-finder/ Toe hang may actually make the issue of leaving the face open worse https://blog.odysseygolf.com/hoselguide/ For golfers who tend to miss putts to the right (toe hang helps close the face at impact if you have a tendency to leave it open).
  5. this will eventually happen. just as we can choose the players to follow or featured groups during the masters, we're going to be able to watch a broadcast and listed to any announcers we want.... and the list won't be controlled by the network. if you want to listen to the no laying up guys, bob menery, or some random joe you think does a great job you can tune in to their channel. i have no doubt we'll get there one day and the actual network broadcasters will quickly find out their boring cliche filled broadcast isn't in demand. always amazes me of the pay these guys get.... is
  6. first batter of game .... strikeout second batter of the game...strikeout third batter of the game....strikeout lol
  7. absolutely agree that pitchers are throwing harder this is contributing to more strikeouts. most sports adjust, from moving tees back, to moving the 3pt line back, etc. the real problem i see is a combination of batters wasting time before pitches and pitchers taking way too long between pitches. the stats have shown the adjustments manfred has made to quicken the pace will quicken games on average by about 36 seconds. Can't hardly blame the attendance lulls and declining interest in the game. The cubs opener this year lasted 4 hours and wasn't even the l
  8. as another said, ditch the current putter and get a face balanced or slight toe hang. if you're aiming right, move to a putter with a more square back rather than round, with multiple sight lines instead of one single long line. left eye dominant suggests less offset as well.
  9. 2008, set an all-time record in strikeouts. That record has been broken every year since and again on pace even this year to set a new all time high. the time between pitches, the constant rotation of bullpen pitchers where starters barely make it to the 5th inning, where relievers warm up and then enter only to further warm up, batters wandering around the plate between pitches adjusting their gear, multiple mound visits from coaches, defenses using the shift, etc i just find it frustrating because it seems mlb sees the problem and then does something like putting a guy on second
  10. i really wish i could get back to loving baseball but man are the games slow and boring. i'm not criticizing those that love watching... i actually wish i liked it more. just wondering if its background noise or if you actually sit attentively and watch a 3 and half hour game? this may be ridiculous point coming from someone who loves watching golf.... but baseball seems to be strikeouts and hr's and not much more.
  11. same here - Left eye dominant - right handed went to golf digest top 100 fitter and was measured first for length. then i was seeing i had tendency to aim putter left of target I ended up being fit for a evnroll center shaft. was told the lack of offset helped move my aim more towards the hole.
  12. not sure if you listened to the no laying up podcast recently but this is an exact topic that was covered and it sounds like as technology progresses this added detail in SG is coming. at the very minimum you can separate sidehill, uphill, and downhill putts. this would also provide stats on which players play approach shots to below the hole more often or more effectively, etc. once you separate the putts into these categories, the make percentage changes and you begin to get an even better picture of putting performance. its the pod with justin ray who is effectively a stats guy
  13. All of the P2 grips are good. Really like the aware tour. New tour versions are lighter than the old
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