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  1. Mint condition putter w headcover 35" w lamkin cord deep etched grip. Slant neck $125 Shipped
  2. i get this doesn't follow the pga tour motto of 'these guys are good', but wish the tv crew would run an early round sunday lowlight package of all the bad shots for the week. show us these guys are human.
  3. big moss is hard to beat. they have a newer version out that rolls really well and is a bit thicker and better quality.
  4. guys...somewhat new to watching F1...but what are the expectations going into next year with the new cars. are most expecting mercedes to continue to be dominant, or are the new designs going to bring the cars closer together and encourage less predictable finishes?
  5. i have not....sorry missed your post. seems wrx doesn't notify you when someone replies. its still for sale.
  6. Mint condition w headcover 35" w lamkin cord deep etched grip. Slant neck $145 Shipped $150 shipped
  7. its always a possibility, but its worst case scenario and assuming the best players have enough holes in match play (27 vs 18) would increase the likelihood better player wins. compare this to DJ going low day 1 and having substantial lead over pack. personally, with the amount of money involved, i'd love to see a lesser known name going up against a Rahm, DJ, or Rory. even two Cinderellas where the nerves of a paycheck that affects them more than a top player would be fun to watch. it all comes down to how the TV producers package the production. If you advertise correct, you cou
  8. i'd prefer a pod system with the final 32 players broken into 8 pods of 4. match play of 27 holes against each player in the pod would equal 81 holes if every match went the distance. assume the average is less. that nearly 4 rounds. then add a primetime event where 8 guys handicapped by match play record square off over two days, saturday and monday similar to college basketball. first two rounds of 18 hole match play saturday, while monday is 36 holes. anyone ready for the 2021 season opener in a week lol
  9. improve bst - sell items individually so we can sort through those items that have sold. as it is, sold items are lumped in with unsold. hard to find what you're looking for, especially when the title of thread is often vague.
  10. looks like the count on the # of replies on a thread is incorrect. i saw multiple threads where the # shown was lesser than the actual.
  11. I'm hoping to find a training aid the helps reinforce keeping the elbows together throughout the swing. Any comparison or recommendations between the band that wraps around arms such as Callaway Swing-Easy vs the Tourstriker ball that hangs from neck. I'm leaning Tour striker as it seems it would require the golfer to make the correct feel and swing vs forcing the elbows together like the band would do.
  12. not even close - and i've had several of the more recent drivers. m2 g400, maverick, ...the 410 lst is not leaving the bag for some time. maybe its the shaft combo, but its long and straight.
  13. biggest thing i noticed was the forward lean at setup in the shins. i've never had this. always felt centered in balls of feet, but tush line is well behind heels. this is the first part of the change that i feel i need to focus on as the new setup feels incredibly awkward. anyone else doing the same?
  14. same people ripping the plastic off without asking are the people who probably complain and say they aren't buying a 'new' putter at full price that doesn't even have plastic on it.
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